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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update


The episode begins with tika and malkhan coming and so they say wow tika at present we each are contemporary and our abdomen could be very clear at present and it feels good. Tiwari says what is that this? And get misplaced from right here. Tika says we simply mentioned our stomachs are clear and if yours isn’t then what can we do? Tiwari will get offended and smashes a flower pot in tika’s head and goes offended. Tika is injured badly and he falls on malkhan’ shoulders and is crying, malkhan takes him.At tea stall, tika has plastered his head and malkhan is there. Tika is injured and in ache. Vibhu comes and says what occurred to your head? Tika says Tiwari smashed my head with a flower pot. Vibhu says is he mad to do this? Tika says no we didn’t do something and we have been coming and simply mentioned that at present our stomachs are contemporary and the whole lot

is out, Tiwari grew to become offended on this and he smashed a flower pot in my head. Vibhu says man that’s crime and never lawful and complain now. Vibhu says tomorrow he’ll hit saxena and sometime another person, tika says sometime he might beat you. vibhu says he isn’t price touching me. Happu comes and sits and says what occurred? Tika says Tiwari smashed flower pot in my head. Happu says now you need to have finished one thing. Vibhu says they didn’t do something, tika says sure and we simply mentioned our stomachs are clear and he smashed in my head. Happu singh says that is crime and tika says sure I’ll write complain. Happu says sure say, tika says we have been coming and spoke that our stomachs are clear after which Tiwari smashed a flower pot in my head. Happu says okay so what kind of soil was that flower pot of? Tika malkhan and vibhu have a look at happu singh shockingly.At dwelling anguri brings kada for Tiwari and says drink it in a breath, Tiwari drinks and anguri goes in kitchen. Happu singh comes and sits and says how are you? Tiwari says not fantastic and this constipation is killing me and don’t you’ve got work all the time coming at individuals’s homes. Happu singh says simply hear and tika has complained in opposition to you that you just beat him and it’s against the law. Tiwari says so what? If he say such issues what is going to one do. Happu singh so you’ll beat anybody? Tiwari says sure if anybody teases me on my constipation I’ll beat him. Happu says simply include me to police station I’ll train you now and your constipation will come out. Tiwari says don’t say, happu says what you’ll beat me then? Tiwari says sure and will get up, happu says constipation, constipation, constipation, Tiwari slaps happu. Happu is shocked and says constipation once more, Tiwari slaps once more and does it three occasions. Exterior vibhu tika and malkhan are ready and tika says did Tiwari beat happu additionally? Vibhu says oh shut up, hapu is a police man and Tiwari is a coward he cant hit a police man. The door opens and happu comes out overwhelmed, tika malkhan and vibhu stand up and are shocked and Tiwari comes and says tika you complained in opposition to me? Tika says no vibhu informed us to. Vibhu sees twiari offended and runs away dwelling. tika and malkhan go too. Happu goes overwhelmed. Tiwari is in ache and goes dwelling.There anguri comes at anitas home and tells anita and vibhu that tiwari’s constipation remains to be not fantastic and he screams in ache on a regular basis. Anita says I’ve an thought and if an individual has in thoughts that he has constipation and I’ll do one thing together with his thoughts and the whole lot can be good. Anita goes. Vibhu says I’ll strive one thing else.At dwelling Tiwari says I’ll die now, anita comes and says no you wont must and sit down. Tiwari is in ache and he sits as anita says, anita says shut eyes and picture what I say. Tiwari says okay and closes his eyes and sits in sukha asana. Anita says think about you’re climbing a mountain and also you attain the highest and really feel strain in your abdomen. Tiwari says sure I really feel, anita says the whole lot is inexperienced and there are inexperienced timber on the height. Tiwari says sure, anita says you see a really inexperienced lovely tree and go close to it, Tiwari says sure, anita says now you see a gorgeous pot with water in it after which it calls you come right here and also you go and sit close to it. Tiwari says sure, anita says now you realize what to do, anita goes. Tiwari says anita I can think about the whole lot however your resolution isn’t working and nothing is coming from my abdomen. Tiwari opens eyes and sees anita isn’t there and cries and goes in his room.At anitas home, anita is there and vibhu comes down and says water isn’t there and what occurred? Anita says it was there once I took a shower, vibhu says however now the water isn’t coming. Anita says okay go use saxena’s rest room. Vibhu says okay, anguri comes and says see what Tiwari has finished and he created a havoc close to the pipeline now and he has lower the whole colony’s water and is saying he wont begin till his downside goes and everybody will undergo. Vibhu says what? Is that this man mad?On the pipeline tiwari has a stick and masterji says don’t you’ve got manners? Tiwari says chuck your manners. Vibhu comes and says tiara have you ever gone mad? And you’re stalling everybody and that is fallacious, happu says sure and begin the pipeline now. Tiwari says no and that is my protest in opposition to the battle in my abdomen. Happu says then combat it your self and why are you troubling us? Happu says okay sorry and we wont tease you once more. Tiwari says now I can’t begin this till my abdomen is correct.

Precap: anita and Tiwari are dancing on avenue on a romantic tune and there are rest room seats all over the place. Vibhu says to tika malkhan and happu singh that he has an thought.

COPYRIGHT_BP: Published on https://bingepost.com/bhabhi-ji-ghar-par-hai-25th-january-2017-written-episode-update/72789/ by Cecilia Jones on 2020-03-24T22:53:31.000Z

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