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Bruce Banner Owes His Greatest HAPPINESS To The Hulk


Bruce Banner is a tortured soul. Having to share your life with an infinite inexperienced rage monster that dwells within you and might take over at any given second would make anybody blame the Unbelievable Hulkfor ruining their life. And but, as unhealthy as Banner’s life has been due to the Hulk, he additionally owes his biggest happiness to his gamma powered alter ego too.

Unusual because it may appear, Betty Ross Banner – the love of Dr. Robert Bruce Banner’s life – would by no means have checked out him have been it not for the Unbelievable Hulk. Even stranger, it isn’t the inexperiencedHulk Banner owes a debt to!

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To know how the Hulk aided Banner in his relationship with Betty Ross, it’s essential to first clarify what the Hulk really is and his true connection to Banner. Though many imagine the Hulk was created when Bruce Banner was uncovered to gamma radiation from his personal bomb, the Hulk really existed lengthy earlier than Banner’s accident.

The Reality About The Unbelievable Hulk

The Hulk – or moderately the Hulks –are a number of alternate personalities Bruce Banner manifested over his life. When Bruce was a baby, he was abused by his father, inflicting him to repress his anger and compartmentalize it right into a suppressed persona. This persona would ultimately emerge because the Savage Inexperienced Hulk when the gamma rays mutated Banner’s physique and allowed him to remodel into bodily representations of his a number of personalities. Nevertheless, the Savage Hulk persona wasn’t the solelyalternate persona Bruce developed. When Bruce was in faculty, he needed to turn into extra standard and luxuriate in a wealthy social life. This resulted in him creating one other persona, one which was extra outgoing and aggressive, notably with girls. Whereas Bruce normally repressed this persona too, it might sometimes manifest – notably when Bruce was making out with a gorgeous coed and all of a sudden grew to become extra forceful to the purpose the place the lady ran out of the room.

This new persona would management the Gray Hulk, a extra clever model of the Hulk who named himself “Joe Fixit” and took over Banner fully at one level, main him to construct his personal life as a Las Vegas on line casinobouncer. Hedonistic in nature, “Joe” dated a number of girls, notably Marlo Chandler – the girl who would ultimately marry Banner’s pal Rick Jones. What’s essential to comprehend, nonetheless, is that allof those Hulk personas existed in Banner’s thoughts earlier than the gamma bomb accident helped launch them. In some ways then, Banner has all the timelived with the Hulk within him.

How The Hulk Helped Bruce Banner Appeal To Betty Ross

So, how did the Hulk assist Bruce Banner appeal to Betty Ross? In The Unbelievable Hulk #377,Banner’s psychiatrist Doc Samson makes use of hypnosis to assist Banner revisit reminiscences of the occasions his Hulk personalities manifested. Because the complete session happened in Banner’s thoughts, he might additionally see and even discuss to his alternate Hulk personas as in the event that they have been standing subsequent to him. When Banner revisited his faculty days, he realized that “Joe Fixit” had taken over his physique throughout a few of his dates, making Bruce act extra aggressively in the direction of girls. Bruce was disgusted and instructed the Grey Hulk/Joe Fixitthat he didn’t know the way to deal with girls. Joe, nonetheless, merely responded, “With out assist from me, you’d by no means get to first base even now with Betty.”

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It’s a stunning admission – and one which signifies “Joe” had subtly manipulated Bruce throughout his early courtship with Betty Ross. Though Betty all the time claimed that she was drawn to Banner’s shy, bookish nature (because it was so totally different from her navy father’s perspective), Banner needed to take someinitiative if he needed any sort of romantic relationship along with her – and it seems that he obtained some assist from a Hulk persona.

In fact, as soon as the Hulks have been in a position to bodily manifest, Bruce’s life grew to become an limitless stream of chaos which put loads of stress on his relationship with Betty. Surprisingly, nonetheless, Betty stood by Bruce for years regardless of all of the modifications in his life, and even established pleasant relationships with most of his alternate personalities. At one level, Banner merged his Hulk personalities (together with Joe) along with his human self to turn into an clever, unrepressed model of himself (popularly referred to as the “Professor Hulk”), and Betty discovered herself falling in love with him over again.

So, whereas the Hulk might continually tear Bruce’s life aside, he’s additionally accountable for one of many few constants in Banner’s life. Bruce might not like having to share his life with the Hulk– however he’d in all probability be fully misplaced if he didn’t have Betty.

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