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Biden Snubbed By Middle East Allies Over Gaza Hospital Blast


President Joe Biden snubbed by Middle East allieswhen he tried to use diplomacy to stop the conflict between Israel and Hamas from getting worse in the area. Less than 24 hours before the meeting, Jordan, Egypt, and the Palestinian Authority suddenly called off a four-way summit with President Biden that was supposed to happen in Amman, Jordan.

President Joe Biden Snubbed By Middle East Allies

President Joe Biden wearing a black suit on a podium
President Joe Biden wearing a black suit on a podium

Wednesday, US partners called off a meeting of Arab leaders in Jordan, and Iran-backed forces called for "a day of rage" in response to a deadly attack on a Gaza hospital that was housing hundreds of injured and displaced Palestinians. This put US President Joe Biden's trip to the Middle East in danger.

Jordan canceled the second part of Biden's trip because of a terrible explosion at a hospital in Gaza that is thought to have killed hundreds of people. He was supposed to meet with important Arab and Palestinian leaders in Amman after his trip to Israel.

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After a terrible explosion at Gaza's Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital, which killed many Palestinians, this choice was made. Israeli officials said the tragedy was caused by an Islamic Jihad rocket going off by accident, while Palestinian officials said it was Israel's fault.

Ayman Safadi, Jordan's Foreign Minister, spoke out about the situation. He said on Al Jazeera:

The summit won’t be able to stop the war, which is what we want,” and he called the explosion in the hospital a war crime. So, we decided not to hold it.- Ayman Safadi

When President Biden got to Tel Aviv, he met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and members of the Israeli war cabinet to talk. During the meeting, President Biden said again that he supported Israel but had questions about Israel's role in the hospital explosion, saying, "It appears as though it was done by the other team, not you.”The National Security Council agreed with this and said that the government currently thinks Israel "is not responsible" for the explosion.

Arab leaders are concerned about how Washington seems to be supporting Israel without question throughout the war. As anger against Israel grows in the Arab world, they are trying to stay away from the Biden government. Over 3,478 people have been killed in Gaza since the attack on Israel on October 7 by Gaza's Hamas masters. At least 1,400 people were killed in Israel.

After the hospital bombing, there were protests against Israel in many places, such as Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Iran, Turkey, and the West Bank city of Ramallah.

Arab leaders are also worried that protests could get worse at home, especially since Arabic news stations are full of pictures of dead Palestinians. A lot of people in Jordan claim to be Palestinian, which makes the country especially vulnerable to protests.

Egypt said on Wednesday that people would be in grief for three days for the people who died in the Gaza hospital.

Some onlookers, like Abdul Khaleq Abdulla from the United Arab Emirates, have said that President Biden's emotional connection to Israel is very different from that of any other U.S. president. Arab states seem surprised by what they see as President Biden's unwillingness to call out Israel or step in to stop the violence. Some people even think that he is involved in the harm that is done to Palestinians. Because of this, these Arab states are pulling away from the U.S. government by refusing to meet with the President and ignoring his attempts to get them to do so.

Egypt and Jordan, which both border Israel and the Palestinian territories, have fought against a U.S. plan to create a safe route for Palestinians leaving Gaza into Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, which borders Gaza.

Final Words

President Joe Biden went to Israel and got snubbed by Middle East allies in less than two weeks after one of the worst days in the country's history. That day broke the country's sense of safety and will have long-lasting psychological effects that will affect its politics for years to come. He gave the Israeli prime minister a huge political boost by choosing to stand with Netanyahu who is badly hurt.

Netanyahu's legacy will now be marked by one of the worst intelligence and military mistakes in his country's history. Together with the US military buildup in the area, it makes it very clear to Israel's enemies that the Jewish state is not alone and will be protected by the US.

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