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BotGhost Tools For Free Bot Maker Without Coding

BotGhost Tools For Free Bot Maker Without Coding

Make your own Discord bot for free in 5 minutes with no coding required. Choose from over 300 commands to enable moderation, utilities, the economy, and more.

Hilda Workman
Last updated: Dec 16, 2021 | Dec 09, 2021

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Make your own Discord bot for free in 5 minutes with no coding required. Choose from over 300 commands to enable moderation, utilities, the economy, and more. No downloaded program or app is required. Free hosting is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week easily get started by pasting your bot token into your dashboard, saving, and going online.

Botghost Free

BotGhost is a web application that enables any internet user to create bots without any coding for free. The platform offers hundreds of commands which enable users to assign different tasks to bots, such as managing social media, notifications, and music libraries, or acting as a translator and a server moderator.

Bots can be used to display the gaming statistics of your favorite games, such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. You can even customize your bots in the command section by adding new commands.

Certain commands can be enabled and disabled at any time to keep up with changing circumstances. Bots can be set up to automatically notify your social media subscribers or people on your server. These messages can be tailored according to the user's needs at any given time.

Botghost Free

Botghost Hosting

Ensure your bot stays online with 24/7 free hosting. Create announcements for when users leave or are banned, to notify the rest of the server. Moderate your Discord Server. Integrate with Social Media. Play games and level up or access a range of utilities. No downloaded program or app is required.

Botghost Alternative

Scratch For Discord is a web application that enables you to create chatbots without any programming whatsoever. To use this, you just have to select different color boxes at the left corner of the web page and give input to them by submitting texts.

These boxes are used to tweak your chatbot to respond to different situations such as logical scenarios, questions, keywords, and calculations. Kreatebot is an application that enables users to create chatbots on their mobile devices without any coding.

These bots can be used to set a default greeting texts, replies, and welcoming messages, as well as for creating menus and managing subscribers to your social media account. To change any of this, you just have to open the relevant icon, type, and submit your desired text in the text box.

Botghost Alternative

Botghost Down

Two of the most popular bots, Botghost and Rythm, were shut down following a YouTube notice received by the bots' developers. You can listen to anything you want, provided that the music is uploaded on YouTube or Soundcloud (for some bots). All you have to do is let the bot into your server and use the commands to choose your favorite music.

Botghost Down

Why Are Discord Bots Shutting Down?

Since they actually play the audio included in any video, those bots are not limited to playing music. You can listen to podcasts or listen to the content in a video without having to watch it. But, in time, everything must come to an end.

How Do I Add Botghost To Discord?

It will ask you to confirm which server you would like your bot to be hosted on before loading a new web page. To invite your bot, head over to the dashboard .

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