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Boruto Filler List: All Episodes you can Skip to Watch in 2020


Boruto is the story of Naruto’s son, and the anime series entails the story of how the teams are assigned missions to complete so that they can become chunins and much more. A popular anime series, all Naruto lovers are in for a treat with Boruto.

However, there are many filler episodes in this series too, and thus we have prepared a Boruto anime filler list for you! Just go through this list, and you can skip these episodes without any worry, and complete the main plot instead! You can always come back for a full-fledged rewatch session.

Boruto anime series poster
Boruto anime series poster

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List Of Boruto Fillers To Skip Watching

| Episode Number| Name Of The Episode| Air Date| | --- | --- | --- | | 16 | Crisis: The Threat of Failing! | 2017-07-19 | | 17 | Run, Sarada! | 2017-07-26 | | 33 | The Super Beast Scroll Slump! | 2017-11-15 | | 48 | The Genin Documentary | 2018-03-07 | | 49 | Wasabi and Namida | 2018-03-14 | | 50 | The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation Meeting | 2018-03-21 | | 67 | Super Cho-Cho Butterfly Mode! | 2018-08-02 | | 68 | Super Cho-Cho Kiss Mode! | 2018-08-09 | | 69 | Super Cho-Cho Love Upheaval! | 2018-08-16 | | 96 | Blood, Sweat, and Namida | 2019-03-03 | | 97 | Shikadai's Decision | 2019-03-10 | | 104 | The Little Roommate | 2019-04-28 | | 105 | A Wound on the Heart | 2019-05-05 | | 113 | The Qualities of a Captain | 2019-06-30 | | 114 | X Cards Proxy War! | 2019-07-07 | | 115 | Team 25 | 2019-07-14 | | 116 | Konohamaru and Remon | 2019-07-21 | | 117 | Remon’s Secret | 2019-07-28 | | 118 | Something That Steals Memories | 2019-08-04 | | 119 | Konohamaru’s Ninja Way | 2019-08-11 | | 138 | Hiashi's Birthday | 2019-12-29 | | 139 | The Terror! Enko Onikuma | 2020-01-12 | | 140 | The Mind Transfer Jutsu That Lost to Potato Chips | 2020-01-19 | | 152 | Developing One's Medical Ninjutsu | 2020-04-12 | | 153 | Harmony in Gold | 2020-04-19 | | 155 | Mitsuki's Rainy Day | 2020-07-05 | | 156 | I Can't Stay in My Slim Form | 2020-07-12 |

Synopsis Of All Boruto Filler Episodes

Presenting brief synopsis and list of boruto episodes descriptions of all the fillers to help you out! Just in case if you’re still doubtful whether you should skip the episodes or watch them, go through the synopsis and choose for yourself!

Filler Episode 16: Crisis: The Threat Of Failing

Overview:Denki is unable to walk on the wall of the Academy, which leaves him dejected. He admits that he doesn’t want to repeat just like Iwabe, and Iwabe hears this but does not confront him. All his friends start telling Denki their versions of how one must use the chakras, leaving Denki perplexed.

Denki, with the help of Metal, tries to walk on the wall but soon falls not though, since Lee comes in to save him. Lee expresses his joy at seeing him train so hard because he cannot give him his uniform, as he cannot use Ninjutsu.

Iwabe comes and tells Denki to concentrate while focusing on his chakra, and thus Denki finds himself successfully walking on the wall. He offers to lend a helping hand to Iwabe regarding his studies, which Iwabe denies in the fear that Denki too might have to end up repeating a year like him.

However, Denki tells Iwabe that he wants all his friends to pass this time. Meanwhile, Boruto brings burgers for all his friends which results in them having burnt mouths due to the spices. While returning to the academy, Denki and Iwabe come across a building on fire and a woman crying out for help, screaming that her children are locked inside.

Iwabe rushes into the building, gets the kids, and having failed to find an exit starts fixing the sprinklers. When Denki thinks it’s been too long since he went inside, he goes in too and brings them all out. Iwabe gets mad at Denki, but also happy that everyone was safe and sound. To their joy, Shino informs them that they both have passed the testsince they used their skills in real-life and everyone congratulates them.

Filler Episode 17: Run, Sarada

Overview:The episode revolves around the story of how Sarada resolved to bring a soft toy for a little girl at the hospital under her care and said she’d keep her word to her mother.

She was under the constant detection of Boruto and his gang, but she ultimately isn’t able to keep her promise. She finds a similar doll that gets tossed into a river during a ceremony, and she plunges into it too, to retrieve it. She ends up floating to a place where Boruto and his friends were fishing and finally can keep her word.

Filler Episode 33: The Super Beast Scroll Slump

Overview:Inojin Yamanaka nurtured a passion and love for art since he was a kid, and that’s how Super Beast imitating Drawing brought pictures to life too his signature style. Inojin quests for his father to give him some advice on the same, but the latter doesn’t. Sai advises him to participate in a children’s drawing competition, and even though Inojin does well, Himawari walks away with the prize.

Inojin then realizes that he has lost something crucial, which is why he is unable to master his technique. He accepts Himawari as his teacher and seeks her help, and realizes that he had lost the love he had for art. He revives it back with the help of Himawari and Boruto.

Filler Episode 48: The Genin Documentary

Overview:An examination gets devised according to which the genin ninjas can turn to chunins. Iwabe gets disappointed about having failed again, after talking to Denki and Metal. They are all assigned to work on a film, and while they did work to the director’s pleasure, Udon aborts the mission.

This angers Iwabe who turns against all his teammates. However, later that night, a building collapses and all of them head out to save the filmmakers who were in there. In the end, Team 5 passes the test and Naruto admits that he was never to do so even after being the Hokage.

Filler Episode 49: Wasabi And Namida

Overview:Team 15 gets assigned by a mission to capture animals that have been released by an unidentified person. Hanabi presumes that they aren’t dangerous, and permits Wasabi, Namida, and Sumire to capture them on their own.

Meanwhile, Sumire seems doubtful about whether she should disclose the truth about the Ghost Case to the two. Wasabi abandons the mission midway, leaving Namida to catch a mini-monkey alone. She gets chased by a wolf, which she can calm down with the help of Sumire and Wasabi. Finally, Sumire confessed that she was behind Nue’s actions, but the trio patched up.

Filler Episode 50: The Chunin Exams: The Recommendation Meeting

Overview:Shikamaru suddenly appears in the Hokage’s office while Naruto is busy with the feudal lord. Meanwhile, Shino, Konohamaru, Moegi, and Udon wonder whether the students should take up the Chunin Examinations. In the end, Hanabi compels Shiro to gulp sake, which frees all the insects from inside his body.

Filler Episode 67: Super Cho-Cho Butterfly Mode

Overview:Tomaru and Ashina, renowned actors, have their lives at stake according to continuous threats. Team 10 and Team 7 are made to guard them, for the same. When the two teams gather round to discuss the mission, Boruto sees a gorgeous girl which he does not remember seeing anywhere before.

Filler Episode 68: Super Cho-Cho Kiss Mode

Overview:Team 7 and Team 10 get assigned to save a building that gets sabotaged by an unidentified ninja. The actress gets wounded and Tomaru takes Cho-Cho to become his substitute. Tomaru flirts with Cho-Cho, much to Cho-Cho’s joy. However, this certainly makes her lose her focus on the mission.

Filler Episode 69: Super Cho-Cho Love Upheaval

Overview:The mysterious ninja comes again and abducts Tomaru. Cho-Cho blames Konohamaru and Moegi for having failed to protect Tomaru in the first place.

Filler Episode 96: Blood, Sweat, And Namida

Overview:Team 15’s Namida uses a Jutsu, which is a deafening or earsplitting cry to cancel out her rival. However, she gets worried that this might come off as fatal to her allies too, and eventually stops crying so that the juice doesn’t get activated accidentally.

Filler Episode 97: Shikadai’s Decision

Overview:The Nara clan’s chief asks Shikadai to stop being a ninja and try becoming a politician instead, to help their clan rise to prominence. Shikadai accepts his father’s commands and thus starts studying to become a politician instead of training to become a ninja.

Filler Episode 104: The Little Roommate

Overview:Team 7 sets out on a mission to catch hold of a jewellery thief, who gets replaced by a cat. Elsewhere, Boruto and his friends take the decision that Mitsuki should look into it for the time being.

Filler Episode 105: A Wound On The Heart

Overview:Orochimaru doesn’t feel well, resulting in Mitsuki visiting him in his research facility. Mitsuki tells him and Log how he has been having recurring dreams which never used to happen before, compelling Orochimaru to work a solution out.

Filler Episode 113: The Qualities Of A Captain

Overview:Boruto, Iwabe, and Wasabi team up to go retrieve a rare flower, with Shikadai leading as the captain. They get into internal conflicts and the mission, which should have been completed in just a while takes way longer than it should.

Filler Episode 114: X Cards Proxy War

Overview:Extreme Ninja Cards is one of the most prominent gamesin these times. Boruto and his friends collect it all and then realize that Shino Aburame and Rock Lee are missing. They also learn that there’s only one slot left in the forthcoming series, which triggers a fierce battle between Boruto and Metal.

Filler Episode 115: Team 25

Overview:Team 25 has been assigned to sort mail, and Kakashi disguises himself as a freelance journalist to monitor them closely. The team lacked teamwork and consisted of members who were Boruto’s classmates. Kakashi counsels Houki, who for some unknown reasons wears outfits just like his.

Filler Episode 116: Konohamaru And Remon

Overview:Boruto and Kohamaru save a woman from a vicious attack who later admits that she has come to the village for a stroll. Thus, both of them take her around the village while protecting her.

Filler Episode 117: Remon’s Secret

Overview:Boruto and Kohamaru visit the woman viz. Remon’s village, but she acts distant. They later learn that she is the protector who has guarded the village against goblins and outsiders for ages. A specific ritual takes place that day, making Kanikitsu Akitsuki lock or imprison her so that she doesn’t get to see anyone.

Filler Episode 118: Something That Steals Memories

Overview:Kohamaru, in a desperate attempt to save Remon, gets caught and taken back to the Leaf Village. Boruto suspects Kanitsuki when he acts all alone as if nothing has happened. He digs deeper, and a huge secret unfolds. Meanwhile, the Hokage disciplines Konohamaru when the Remon village complains about him.

Filler Episode 119: Konohamaru’s Ninja Way

Overview:Boruto and Konohamaru set out to save Remon again, albeit, they arrive a tad late. Till then, Soma is seen to have already broken the seals and started the resurrection process. The duo tries to stop it but to no avail. None of their weapons or ninjutsu techniques helps which gives power to Remon. It compels her to use a method that her ancestors once taught her, to seal a monster.

Filler Episode 138: Hiashi’s Birthday

Overview:Boruto goes to the Hyuga household to gather information so that he can decide what to give his grandfather, Hiashi, for his birthday.

Filler Episode 139: The Terror! Enko Onikuma

Overview:Onikuma gets possessed by a beast, allowing her to use a greater power. However, she finds it challenging to control her power, and is unable to focus during missions.

Filler Episode 140: The Mind Transfer Jutsu That Lost To Potato Chips

Overview:Inojin trains with Ino to master Mind Transfer Jutsu, but fails due to his lack of confidence which angers his mother.

Filler Episode 152: Developing One’s Medical Ninjutsu

Overview:Team 7 chooses Sarada as their representative for Medical Ninjutsu. Even though Sakura was a Medical Ninjutsu specialist, Sarada doesn’t have the talent or knack for it, thus making her super anxious when she becomes a participant.

Filler Episode 153: Harmony In Gold

Overview:Tsubaki devises a strategy to sharper her team’s skills, where they have to battle for who is the best on missions.

Filler Episode 155: Mitsuki’s Rainy Day

Overview:Mikazuki guides Mitsuki on a rainy day, where she helps an injured man who claims to have come to the Leaf Village to visit his sister. She develops a crush on him too. However, Team 7 gets assigned to help the Leaf Village police on a mission.

Filler Episode 156: I Can’t Stay In My Slim Form

Overview:The sweet shops go out of sweet beans, much to Cho-Cho and Choji’s dismay. They learn there has been some strategic theft during the delivery services, making Cho-Cho join forces with Anko. Both set out on a mission to catch the bandits and save the sweet beans.

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FAQs About Boruto Filler List In 2020

1. How Many Filler Episodes Are In Boruto Anime?

Out of the total, 85 episodes of Boruto series was telecasted there are a total of 37 episodes of uncovered boruto show filler list is there for you. Boruto series has lower filler episodes compared to the original Naruto series. Boruto is the next generation to the Naruto series. Boruto was charged as the long-awaited continuation of the Naruto story, and this anime has more filler compared to all the episodes aired.

2. Which Episodes Of Boruto Are Filler?

We have mentioned Boruto filler episodes to Skip watching. there are many other filler episodes you can skip to watch & to know which, read this whole post.

  • Episodes from 16 to 17
  • Episodes from 33 to 50
  • Episodes from 67 to 69
  • Episodes from 96 to 97
  • Episodes from 104 to 105
  • Episodes from 113 to 119
  • Episodes from 138 to 140
  • Episodes from 152 to 156

3. How Many Boruto Without Filler Episodes Are There?

Boruto is an anime series that ran from the year 2017 to 2020. for watching it is not as good as the first series. and to answer your question out of complete 85 episodes of Boruto canon episodes were aired, 48 non-filler episodes are there to watch. (37 episodes are already filler episodes) Boruto Shippuden has a quite low number of episodes aired compared to Naruto anime series. check out the detailed each boruto episode guide we have written above.

4. Where To Watch Boruto Episodes Without Filler?

Legally anyone can watch Boruto show through Netflix and Hulu OTT streaming platforms. you need to take a paid subscription to stream. but if you want it for free then you can try to find torrents related to this series. in Netflix, you can watch both dubbed and original versions of Boruto, watch in multiple formats. Officially there will be more customising options present on Netflix and Hulu based on your net speed. we always recommend our readers to only watch anime series through legal and official sources to support original content creators.

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There you go with full-fledged Boruto filler guide, with all these fillers of Boruto that you can skip and still manage to catch the essence of the series. Filler episodes aren’t always boring though, in fact, then can be quite fun to watch on a leisure day. However, if you’re just starting with Boruto, we’d advise you to keep them for some other day. Happy binging!

Disclaimer (Important)

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