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8 Best Torrent Websites That Really Work in 2020 (Movies, Shows & More)


Finding the best and working torrent sites to download your favourite movies, music, games, and software has always been a drudge. And especially if you don’t know the best ones, you’re bound to run into a pickle. You click on download and suddenly, you get redirected to an annoying ad page or your device contracts malware.

Maybe even come across unnecessary pop-up ads and complex UI that just makes you give up on the whole idea of downloading anything! But worry not, not all torrent siteshave malware and adware.

Some have super-smooth UI, clean searches, and legit, no popup adsthe ones that make your torrent experience so much better that you might as well forget Netflix and Prime!

Best Free Torrent Websites In 2020

We’ve curated a list of top 8 torrent websites that are sure to be your go-to sites (once you’ve used them!) for every download you’ll ever need. They have a huge collection from anime seriesto songs to software and are sure to exceed your expectations.

Let’s check them out!

1. The Pirate Bay

Piratebay torrent website
Piratebay torrent website
  • Strong Suits:Allows addition of torrent files and magnet links for direct data sharing
  • What’s in Store:Anime, Movies, Web Series, Music, Games, Softwares and more
  • Availability:Might be found blocked in some countries
  • Link:https://thepirate-bay.org/1
  • Average Download Speed:65.9 Mbps

Website Overview:Let’s start with the “king of torrents”, probably one of the household names here The Pirate Bay. And that’s exactly why it tops our list. Pirate Bay was founded in 2003 and is the most convenient, one-stop solution for all your series, movies, and video needs to date.

It encompasses a huge index, of almost all the entertainmentcontent ever available. You can search and download your favourite web series or movies, and 9/10 times you are sure to find it because it’s collection is that huge.

Also, you can share magnet links and torrent files over this platform so that other users can access it too, or in tech lingo: it allows ‘peer-to-peer’ file sharing. we will try to update pirate bay alternatives once we got more updates online. Stay tuned.

2. Kickass Torrents

Kickass torrents website
Kickass torrents website
  • Strong Suits:Great UI, downloads content almost instantly
  • What’s in Store:Anime, Movies, Music, Games, Softwares
  • Availability:Individual ISPs do target it
  • Link:https://kickass.onl
  • Average Download Speed:53 Mbps

Website Overview:The next best out there is Kickass Torrents that have a huge collection of tv series, anime, videos, apps, movies, and much more! This too, allows you to contribute magnet links and torrent files to allow peer-to-peer file sharing.

It was founded in 2008, and by late 2014 it became one of the most visited torrent websites ever. So much so that it took over The Pirate Bay too!

Unlike other crammed torrent websites, this one has a clean UI so expect yourself to navigate through the contents with ease. And it’s been here for decades now (not quite literally, though!), and its new version works as smooth as butter.

3. Zooqle

Zooqle torrent website
Zooqle torrent website
  • Strong Suits:Intuitive UI, no popups or annoying ads
  • What’s in Store:Web series, Movies, TV shows
  • Availability:Up and available worldwide
  • Link:https://zooqle.unblockit.top
  • Average Download Speed:39.1Mbps

Website Overview:Zooqle was ‘supposedly’ a budding torrent website but has now risen to prominence, that too, in no time! You can find anything here games, books, movies, TV shows, and much more. Featuring an easy-to-navigate UI and a search bar that can fish out exactly what you’re searching for, this one’s a treat for movie geeks.

The best part about Zoogle is you won’t encounter annoying click ads or popups since it’s free from malware and adware. Its intuitive UI is one of its strong suits, which surely makes it one in a million.

However, you would have to make an account here by providing your email, username, and password to access all the verified torrents. It encompasses over 37000 movies and 1300 TV shows, which is nothing less than an absolute delight! mostly you need to have a VPN to access this torrent site.

4. 1337X

1337x torrent website
1337x torrent website
  • Strong Suits:sectionalized website according to different categories
  • What’s in Store:Web series, Movies, TV shows, games, anime, software, and others
  • Availability:blocked in Australia, Austria, Ireland, United Kingdom.
  • Link:https://www.1337x.tw
  • Average Download Speed:69.4 Mbps

Website Overview:It is a community-based torrent website solely powered by people who share torrents for others to enjoy. You can find music, anime, apps, documentaries, XXX, and much more. It was founded in 2007 and has garnered huge popularity ever since.

Even though it is a community-driven website, it did face a few hurdles a couple of years ago. Admins and users started to riot due to breach of security and leak of potentially confidential data.

However, it is still among the popular torrenting websites, as it provides on-page torrent information. It was also acknowledged as the best torrent site of 2019, and it’s still upholding its status. They recently rolled out a brand new design and a revamped UI, and thus gathered more organic traffic than most.

5. YTS

Yts torrent website
Yts torrent website
  • Strong Suits:Smooth UI, amazingly high-quality content available
  • What’s in Store:Movie
  • Availability:blocked in Ireland
  • Link:https://yts.mx
  • Average Download Speed:30 Mbps

Website Overview:One of BitTorrent’s tracker sites, it’s known for the high-quality content it offers such as HD movies and the fantasy web seriesto stream. Its UI is amazingly simple and smooth, so that works as a bonus. Plus, it has super high-quality content, such as HD, 1080p, and 3D ones as well which is one of its strongest suits.

However, YTS is a tad different from TPB and RarGB and doesn’t have an affiliation to the original Yiffy or YTS entity. YTS’s content is only limited to movies, which can be a bummer.

The content available here might not be as humongous as the other sites we’ve mentioned above, but whatever is available is of the best quality. So if you are looking for crisp, clear content that is as good as the original, YTS is your destination.

6. LimeTorrents

Limetorrents website
Limetorrents website
  • Strong Suits:Lets you download torrents with just a click
  • What’s in Store:Movies, songs, anime, games, tv shows, etc.
  • Availability:blocked in Ireland, UK, France, and Australia
  • Link:https://limetorrent.ws
  • Average Download Speed:39.1 Mbps

Website Overview:One cool feature of this website is that they list the top 50 trending torrents every month, based on their categories. It’s UI is simple so it makes searching for content super easy, and it has a vast collection too. It started garnering attention after the torrent kings like Kickass Torrents, Torrentz and Extratorrents started being kicked out.

Encompassing over 9,800,000 torrents from all over the world, LimeTorrents is the storehouse of content that probably has everything all you have to do is name it! Be it games, web series, television shows, movies, music, or anime; every content is just a click away. you can try to open this website with a fast VPN if it doesn’t get open normally.

With its newly launched torrents cache called iTorrents, all your frequently downloaded files can be easily accessible in a jiffy. All its content is verified and as free as air, which makes it one of the best torrent websites on the list.


Rarbg torrent website
Rarbg torrent website
  • Strong Suits:allows magnet links and torrent files
  • What’s in Store:Movies, games, software, ebook
  • Availability:blocked in Bulgaria, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, Morocco, Pakistan, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom
  • Link:https://proxyrarbg.org/index80.php
  • Average Download Speed:91.6 Mbps

Website Overview:This one has a great UI too. probably the best out of the lot. Most of your content searches will result in previews and thumbnail representations, so you don’t have to go about hunting for content. You’d know exactly what you’re getting before you hit the download link.

Plus, this too, allows you and other users to share magnet links and torrent files so that people everywhere can access it. It gets humongous organic traffic daily, and you can even rate the torrent pages with stars, to help other users find the best.

8. Torrentz2

Torrentz website
Torrentz website
  • Strong Suits:more content than most others mentioned
  • What’s in Store:Movies, series, software, music, games
  • Availability:up and running worldwide
  • Link:https://torrentz2eu.org
  • Average Download Speed:86.9 Mbps

Website Overview:This one’s more like a torrent search engine, as it combines searches from all torrent websites and presents it in one place. It attracts, on average, over 20 million users per month.

Visitors worldwide mostly visit this website for music downloads. It searches around 60 other torrent websites to produce an exhaustive, streamlined list for the content you search. From the list, check the ones that have great seed numbers and peers and download from them.

They’ll offer a better download speed than the rest. Also, as this website is more of a torrent search engine, as mentioned above, you’re likely to find every content here; and certainly more than all others mentioned in the list.

FAQs Regarding Torrent Websites

1. What Are Some Of The Best Torrents That Are Working?

Many promising lists of sites exist online for torrents, but many of them don’t work properly, and most aren’t shielded. So to fix the issue without consuming your time, we have made a list of 8 working torrent websites to download the latest movies and web shows in any language you want.

2. Are Torrent Websites Safe To Access?

Using torrent websites or downloading content from there, in general, is safe as long as you use a reliable VPN to hide your real IP address. However, you must ensure that it is the official website and not a proxy one. Most proxy websites have malware and adware that can be annoying. Especially malware; they can raid your PC and probably steal confidential information too! You wouldn’t want that, so always verify the authenticity of the site before proceeding to visit it or downloading anything from it.

Torrent sites make copyright content available to the world. This means, some other user holds the right to the content (including popular media houses and companies), and one isn’t allowed to share them or make them available for free without their discretion. And it’s no newsthat torrent sites do exactly this; which is why governments of various countries block such websites so that they cannot be accessed.

4. How Do You Download Torrent Files?

It’s super simple. Just download a torrent downloader and install it in your device (preferably Utorrent). Then, visit the torrent website, search the content, and whatever it is that you want to download, just hit the download button. Now, open it in the torrent downloader and you’re good to go!

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Note:Most of the websites listed in this article won’t be accessible with normal Internet IPs as it may be blocked by that country government. and in that case, if any of the torrent sites listed above are not opening for you, then you can make use of this reliable VPNto browse that particular torrent website anonymously without any issues online.


So here goes out the list of top 8 torrent websites. These guarantee UIs as smooth as butter so that navigating through them is a piece of cake. Do check the availability of the website in your region, and if there isn’t you can always try out the other options! And if you wish to unblock or access a blocked torrent website, you can always try out the mirror or proxy URLs.

Disclaimer (Important)

The information provided here is only meant for educational purposes. We do not intend to promote online websites that are using pirated content to stream. Our objective is to inform and bestow people with basic knowledge. we have only provided the links of the websites to stream or watch movies online.

Accessing the pirated content in any form is against the law, and this article is not meant to advocate or encourage it. Piracy is an online offence and can steep fines or imprisonment. We don’t claim any content that is shared on this page as ours. we are just providing the information that you need. We don’t encourage or promote piracy in any manner.

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