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Watch Breathe Web Series Online – Cast & Crew, Plot And Review


Amazon Prime Video is a leading OTT platform worldwide and has a unique collection of Amazon Prime Video Originals. After the Inside Edge, Breathe is the second Indian original web series on Amazon Prime. Starring R. Madhavan and Amit Sadh, Breathe is an Indian crime thriller web seriesdepicts the story of an extraordinary loving father and how he becomes the formidable serial killer to protect his son. The series follows the mouse and cat race between the dangerous serial killer and the alcoholic police officer, both wants to protect their loved ones. This web series has gained so much popularity due to its content and characters, that Amazon Prime is soon coming with its Season 2. So, without wasting any more time, let’s discuss Breathe web series Cast, Plot and at the end, we will share Breathe web series download and streaming details.

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About Breathe TV Series

  • Genre:Crime, Thriller, Drama
  • Our Rating:4.5/4
  • Directors:Mayank Sharma
  • Availability:Amazon Prime Video
  • Release Date:26 January 2018
  • No. of Episodes:8
  • Writers:Abhijeet Shirish, Deshpande, Mayank Sharma & Vikram Tuli

As the name indicates, Breathe web series is based on the concept of Organ Donation and how much a breathe can cost you. The series revolves around the story of an ordinary man Danny, who is a football coach and father of a 6-year old child “Josh”. Josh is suffering from congenital lung disease and can survive for only five months without organ donation. Danny desperately wants to save his son and choose an unexpected path for it. Meanwhile, an alcoholic police officer Kabir is dealing with her daughter’s death miserably, and his wife is about to break their marriage.

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Breathe (TV Series)
Breathe (TV Series)

Danny and Kabir are unaware of the fact that their paths will cross one day to protect their loved ones. Through the unique and conceptualise storyline, Breathe web series just asks one question that how far will you go to protect your loved ones?

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R. Madhavan As Denzil

R. Madhavan as Denzil
R. Madhavan as Denzil

Amit Sadh As Kabir Sawant

Sapna Pabbi As Ria Ganguly

Neena Kulkarni As Juliet

Atharva Vishwakarma As Joshua “Josh”

Hrishikesh Joshi As Prakash Kamble

Shriswara As Doctor Aruna Sharma

Shrikant Yadav As Malwankar

Madhura Naik As Shaina

Madhura Naik as Shaina
Madhura Naik as Shaina

Breathe Web Series Review

The concept of Breathe is unique, thriller and emotional, but storyline gets weak at some points. However, if we talk about the performance, R Madhavan as always did an excellent job. His acting skills from being an innocent father to a dangerous serial killer for his son will keep you hooked till last. Amit Sadh performed the role of an alcoholic police officer up to the mark. Their ultimate cat and mouse race is the main essence of this web series which keeps the series thrilling. The struggles faced by Danny during each murder makes the story looks like real. Also, the director smartly tries to portray the reality behind organ donation. So, overall it is a right family drama-thriller web series, which you can binge-watch during this lockdown and enjoy.

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Breathe Web Series Episodes

Episode 1:The Promise

Plot details: Danny is the charming football coach who lives with his son Josh and mother Juliet. Josh, who has weak lungs, can only survive for five months unless they find a donor. But Josh’s Doctor Aruna informs the family that currently Josh is on number 4 on the recipient’s list. Danny, who is desperate to save his son, breaks down in the doctor’s cabin to steal the recipient’s list and decides to kill all the recipients before Josh so that Josh can be the number one on the list and get operated as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Kabir, who is a young police officer, has drowned himself in alcohol to deal with his daughter’s death, while his wife Ria is moved on and wants the same from him.

Episode 2:The Hunt Begins

Plot details: Danny starts dating Josh’s divorcee doctor Aruna, to get information on how to execute his plan smartly. Meanwhile, Kabir is getting invited by his colleague Prakash Kamble on his marriage anniversary, and things get tensed when he reveals that he is getting a divorce. Danny tracks down his first target from the list who is an elder professor of the same city. Danny breaks into his apartment and tries triggering asthma to kill him. However, the professor survives but went into a coma.

Episode 3:Safety First

Plot details: After getting failed in his first attempt, Danny moves to his second Target Rahul, who works in an office building and registered in recipient’s list. Danny hides Rahul’s helmet and ultimately kill him by making it look like a road accident. On the same night, Kabir attends his boss’s farewell party, where Ria also comes with her co-worker to make Kabir Jealous. Later, when Kabir learns about Rahul’s death, he becomes suspicious after knowing how much Rahul was obsessed with road safety. Although Rahul’s helmet was found adjacent to his body, he didn’t leave the office wearing a helmet, which raises some questions on this accident.

Episode 4:The Audition

Plot details: After killing Rahul, Danny targets young aspiring actress Anita. He playacts to be an assistant director and fake an audition during which he gives Anita a task to perform suicide. As she suffocates to death, Danny leaves her apartment, and she died. Kabir and Prakash Kamble notice a similar factor in both murder cases that both the victims do not just belong to a rare blood group but also opt for organ donation. As Prakash look for organ donors list, they suspect Ria as murderer’s next target.

Episode 5:Bad Fish

Plot details: Kabir warns Ria that her life is in danger, but she doesn’t believe him. Prakash and Kabir keep an eye on Ria’s home to protect her while Danny tries to harm Ria but interrupted by her mother. Prakash and Kabir saw Danny’s leaving Ria’s home and try to catch him, but he manages to outrun them. After knowing that Ria is hard to target, he moves to his first target, the retired professor. He induces heart attack to himself and gets admitted in the same ward as of Professor to brain dead him. Later, when he arrives home, Kabir and Prakash are questioning his family.

Episode 6:Blind Man’s Bluff

Plot details: Danny learns that he is the prime suspect of Kabir and Prakash’s men start following Danny. Meanwhile, Aruna learns about Danny’s heart attack incident and to her surprise, Josh comes on the top of the recipients’ list. Danny approaches his next target, a wealthy man Nair. He somehow manages to trick Prakash’s men by letting them believe that he is volunteering in a blind’s school and reach to Nair’s farmhouse the same night. There he cuts electricity and drowns Nair in a pool to kill him.

Episode 7:It’s in the Eyes

Plot details: While Nair is hospitalised in lousy condition, Kabir is frustrated with Danny and beats him in Blind’s school. Later that night, Aruna confronts Danny for his crimes, he pushed her in front of a car, and she died. From the phone conversion between Nair and his wife, Prakash and Kabir come with a new suspect Rao, who interrupted Nair the same night and whom they have earlier opt as a suspect for all these murders. Kabir beats Rao for confession and arrests him. Later, after meeting Ria, Kabir apologises to Danny and inform him that he is leaving for a short break from the city.

Episode8:Body Parts

Plot details: Juliet learns about Danny’s crimes while cleaning his garage and ask him to destroy all the proves that might incriminate him. He tells Josh that they will move to Australia after his surgery and will start a new life there. Danny again tries to make his move to Ria in her art gallery by being an art enthusiast. But before he could make any move, the doctor informs him that they have a donor for Josh and can operate Josh immediately. But later the surgery is declined as the doctor learns that patient was a smoker and his lungs won’t be good for Josh. Desperate to save his son, Danny breaks into Ria’s gallery but interrupted by Kabir who was aware that Danny framed Rao as Rao didn’t have any tattoo on his hand while the guy in CCTV footage had. Kabir arrests Danny and Danny mock him for being a bad father. On which Kabir gets angry and shoots Danny. Prakash and Kamble cleverly cover up the whole case so that people don’t feel afraid of organ donation. Meanwhile, Nair who was on ventilator dies and Kabir let his lungs donated to Josh. Josh’s surgery is successful, and he lives. Later, in a fast forward, Kabir, Ria and Juliet attend Josh’s sports meet at school.

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Breathe Web Series Download

As Amazon Prime Video holds all the rights of Breathe, it’s available on the platform to stream or download offline on app. However, there are few content piracy sites like MP4Moviezthat have leaked Breathe web series download and stream for free.

Watch Now on Amazon Prime

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FAQs About Breathe Web Series Download / Stream Availability

1. Where Can I Watch Breathe Web Series Online?

Breathe is an Amazon Prime exclusive web series available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

2. Is Breathe Web Series Download Process Easy?

Yes, Breathe web series can be downloaded easily for offline watching. Follow the instructions given in the article.

3. Will There Be Season 2 Of Breathe Web Series?

Yes. After the massive popularity of Season 1, the makers have decided to come up with its Season 2. Amazon Prime has confirmed the same in its video but the release date of Breathe Season 2 is yet not released. We will keep you updated about its release date and cast soon.

4. Who Will Be In The Lead Role Of Breathe Season 2?

As per the officials, Abhishek Bacchan and Saiyami Kher will be in the lead role of Breathe Season 2. Also, Amit Sadh might be there in the second season just like Season 1 of Breathe. Rest information about the cast will be updated after the official announcement by the makers.

5. In How Many Languages Breathe Is Available On Prime Video?

Season 1 of Breathe is available in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on Amazon Prime App. The first season has a total of eight episodes. To enjoy all the episodes of Season 1, you need to subscribe Amazon Prime and download its app from Play Store or Apple Store. You can download all the episodes of Season 1 in the app, to watch it offline.

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Disclaimer (Important)

All the content written here is for educational purposes. We do not strive to break any rules and privacy policies. We do not help or promote pirated content in any way. Piracy is an act of crime and we consider it a serious offense. We aim to inform the people about this issue and leave on them to take charge.

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