Beatrix Kiddo might be returning again. On a recent installment of this entertainment podcast Happy Sad Confused, Links”>Quentin Tarantino stated he has been thinking about a third potential Kill Bill movie , and has talked it over with Links”>Uma Thurman, who superbly played with the lead character, also known as The Bride. “Me and Uma have spoke about it recently, honestly, to let you know the reality. I am not sure if I’m going to get it done, but I have thought about it a little further,” Tarantino told host Josh Horowitz.

Released in 2004, Kill Bill: Volume two wrapped up the revenge plot , with Beatrix successfully murdering the titular Bill later making her way through his Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. If you will remember, additionally, it finishes with Beatrix reuniting with her daughter, B.B.. Many have speculated that an additional sequel could visit Vernita Green’s daughter Nikki seeking revenge after Beatrix killed her mother in Kill Bill: Volume 1. In fact, Beatrix informs Nikki from the movie,”If you grow up, in the event that you still feel raw about it, I will be waiting”

From the podcast interview, Tarantino went to state if he were to continue developing any story from his filmography, it would be Kill Bill. The director said,”I’ve wondered exactly what occurs to The Bride 10 years after, 15 decades later – what occurs to her daughter”

Tarantino and Thurman’s interest in a third movie is a little surprising given the controversy that ensued after Thurman alleged in a 2018 New York Times interview which Tarantino had knowingly put her in risk when he insisted she’d play a stunt which finally resulted in a car crash, in addition to injuries to her neck and knees. Shortly after the interview has been published, Thurman released footage from the crash, which Tarantino had given her, and wrote,”The conditions of the event were negligent to the point of criminality. I don’t believe though with malicious intent.”

As for Tarantino, he expressed deep sorrow over the crash in an interview with Deadline. “It’s the biggest regret in my life, inducing her to perform that stunt,” he said, adding,”As a director, you understand things and sometimes you understand them through horrible mistakes. That has been one of my horrendous mistakes, I didn’t take some time to run on the street, yet another time, merely to see exactly what I’d see.”

A few months afterwards, Thurman clarified that she did not want the accident to define their creative relationship. “When you know someone for so long as I’ve known him, 25 decades of creative collaboration, yes, did we have some tragedies take place? Sure. But you can’t reduce that type of history and heritage,” she informed Entertainment Weekly. She said she’d use him again”when he wrote a great part.”