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How to Boost Your NETFLIX Performance With VPN in 2020


The number one problem going on in 2020 when it comes to communications and streaming entertainmentis having sufficient bandwidth. Users are facing it on two fronts. At home, they have to manage their connection in the household if sharing with others, and then their ISP can get congested as well depending on how the service prioritizes users. However, it has become more and more apparent to certain users that if a VPN connection is being used, Netflix unblockedare realizing faster speed, higher priority and better satisfaction on what they paid for in a subscription.

The fact that ISPs are proactively limiting or clamping down bandwidth availability to heavy users who have already paid for their service upfront doesn’t help matters either. Verizon continues to be one of the most active in capping heavy users, causing many trying to watch the streaming video to pretty much bow out and look for other services as a better option. Interestingly, VPN offers an alternative option.

Making Sure You Have All The Requirements

A VPN streaming approach assumes three things: first, you already have your other streaming account set up and service paid for an active and you are using the Internet to access it, regardless of channel (broadband cable, DSL, WiFi, etc.). Second, you have a steady connection, to begin with, and you’re not running around, hopping from connection point to connection point as if in a satlink situation. You also must have an active VPN service account already established and working.

With your VPN account set up, you need to ensure that it is working in a security standard mode. OpenVPN 256-bit tends to be a common form, but there are others to choose from. Depending on your VPN service, it may already be chosen for you as a default.

What You’re Likely Going To See

To actually realize the VPN benefits, you go into your browser, go to Netflix and your account, and select a movie or show to streamand initiate the transfer. To just check whether your VPN is working it all you can utilize the Netflix TestVideo, specifically provided to help connection troubleshooting. It’s ideal for testing because the package includes multiple clips as well as pre-buffering data for better clarity. The initial run will begin at 250Kbps and will steadily increase as the test video moves forward in play mode. You will find, usually, even the best of services are not getting above 3,000 Kbps. Either way, as you measure the output, you’re going to see that a VPN gives you far better data retrieval and response than working off of a non-VPN channel and fighting ISP congestion. It’s practically visual if you use a traffic monitor tool at the same time to see how data flows into your computer.

Many users who have tested their VPN approach as well as without it have seen at least a doubling in performance quality. The results are not ideal in terms of a perfect connection, but the benefit of using a VPN is clearly real and obvious. And when people are struggling to get out of a horrible stutter-mode of practically non-useful streaming or having to stop and wait for buffering every few minutes, the VPN approach can be a godsend.

The Cost Issue

It’s amazing how folks will drop $300 on an annual subscription but can quibble on $5 added to their per-month cost. However, this tends to be an issue for folks. Netflix basically runs about $13 a month. A typical VPN service cost can range anywhere from $8 to $15 a month, depending on whether one pays upfront or per month. However, the VPN benefit isn’t just for Netflixalone. In addition to the streaming advantage, the user also gets solid security and encryption on his or her Internet access wherever they happen to be using their VPN account. That in itself is the primary benefit of VPN in the first place. The Netflix unblocked streaming speed boost is gravy on top of the main meal here. So when one looks at the cost as above, then it makes a lot more sense to absorb the monthly increase, especially if you do a lot of life and business on the Internet with sensitive personal or business data.

Plus, your VPN services give you control of your data traffic performance and ISP account again. It’s a bit of dirty business to sign people onto a subscription offering wonderful speeds and stable service and then start throttling existing customers out of the blue with barely a visible notice. But that’s the game being played by ISPs who think they have their market captive. VPN use forces the ISP to deliver what you paid for upfront again. That’s worth the advantage, especially if it’s unlikely you’re going to change your ISP anytime soon, which most folks don’t.

Again, VPN services like Surfshark and others won’t guarantee you the ideal streaming experience, but they do have a solid test performance producing better streaming experience from an open channel running into typical ISP congestion. The prioritization of encrypted data clearly turns into a speed benefit for a VPN user. So take advantage of it if your Netflix account is a stuttering experience on a regular basis.

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