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What Is Bhokal Meaning? (Comic Superhero) Everything You Need To Know About This Fictional Character


Is Bhokal Character Real?

Bhokalis a popular fictional superhero that you will likely come across in the majority of the Raj Comics. Majority of the stories that he is in dealswith dark themes and the prospects of blood and gore. This legendary winged warrior has been shaped into a very wholesome character that both kids and adults have taken a liking to. In case you are wondering where you will find him, he hails from the fictional fabled fairyland.

Bhokal superhero pic
Bhokal superhero pic

He later descended to Earth to take part in the fighting tournament and found himself in Vikasnagar, where he became the protector of the people in the city.

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The Original Story Of Bhokal

Where Did The Character Originate From?

Bhokal superhero character where it came from
Bhokal superhero character where it came from

The character of Bhokal or Rajkumar Alop first appeared in one of the seven comic series alongside his friend’s Tureen, Shootan, and Atikrur. The parental origins of the character are now being explored in the latest issues originating from Dhikkar wherein Bhokal loses all of his magical powers because of a conspiracy that has been planned by his mentor Mahaguru Bhokal.

The stories of the comics take you along a journey of Bhokal trying to find his father. Nitin Mishra is the one behind the caricature of the entire series. The debut series was illustrated by Hemant Mishra.

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Powers And Abilities Of Bhokal

Bhokal superhero character powers
Bhokal superhero character powers

The Creators of these characters crafted this character very well that we will get excited while reading him live in action. Whenever you are reading through any comics, knowing about the superpowers and abilities of Bhokal further helps you visualise the scenario in question.

Bhokal has the capability of summoning Bhokal Shakti by which he can acquire the superhuman physical attributes. He also has the power to receive the mystical sword and shield of his master.

The sword is one of the greatest weapons of all times that can also emit Jwala Shakti or the mystical fire from its edge. This has the capability of burning down anything in a matter of seconds. The Shield, on the other hand, has powers to conceal and protect from any form of physical or even supernatural attacks.

Bhokal is also known for wielding the weapon, Prahara on his forehead which belonged to his deceased wife, Turin. It provided him with psychic powers.

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What Are Some Of The Best Comics That Feature Bhokal?

Several available comics feature Bhokal. The top ones include:

  • Khaufnaak Khel
  • Tilsmi Olampaak
  • Bhokal
  • Shutaan
  • Atikroor
  • Bhokal Tilism Mein
  • Tilism Toot Gaya
  • Bhokal Aur Fuchang
  • Atikroor Aur Gajokh
  • Vikanda
  • Sabse Bada Hatyara
  • Piku Pakodia
  • Tureen
  • Kapala
  • Zehar Ghati

Why Should You Read Bhokal Comic?

Most of you even thinking that why should you read this superhero comic show. but wait we will explain here that why you never miss reading this gem. You should read this cartoon as it looks like a real fight is happening in front of your eyes. And some parts of the story is taken from the real-life events in Ancient India.

Bhokal Comic will thrill its audience every minute while reading. The characters of the cartoons shown in the series are top-notch and mind-blowing. you will get to know that we are telling the truth while reading this comic. read it now by yourself online.

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Instagram Updates & Pictures Of Bhokal Superhero

Here we have found some of the popular posts and pictures of our Raj comics superhero Bhokal. if you are a big fan of this show then you must check out the below images.

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FAQs About Bhokal Superhero Character

1. Is Bhokal Character Is Real?

No, Bhokal Superhero is a fictional character which is appearing in most of the Raj Comics. Most stories are based on dark fantasy with blood and gore. you can read more about Bhokal in this article.

2. Where Can I Read Bhokal Comics Online?

Anyone can read and get experience with this superhero character online. you can read about Bhokal online through google play store and the official website of Raj comics which is www.rajcomics.com just browse yourself and enjoy.

Sum It Up

We hope by now you all got the information & facts you wanted to know about Superhero fictional character Bhokal. The physique of the role is a perfect body that should be seen in real movies. Bhokal will do anything to save his friends on the series. He accumulated all of his power from his superior power which should be only used for good things. And his knife is the most powerful weapon he had.

It also emits the Jwala Shakthi whenever need for our hero. Bhokal saves people by killing evil people to save this world. People who want to watch some action entertainmentwith super animation plot then they must see this comic to enjoy. If you have been wondering about Bhokal and everything that the character entails, we hope this gives you a basic rundown of things. So what are you waiting for? just go and read this superhero on the internet now.

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Disclaimer (Important)

All the information provided on this page is for gaining basic knowledge and educational purposes only. We will do well research on the internet before putting any information here. We neither support nor suggest the piracy websites to the people. Piracy is no less than an act of crime, and we also consider it an offence. Through this article, we only intend to make people aware of such websites. We do not promote or recommend pirated websites in any way. Our content is only meant for educational purposes. With this help of this article, we intend to spread awareness about piracy websites and what type of consequences users can come across while exploring such websites. And we will not be responsible for any kind of loss caused to you.

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