As we speak, Alex Garland’s transfer from movie into tv debuts on the brand new “FX on Hulu.” Devs’ world is full of individuals very clued into tech, science, and all its advances and the present itself sits just about proper up in opposition to our personal actuality in relation to the ideas and theories at play within the narrative. Wish to know extra? Try what the forged needed to inform us about their roles within the mysterious collection.

Sonoya Mizuno, who beforehand labored with Garland on each Ex Machina and Annihilation, is the star of Devs, enjoying somebody in a particularly tough place virtually from the get-go. “Lily, initially of the collection, is in what she believes to be a really loving relationship together with her boyfriend Sergei. They work on the similar leading edge tech firm in Silicon Valley,” she instructed io9. “After which she is thrust into this awfully horrible state of affairs the place her boyfriend dies. She’s fairly an uncommon character and the methods through which she reacts to his demise and what she does sort of is what propels this story ahead.”

io9 spoke with the cast and executive producers long before the first trailer was even revealed. Since then we’ve learned a decent amount about what to expect from the plot, meaning you may have already worked out what the Devs team is working on in that secretive cube of theirs. Though the crux of the work isn’t treated like some big twist, the drama between the characters is certainly intense.

Jin Han, who plays Lily’s ex-boyfriend who she runs to for help, told us about his excitement for tackling such a sticky pairing. “I think the relationship between Jamie and Lily is tremendously exciting for an actor because it was written with history that is not seen in the show. When the show begins we are introduced to Jamie and Lily as exes who haven’t spoken for two years,” he said. “That is the place, the emotional and psychological place from which our relationship begins and the TV show. So for me, that was thrilling, terrifying to try to, without any scenes of our prior relationship, to have that present in every scene that we do and that we do shoot for the show.”

Along the eight-episode journey, you’ll learn more about quantum computers and meet everyone else working at the company led by Nick Offerman’s character Forest. Karl Glusman, who plays Jamie, told us walking into the fictional tech company Amaya was “a little like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” He said, “[Offerman’s Forest is] kind of a mentor figure. But I have…my own ulterior motives. So it’s complicated between Forest and I.”

Devs also stars Alison Pill (Star Trek: Picard), Cailee Spaeny (The Craft), and Stephen McKinley Henderson (Dune). The first two episodes are now streaming on Hulu.

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