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Bigg Boss 10 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Day 1018:00amInmates get up and dance to music Dunya ek mela music.

9:30amManu says to Rohan that Lopa tasted them by cooking dishes. Lopa says you retain cribbing about my meals like i’m in grasp chef, why you might have downside? Manu says you saved asking cooks, Rohan says Manu has eaten your meals Lopa, he’s simply joking, Lopa says there needs to be limits to joking, Manu says bear joking as a lot as you may then react.

2pmManveer says to inmates that we must always go away home fortunately. Manu says Rohan goes to go away, he wont be frightened about nominations anymore, Rohan says there isn’t any high 2 or high 3, folks simply bear in mind winner. Manu says they’ll make Rohan to “dunya ek mela”, Lopa laughs.

3pmBigg Boss introduces mela activity whereby

the backyard space is became a good and the housemates are allotted totally different stalls. There can be 5 stalls and every inmate will get a stall. At common intervals, friends will enter the home and the contestants should entertain them at their respective stalls, friends will give them factors on foundation of their entertaining. Rohan can be horse in activity, he’ll stroll like horse on visitor’s requests.Inmates are available backyard and see stalls.Manu is chosen to hit the Joker stall whereby the friends could make the housemates as targets and hit them with a sponge dipped in cleaning soap water.Manveer is chosen for questions and dare stalls whereby he’ll ask inquiries to the friends and may take a dare in return.Lopa has to maintain the therapeutic massage counter whereas Rohan is made to be a horse carrying a dressing up and a masks.Bani has change into “baba” the place she has to speak about inmates on request of friends.

COPYRIGHT_BP: Published on https://bingepost.com/bigg-boss-10-25th-january-2017-written-episode-update/71532/ by Cecilia Jones on 2020-03-24T00:37:50.000Z

3:45pmRohan clothes as horse by carrying horse costume, Rohan says costume is bizarre, Manu says i’m going to journey horse, that is wild, white horse, they may have made him one thing else. Rohan says i’m horse of lengthy race.

4:15pmseason 9 contestant Mandana Karimi enters home. Bani comes and hugs her. Mandana says Bani doesnt solely have tattoos however every little thing else too. Mandana says lets have enjoyable, she calls Bani along with her. Mandana says to Lopa that your make-up is an excessive amount of so we’ll clear it, she asks Lopa to play moist sponge recreation with Bani, Lopa locations her face on board, Bani hits it with sponge, she hits Lopa’s face with sponge, Lopa wipes her face, Bani hits two sponges, all snicker. Mandana says i’ve to give good reason for it. Mandana says to Lopa that you just perhaps Miss India however you might be behaving like just a little lady who’s at all times nagging, you and Rohan preserve nagging Bani, no matter occurred with Bani, she by no means discuss behind your again badly, Rohan mentioned she has nothing however tattoos, i used to be right here and i do know we are saying issues which we dont imply. Mandana says to Lopa that you just attempt to discover method to justify your self, Lopa says i settle for my mistake, i’m commonest lady on this home, Mandana says you assume you might be finest in home. Mandana asks Bani to speak about Lopa as baba. Bani says i dont like how she lives with us right here, she preserve taunting me that i dont discuss with anybody however she preserve speaking to Rohan solely? Lopa says nothing like that, Bani asks in case you are sorry for something? i’ve nothing in opposition to you, i’m sorry for something however you assume that i faux my apologies too, this isn’t good, Mandana claps and says lastly Bani began speaking. Mandana asks Lopa to apologize with coronary heart, Lopa hugs Bani tightly and lifts her in air and says sorry, she says completely happy now? Bani hugs her again.

5pmMandana eats gol gappas from Manveer’s stall, he provides her tissue, Mandana says gol gappas have been candy like Manveer, Manveer says aww. Mandana says i wish to share it with Manveer, she makes Manveer eat gol gappas from her fingers. Manu says i’ll give cash to eat from Mandana’s fingers, Mandana says joker, all snicker.

5:15pmMandana says to Lopa that i’m not saying i dont such as you as individual however what you mentioned about Bigg boss was not appropriate, its troublesome to just accept defeat however you may spit in plate you might be consuming, you might be in Bigg boss due to Bigg boss, Lopa says i respect Bigg boss, i mentioned sorry, Manveer says you shouldnt say issues which it’s important to regret, Mandana says i dont assume so, you’re looking like Om and Priyanka, Lopa says oh God, Manu says it used to work on them however it doesnt look good on Lopa, Mandana says sure, you might be in finals and also you shouldnt be villain in finals, Lopa says i dont imply it.

5:30pmBigg boss asks Mandana how was in mela? she says nice. Mandana asks her to go away home. Mandana provides 50factors to Rohan and Lopa. She provides factors to Manveer and and Manu and offers all her remaining cash to Bani, she hugs her and says be completely happy, she leaves. Bani is completely happy to see bag of cash along with her.

5:45pmBani says friends will include totally different level of views and all of us can be scolded. Manu says Manveer received 100factors from her. Rohan says i’m leaving home. Lopa says Mandana mentioned that Bani is her favourite, she dislikes me, Bani says she doesnt dislike you, Lopa says she was giving me chilly vibe, dont know what they’re displaying me, Manveer says you retain saying flawed issues.

6:15pmManu says to Manveer that if somebody has gained hearts then its hir or her approach, Manveer says Bani appears winner that approach. Lopa says one individual referred to as me villain as a result of her favourite is Bani, Rohan says she was flawed when she mentioned that Lopa is like Om, Lopa says i dont should persuade everybody, i dont should assume what Mandana thinks, i’m doing issues as Lopa, i’ve not come to please folks, Manu says you might be proper.

7:15pmLopa will get emotional and says to Rohan that i cant do that anymore, we didnt plan to return out of finale room collectively, Bigg boss blamed us that we deliberate it, however we didnt, there are such a lot of cameras however nonetheless they couldnt see it was not our technique, Bigg boss is in opposition to me, i’m not saying something, i’ve tolerated loads, i wish to return to deal with, she cries and says nothing is left now, i wish to return with one thing, what if dont have something left after i go away this home? i dont need my life to be over, Rohan says folks would perceive you thats why you might be in finals, you wouldnt attain until right here in case you have been flawed. Lopa says i dont wish to conceal my face anymore, she screams that how a lot i’ve to cover my face? Bani, Manveer and Manu comes there, Bani caresses her again to calm her, Lopa says i dont wish to go to finale, i need my life again, Bani says all of us should have thought that how we’re wanting outdoors, now we have to belief present and belief ourselves, Lopa says i dont wish to play finale, i simply wish to go, i urge to present me life again, Manveer says nobody would blame you after present for fights, Lopa says what Mandana mentioned would have an effect on me, Manveer says you wouldnt have reached until right here, Lopa says she referred to as me similar as Swami, simply because Bigg boss referred to as Mandana and gave her mic so she might say something? Manu says they made Rohan horse, Manu turns into horse and acts funnily, Lopa and all others snicker at his antics.

8pmEx-contestant Nitibha Kaul is available in home, she says my discuss time didnt finish until now. Manveer and Bani hugs her. Manu hugs her, Rohan says you’re looking good. Lopa hasnt come out and is doing her make-up. Niti says to Bani that you’re wanting good. She says to inmates that individuals have made movies on me and Manveer calling he NitVeer and so they have been calling me sister in regulation, Bani says its insane however lovable.

8:30pmRohan is strolling like horse. Niti says every little thing goes good outdoors. Niti involves Manveer’s stall. Manveer asks her query which inmate have upset her most? Niti says when i left home, i noticed that Manu informed Manveer that i wouldnt even take Manveer’s name after present and i used to be utilizing him in present solely, folks informed me that you just had put fireplace between Manveer and mine friendship, i felt unhealthy about it as a result of i had good equation with you.

8:45pmNiti says to Manveer that you’re no much less, when somebody requested you which can be you lacking Niti? you mentioned you didnt miss me in any respect. Manveer says i had put teddy bear wit “i really like you” in your baggage, Niti says persons are saying that Manu created issues between us, Manveer says you might have modified, i really feel prefer it, Niti says be stay like this, such as you joke and stay completely happy, Manveer provides her gol gappa.

9:15pmBigg boss asks Niti how was it to enter home once more? Niti says it was so good to comeback once more and to pay attention your voice. Niti says i’ll give 10factors to everybody as goodluck, Manu says we pray that you just stay completely happy together with your youngsters, all snicker. Manu hugs her and says its good to see you, Niti hugs everybody and asks Manveer to win present, she leaves.

12:15amManveer says to Manu that they could present us journey after Rohan going out, Manu says Rohan didnt play with thoughts, he laughs. Rohan says after Mandana got here, my picture has gone in damaging, Manu says you picture went down while you got here in home, Rohan laughs, Manu says most intelligent thoughts was of Rohan however he didnt use it, Lopa and Rohan laughs. Manu says Rohan jumped in Lopa’s ship, Lopa says which ship you persons are utilizing? Manu says we didnt have any ship.

1:15amBigg boss asks inmates to return in backyard space. Manveer says to Rohan that we had good journey with you. he hugs Rohan.All is available in backyard, there are Bani and Rohan’s photograph standing there. Bigg boss asks Bani and Rohan to face infront of their buzzer however dont press it until we ask you too, they stand close to buzzer. Lopa, Manu and Manveer sit on chairs. Bigg boss says its time to announce who can be 4th finalist, one can be evicted from Rohan and Bani. Rohan provides flying kiss to Lopa. Bigg boss says one inmate won’t be reaching finals, inform us one thing about your journey. Bani says i’ve change into emotional listening to it, it was most troublesome journey for me and that i didnt cry this a lot anyplace, i had ups and downs, i cherished and hated folks right here, i’ve realized loads, i thank everybody who lived with me, i’ll have recollections of right here, its going to be good, Manu and Manver says love you. Rohan says when i entered home, i assumed i would depart home in a single week however i’m in 15th week and that is nice for me, i made associates right here, i simply wish to say that i’ve change into sturdy right here, i’m completely happy to succeed in until right here. Lopa is weeping listening to it. Bigg boss says now its time to know who can be 4th finalist. Bigg boss asks Rohan and Bani to press buzzer. with each Rohan and Bani standing in entrance of their images and urgent buzzers. As quickly as they pressed it, Rohan’s photograph went up in flames, indicating his finish on the present. Rohan hugs Bani. Bigg boss says BANI IS 4TH FINALIST. Lopa hugs Rohan, Lopa goes to Bani and hugs her too. Rohan hugs Manu and Manveer. Bigg boss says to Rohan that you just have been a minimum of others, folks favored you a large number however your journey was until now solely, its time so that you can go away home. Rohan needs luck to Bani, he asks Lopa to win. Lopa is crying, Lopa hugs him and says you might be finest, my journey was fabulous due to you solely, Manu says we miss you, Rohan leaves home. Lopa cries. Manveer hugs her and says you’re going to go away quickly too, Lopa says he needed to remain, Manu says its nearly 3days, Manveer says we can be with him after 3days, Lopa says he needed to remain, he might have stayed for Three extra days.

1:30amBani is sitting in backyard alone.Manveer says to Lopa that its not about 3days, you might have made him buddy and it wont be damaged, this present has given us loads. Lopa says that is recreation solely with us. Manveer says we dont know that you just may go away too, Lopa laughs, Manveer says they could drag you out of home.Manu is sitting smoking room and says to himself that life is hard.

PRECAP- Ex-contestant Naveen enters home, all are excited to see him, Naveen says to Manu that life is unhealthy, it takes loads. Lokesh will come too. Ex-contestan Rishabh Sinha is available in home. Manveer questions him whose true face hanst come to fore? Rishabh says Manu’s true face hanst come out, Manveer is white and Manu is black, Manveer does good and Manu does damaging. Naveen reads that Manver has to present board to at least one inmate and inmate should put it round neck. Manveer brings board, its written on board “i dont should be finalist”. Manveer provides board to Manu and asks him to put on it. Manu takes board from Manver and leaves. He is available in baggage room and angrily throws board away.

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