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15 Best Uncensored Anime Of All Time


Censorship is a common practice in both Japan and Western countries, although Western versions often exhibit more substantial alterations compared to the original Japanese editions of anime shows and movies. In this article, we present a rundown of the 15 best uncensored anime series and films that have been released in uncensored formats, irrespective of the underlying reasons for their censorship.


ISUCA (Official HD Trailer) - Anime Spring 2015

Shinichirou Asano's life had settled into a humdrum routine, marked by its lack of excitement and financial struggles. However, the course of his existence takes an unexpected turn when he becomes the target of a colossal centipede's attack. Just as things appear grim, his classmate Sakuya Shimazu intervenes, revealing an astonishing truth - she's no ordinary human.

Delving deeper into this newfound reality, Shinichirou uncovers Sakuya's non-human nature. Amidst this revelation, a peculiar incident occurs when he rescues a cat with two tails, drawing Sakuya's attention even more. With this catalyst, she beseeches Shinichirou to join her in battling a formidable demon.

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Redo Of Healer

Redo Of Healer "Kaiyari" - Official Trailer

In the realm of 2021's anime landscape, "Redo of the Healer" emerges as a remarkably bold and daring production. It presents themes of a mature nature that are best suited for a more private viewing experience.

The narrative orbits around Keyaru, a practitioner of the healing arts. Endowed with the ability to mend injuries and illnesses, Keyaru possesses an intriguing twist to his power: with every restoration he performs, a fraction of the subject's memory becomes his own. This symbiotic exchange fuels his growth in strength and capability.

Demon King Daimao

DEMON KING DAIMAO – Anime Trailer.1 | AFENBO ✤O•G•P•A•F✤ | [HD–1080|60.FPS] [Spring 2010]

Within the vibrant halls of the Constant Magic Academy, resides a young aspirant named Akuto Sai. His heart burns with the desire to become a champion of righteousness, a beacon of good in a world often touched by darkness. Amidst the corridors of learning, he forges a unique connection with a fellow student named Junko. Their souls intertwine, united by a shared commitment to making the world a better place.

Yet, as fate unfurls its enigmatic tapestry, Akuto stumbles upon a prophecy that casts a long and foreboding shadow over his path. The prophecy, like wildfire, engulfs the minds of all who learn of it - he is destined to become the Demon King. Panic takes root in the hearts of those who encounter him, transforming even Junko's once-unwavering faith into a sea of uncertainty.

Despite his valiant attempts to veer away from this ominous destiny, each step Akuto takes inadvertently reinforces the prophecy's grip. The intricate dance of actions and consequences only serves to further bind him to the role of the fated ruler.


Shimoneta: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist - Trailer

"Shimoneta" epitomizes the quintessential ecchi anime, immersing viewers in a realm where subtle innuendos thrive within the context of a school environment. The stage is set in a society where the mere utterance of obscenities is deemed not just taboo, but a criminal act carrying severe penalties. Within this intriguing framework, the series centers around the life of Tanukichi Okuma.

Tanukichi, our protagonist, treads a path that leads him to the student council, driven not solely by noble intentions, but also by his deep-rooted desire to connect with his longtime infatuation. Moreover, he harbors a secret goal: to disseminate provocative and risqué content as a form of protest against the government's audacious regulations.


GANGSTA. - Trailer

In the gritty backdrop of Ergastalum, the stage is set for the story of two seasoned mercenaries, Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo. These skilled individuals operate under the moniker "Handymen," accepting the kind of perilous assignments that most would shun.

The tale kicks off with the Handymen dismantling a local pimp's operation, an act that inadvertently intertwines their destinies with that of a prostitute named Alex Benedetto. Rather than choosing to eliminate her, they take a path less traveled and "rescue" her, subsequently welcoming her into their ranks for her own protection.

Within the tumultuous confines of Ergastalum, a significant shift in the criminal hierarchy ignites a series of events that ripple throughout the city. The balance of power is shaken, leaving in its wake a landscape ripe with uncertainty and tension. This upheaval is compounded by the unique nature of Ergastalum, which harbors a sanctuary for extraordinary individuals known as Twilights - beings endowed with superhuman abilities.


Sekirei (official) Trailer

For those seeking an Ecchi-themed anime experience, "Sekirei" stands out as a prime choice. The narrative revolves around Minato Sahashi, a gifted student who faces the daunting sting of failure not once, but twice, in his attempts to pass his college entrance exam.

Enduring the weight of ridicule from his peers and grappling with an uncertain future, Minato's world takes an unexpected twist when an otherworldly being named Musubi descends from the heavens, materializing before him. This ethereal being possesses a humanoid form and a unique power: the ability to awaken and unlock an individual's latent potential by sharing a kiss.

Musubi, through a serendipitous encounter, detects untapped promise within Minato and, in a symbolic gesture of unity, forms an inseparable bond with him. The fusion of their destinies sets Minato on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation.

Prison School

2016 - Prison School Anime - Trailer (ENG SUB)

A seismic upheaval is permeating the hallowed corridors of Hachimitsu Private Academy, a haven of prestigious education and refined manners. A change in the rules enables the hitherto exclusive college to admit a few male pupils. Only five fortunate males, Gakuto, Kiyoshi, Shingo, Jo, and Andre, manage to find their way among a sea of female peers in this brave new paradigm, skewing the student ratio to a startling 1 male for every 300 female students.

These select few are eagerly anticipating the extraordinary events that are in store for them. As they consider the horizons of possibilities that are opened up by such an exceptional circumstance, their imaginations are fired up. They all had one particularly appealing thought: peeping into the girls' bathroom's private quarters.

Their daring plan, however, is thwarted by the powerful Underground Student Council, an unforeseen roadblock. Their hopes vanish, replaced by the harsh reality of a one-month term of solitary confinement inside the school. As the story progresses, the emphasis switches to a riveting tale of camaraderie as these five misfits negotiate the tangled paths of friendship and survival inside the walls of their recently constructed "prison."


Hellsing Ultimate Collection 1 (I-IV) Official Trailer - Available Now

"Hellsing" emerges as a mature anime, delving into a realm inhabited by demons, vampires, and an array of supernatural entities. At its core, the narrative centers around the Hellsing organization, a formidable force dedicated to stemming the tide of vampires that emerge from the shadows of the supernatural world. Among these malevolent beings, a particularly haunting incident unfolds in the city of Cheddar, where demons' touch transforms once-living souls into restless ghosts.

At the helm of the organization stands Sir Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing, resolute in her determination to quell these otherworldly terrors. To aid in her mission, she dispatches Alucard, a formidable vampire of incredible power. As Cheddar becomes the battleground, the narrative thrusts us into the midst of a harrowing confrontation.

Within this fray, officer Sera Victoria finds herself gravely wounded, teetering on the brink between life and death. Alucard offers her an extraordinary choice - to succumb to the agonies of mortality or embrace the darkness and rebirth as a vampire. Electing the latter, she becomes a significant part of the Hellsing fold.


Kanokon PV (Trailer)

A compelling animation follows the adventure of Kouta, a young person with an amazing talent: the capacity to attract ghosts to her presence. It takes place in the world of imagination. These ethereal beings come in all shapes and sizes, from mighty wolves to charming foxes. After spending her childhood in a rural area, she moves to the busy city center with her grandma to start a new chapter.

As Kouta embarks on a new era of her life and enrolls in a new school with hopes of renewal and reinvention, the metropolitan landscape becomes her canvas. An unavoidable reality, though, pricks at her very essence in the complex web of fate: spirits appear to remain in her wake and defy city boundaries.

The exchanges between Kouta and these incorporeal friends create a number of funny and charming moments as the story weaves its magic, laced with humor and mystical elements. The distinction between the ordinary and remarkable is blurred by her interactions, which elicit amazement, wonder, and amusement.

Girls Bravo

Girls Bravo - Trailer

Yukinari carries a unique affliction, rendering him extraordinarily sensitive to physical contact with girls. The scars of a tormented past, where he endured relentless bullying from girls, have left him grappling with this disorder throughout his life, particularly during his high school years.

However, his life takes an unexpected turn when a mishap catapults him into a parallel world, one teeming with a predominantly female populace. Amidst this whirlwind of change, he stumbles upon a girl who defies the norm, curiously immune to provoking his affliction.

"Girls Bravo" unfolds as a delightful harem romance imbued with humor, chronicling Yukinari's journey. This narrative not only tickles the funny bone but also resonates as a heartwarming tale of self-discovery and companionship in the face of adversity.

Blade Of The Immortal

Blade of the Immortal Official Trailer

"Blade of Immortal" goes into a violent realm of vengeance and the search for forgiveness. Manji, an eternal swordsman who serves as both a vehicle for violence and a force for change, is at the center of the story.

Manji has a swarm of bloodworms living inside of him as a gift - or curse - from an 800-year-old nun named Yaobikuni. His body can heal almost any wound thanks to this special talent, making him an unstoppable force on a vengeance-seeking mission. But the nun imposed a severe condition on him: the only way out of this cycle of carnage is to kill a thousand evil men.

When Manji's journey crosses paths with Rin Asano's, a determined 16-year-old seeking vengeance for her parents' murders, the story really comes to life. His initial reluctance is overcome, and their fates intersect, creating an unexpected agreement. Manji promises to protect Rin for a period of four years, and their common goals converge in an arduous and bloody quest.

Highschool Of The Dead

Highschool of the Dead (2018) Official Trailer

Enter a world where Resident Evil, completely unedited and oozing with strong passion, collides head-on with the turbulent drama of high school life. This anime pushes limits by deftly fusing gut-wrenching gore, tantalizing exposure, and a story that connects you to your favorite characters.

A group of students and a brave nurse are thrust into an unimaginable nightmare inside the hallways of what appears to be an ordinary high school: a never-ending invasion of the undead. Together, they struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse while clinging to their humanity and making an effort to go to the refuge hidden inside the walls of their school.

A story that matches the fundamental nature of realism develops amid the tumult. This makes the characters' journey all the more intriguing because they are not immune to fear, passion, or vulnerability. Intense zombie fights that raise the pulse and enticing encounters that heighten the senses alternate delicately in each second.


Gantz trailer

Gantz holds a special place among my preferred anime titles due to its captivating blend of mature themes. It masterfully intertwines elements of violence, intense action, and thought-provoking science fiction to create a compelling narrative.

The storyline unfolds in a future where deceased individuals are granted a second chance at life, but under daunting circumstances. They are thrust into battles against malevolent entities, resulting in a riveting mix of suspense and brutality.

In this world, the revived individuals face a critical choice upon their survival. They can opt to resurrect deceased loved ones or opt for access to cutting-edge weaponry. The stakes are incredibly high, as defeat equates to final, irrevocable death, without the possibility of resurrection.

High School DxD

High School DxD Trailer

Issei Hyoudou embodies the archetype of an unapologetic perceptive individual, his mind often consumed by vivid fantasies involving women and the prospect of starting a family. His fortunes seem to change dramatically when an exceptionally attractive woman extends an invitation for a date. However, this newfound excitement takes a chilling twist, as the woman reveals herself to be a demon, orchestrating a gruesome end to Issei's life.

Yet, the narrative takes a curious turn following Issei's demise. Rias Gremory, a distinguished senior and a prominent figure among devils, presents him with an unexpected chance to rewrite his life's story. Propelled into the enigmatic realm of the Occult Research Club within their college, Issei grapples with this novel existence. As he navigates this altered reality, teeming with celestial beings and infernal forces, Issei finds himself striving to adapt and endure.

A noteworthy challenge for Issei is the imperative to conceal his transformed identity from his closest confidantes and his own family. Negotiating the duality of his life becomes a central aspect of his journey, as he attempts to balance the mundanity of his past with the extraordinary present he now inhabits.

Afro Samurai

Afro-Samurai Trailer

In the Afro Samurai universe, a significant and coveted artifact known as the Number One headband possessed immense divine powers. The original bearer of this headband was Afro's father, holding a position of unparalleled privilege. Tragically, his supremacy was challenged by Justice, who possessed the Number Two headband. Their fierce clash culminated in Afro's father's demise at Justice's hands.

As fate would have it, Justice claimed the mantle of the Number One headband for himself. Time passed, and Afro, now grown, earned the right to wield the Number Two headband, empowering him to confront Justice, the reigning Number One.

However, a notable twist exists in this narrative. The challenge for the Number One headband can only be initiated by the possessor of the Number Two headband. Yet, the doors are open for anyone to attempt to seize the Number Two headband, introducing a layer of complexity and danger into Afro's path.


The best uncensored anime selections offer a wonderful chance to enjoy some of the most cherished and well-known series without being restricted by censorship. These anime choices cover a wide range of genres and appeal to a large audience. This collection of anime guarantees a plethora of entertainment and thrills to fit any taste, whether your inclination leans toward action-packed tales, sweet romances, spine-tingling horrors, or sidesplitting comedians.

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