Bhumi Pednekar: “Sonchiriya perfectly reflects things happening in the country”
Bhumi Pednekar: “Sonchiriya perfectly reflects things happening in the country”

Actor Bhumi Pednekar has been liberated after she worked with Abhishek Chaubey.

According to the actress, the movie is the perfect reflection of what happens in court in India. The trailer of the movie “Sonchiriya” is finally out and people have appreciated it a lot. A lot of good actors have been seen in the trailer. People have been waiting for the movie for quite a long time and the trailer made everyone really happy.

People have really appreciated the cast of the trailer and the way Abhishek Chaubey has directed the movie as the trailer shows a bit insight of the movie. Bhumi has been very much open about her experience of working with the director.

She has come out and announced: “I am really happy to be working with such a good cast of actors and such good directors. Abhishek Chaubey is one of the finest directors of Bollywood now and the way he has directed the movie is phenomenal. I am really happy that I was part of such a good movie.”

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Bhumi has also said that it really does not matter how the movie does on the box office but once people see this movie, they will really be moved because this is the perfect way for them to understand how India is from inside. The movie Sonchiriya comes with a beautiful storyline and people are very happy that it is directed by Abhishek Chaubey because no one is a better storyteller than him right now.

The story of the movie basically revolves around the things that happen in the society and how things actually work in the court. Few people who loved the trailer are afraid that there might be a lot of protest on what is shown in the movie.

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Bhumi Pednekar debuted in Bollywood opposite Ayushman Khurana and was loved by the audience because of her acting. She has made a few remarkable movies which include Toilet Ek Prem Katha opposite Akshay Kumar and this shows that she really chooses her scripts wisely. When she was asked why she was only doing movies which are empowering, she came out and said:

 “I only choose movies if I like the script. It is not because of any kind of empowerment. I like a movie which has a strong message and this is the reason I end up doing this kind of movies.”