With Birds of Prey yelling into theatres , we are shining a spotlight on the DC Comics film’s cast of characters — from A to Zsasz. There are some long histories supporting a few of those superheroes and villains, but here is everything you Want to know about Harley Quinn:

What is Harley Quinn’s origin story in the comic book?

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel, PhD, was a respected psychologist at Arkham Asylum before the Joker exploited her specialist fascination with him to amorous obsession — a sense he has arguably not reciprocated (not at any healthy manner ). He put her through precisely the exact same chemical bath that birthed himshaving her skin white, and she eventually became his faithful partner in crime.

Who made Harley Quinn?

Invented from the manufacturers of Batman: The Animated Series as a one off henchwoman, the manufacturing was tickled by the concept of the Joker with an old-time moll they retained Harley on, and finally established the source story she has now.

Harley was characterized by her unreciprocated infatuation with the Joker for quite a while. However terribly he handled her, and no matter how difficult her nearest friend, Poison Ivy, strove, she always forgave him his betrayals and returned into his predatory arms.

However, because Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti’s 2013 Harley Quinn series, Harley has distanced herself from her abusive ex, also shot on a Deadpool-like function as a semi-reformed villain only hoping to maintain herself and her friends secure. All while cracking jokes and extending the fourth wall, needless to say. Conner and Palmiotti’s series also canonically paired her up with Poison Ivy in a romantic relationship, which makes two years of queer subtext into text.

Harley also combined the Suicide Squad for the first time in this age, a location gave her live action debut from the Suicide Squad film, and currently in Birds of Prey.

Which are Harley Quinn’s abilities or skills?

Harley does not actually have any superpowers. But she’s an accomplished gymnast, hand-to-hand fighter, also got her PhD square and fair, graduating at the top of her course.

Who performs Harley Quinn from the film?

That could be Margot Robbie, Oscar-nominated because of the role in last year’s Bombshell, and also the first live-action Harley at Suicide Squad. Her variation of Harley is fairly much exactly the exact same from the film — even her taxidermied beaver is out of the comics.

Exactly what Harley Quinn comics if I read?

Batman Adventures: Mad Love #1 (1993)

Harley surfaced from the 1990s animated show, meaning this film book origin story — from show producers and Harley’s co-creators Paul Dini and Bruce Timm — includes an air of credibility unparalleled in comic; it helps that it is just as funny as you would like it to be and reveals that the pre-emancipated Harley in how most fans recall.

Harley Quinn #0-8 (2013)

It required over a decade for founders to get a deal on the best way best to create Harley function in the Egyptian DC comic book world, but the group of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti struck paydirt with their mixture of lowbrow comedy and sudden heart, turning the character to a popular of an all-new creation of lovers.

Harley Quinn Number 25 (2016)

This was the story that needed to occur, and suddenly, one which somehow functioned: Harley facing Joker within their poisonous connection turned was a victory for Harley and also the readers equally, permitting her to admit the poor and move towards something much more rewarding (i.e., relationship Poison Ivy).

What is Harley Quinn’s zodiac sign?

Why are you requesting this? OK, fine. According to her records, as observed in Suicide Squad, she is a Cancer.