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Exploring The Diverse Cast Of Violent Night

The cast of Violent Night includes David Harbour as Santa Claus, John Leguizamo as Scrooge, Alex Hassell as Jason, Alexis Louder as Linda, Edi Patterson as Alva, Cam Gigandet as Morgan Steel, Leah Brady as Trudy, Beverly D'Angelo as Gertrude, Ray Strachen as Al, André Eriksen as Gingerbread, Brendan Fletcher as Krampus, Mike Dopud as Commander Thorp, Alexander Elliot as Bert, Mitra Suri as Candy Cane, Can Aydin as Frosty, Phong Giang as Tinsel, Finn McCager Higgins as Jingle, and Rachelleigh Clements-Willis as Peppermint.

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Jan 16, 20244680 Shares80686 Views
In 2022, Tommy Wirkola will helm the American Christmas action comedy Violent Night, which Josh Miller and Pat Casey also wrote. The story follows Santa Claus (David Harbour) as he fights back against mercenaries who have kidnapped a wealthy family in their home.
The cast of Violent Nightincludes David Harbour as Santa Claus, John Leguizamo as Scrooge, Alex Hassell as Jason, Alexis Louder as Linda, Edi Patterson as Alva, Cam Gigandet as Morgan Steel, Leah Brady as Trudy, Beverly D'Angelo as Gertrude, Ray Strachen as Al, André Eriksen as Gingerbread, Brendan Fletcher as Krampus, Mike Dopud as Commander Thorp, Alexander Elliot as Bert, Mitra Suri as Candy Cane, Can Aydin as Frosty, Phong Giang as Tinsel, Finn McCager Higgins as Jingle, and Rachelleigh Clements-Willis as Peppermint.
On October 7, 2022, at the New York Comic Con, Violent Night made its global debut. The movie hit US cinemas on December 2, 2022, thanks to Universal Pictures. The picture made $76.6 million globally and was well-received by reviewers. Plans are afoot to create a sequel.

Plot Of Violent Night

His estranged wife Linda is accompanying Jason Lightstone and his daughter Trudy to his mother Gertrude's estate in Greenwich, Connecticut, for a Christmas celebration. Through a broken walkie-talkie, they overhear Trudy pleading for her family to stay together.
A gang of mercenaries, posing as holiday-themed characters and headed by "Mr. Scrooge," storm the mansion, murder the servants, and then capture the family as hostages. Meanwhile, Santa Claus makes his way to the estate.
After saving Trudy and her family from Scrooge, who wants $300 million stashed in the mansion's vault, Santa kills Tinsel, who is impaled by an icicle. Once Santa kills Frosty, Trudy's channel is added to his "naughty list." Jason claims he doesn't exist, and Trudy takes refuge in the attic when Scrooge finds out that she has been communicating with Santa on her walkie-talkie.
Scrooge, who despises Christmas, captures a wounded Santa. Once Santa realizes Gingerbread and Candy Cane are not who they claim to be, he uses his powers to get away from their minions. Gertrude's "kill squad" betrays their loyalty to Scrooge by killing Morgan.
While Santa murders Peppermint and Linda murders Jingle, Scrooge and Thorp take Gertrude and the money and hide in the woods. After a violent altercation in a cabin, Santa, who is injured, mysteriously ascends the chimney and murders Scrooge by mutilating his corpse.
Even though Thorp shoots Santa, a furious Gertrude ends up killing him. Even though he's keeping warm with burned money, Santa's bullet wounds are taking their toll. After he is on the verge of death, Trudy rallies her family to confirm their faith in Santa, who miraculously heals him.
Intercut with the titles comes a scene where Bert is seen vlogging beside a lifeless mercenary, assuring his audience that Santa Claus is real and cautioning them to be kind while celebrating Christmas.
Violent Night scene
Violent Night scene

Cast Of Violent Night

David Harbour As Santa

When it comes to action, David Harbour is a pro. He broke into the industry by playing little parts in films like The Equalizer and even had a cameo as a CIA agent in Quantum of Solace, starring James Bond.
However, his most notable roles are his portrayal of Sheriff Hopper in Stranger Things on Netflix and Hellboy (2019 remake), as well as his anticipated return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Red Guardian in Thunderbolts. It goes without saying that the actor is not only physically versatile but also a joy to watch in every part.
After centuries of satisfying people's insatiable want for Santa, this version of the jolly old elf has finally given up and is now a bitter drinker. Santa, nevertheless, has to take action when he sees a youngster in danger.
It will be fascinating to see the extent to which Harbour's magnetic presence enhances the peculiarly fascinating character of a Saint Nicholas who is focused on action.

John Leguizamo As Mr. Scrooge

John Leguizamo, a renowned 90s actor, is set to return in "Violent Night," a film that showcases his versatility. Leguizamo has a rich history in the industry, having starred in iconic films like "Spawn" and "Romeo and Juliet," as well as in the popular Ice Age franchise and the John Wick series.
In "Violent Night," Leguizamo plays Mr. Scrooge, a money-driven antagonist who takes a wealthy family hostage. The film sets the stage for a thrilling battle of wits with David Harbour's portrayal of Santa Claus.
Leguizamo's dynamic performance promises a captivating showdown, with audiences anticipating a riveting performance that pays homage to the golden era of 90s storytelling while delivering a fresh twist. The film promises a cinematic spectacle that transcends time, with Leguizamo and Harbour delivering an A-game performance.

Beverly D'Angelo As Gertrude Lightstone

Adding another layer of seasoned talent to the ensemble cast of "Violent Night" is the accomplished Beverly D'Angelo. A veteran actor with a diverse portfolio, D'Angelo has seamlessly navigated through roles in productions that span the entire spectrum of cinematic experiences.
On the lighter side, D'Angelo shared the screen with Chevy Chase in the National Lampoon Vacation series, where her portrayal served as the voice of reason against Chase's comical antics. The chemistry between the two actors became a cornerstone of the series, contributing to its enduring popularity.
However, D'Angelo's versatility extends far beyond lighthearted comedies. In the intense drama "American History X," she delved into the complexities of a narrative that explores redemption and the struggle against ingrained racism. The film unfolds as a powerful story of transformation and the quest to prevent a loved one from following a dark and destructive path.
In "Violent Night," D'Angelo steps into the role of the family matriarch, as glimpsed in the tantalizing trailer. Although her appearance is fleeting, it hints at a character intricately woven into the fabric of the storyline, adding depth to the familial dynamics disrupted by the unfolding events.
As audiences await the cinematic spectacle that "Violent Night" promises to deliver, the inclusion of Beverly D'Angelo brings with it the anticipation of witnessing her contribute yet another layer of nuance to the film's narrative. Whether in moments of comedic charm or navigating through the complexities of darker themes, D'Angelo's presence is sure to be a compelling element in the festive action-comedy.

Cam Gigandet And Edi Patterson As Morgan And Alva

The movie star lover of Alva, Morgan, played by Cam Gigandet, has a muscular front that belies his innate timidity. You may remember Gigandet from his roles as Twilight's James or Ice's Jake Green from his extensive TV and film career.
He has a slew of projects in post-production due to debut in 2023, including the film Black Warrant, which he will appear in this year on December 9. Edi Patterson, who plays Alva, will also be starring in Violent Night with him. She plays the role of Gertrude's daughter and Jason's sibling.
Even though Patterson has been in several films and TV shows, her most famous roles are Fran in Knives Out, Ms. Abbot in Vice Principals, and Judy Gemstone in The Righteous Gemstones. The dark absurdist tone that Violent Night is going for looks to be a perfect match for Patterson, who is known for her comic abilities.

Alex Hassell As Jason Lightstone

Adding his dynamic presence to the ensemble of "Violent Night" is Alex Hassell, a versatile actor recognized for his extensive contributions to both television and stage productions.
While his portrayal of Translucent in The Boys and involvement in Netflix's adaptation of Cowboy Bebop have etched his name into pop culture, Hassell's talents extend far beyond the realm of screen performances.
Venturing into the world of classic literature, Hassell has showcased his acting prowess on stage, notably in an adaptation of Shakespeare's Henry IV Part I and Part II. This demonstrates his ability to seamlessly transition between mediums, showcasing a depth of skill that adds to the anticipation surrounding his role in "Violent Night."
In this action-packed Christmas comedy, Hassell steps into the character of Jason, the patriarch of the unfortunate family ensnared in the clutches of the sinister Mr. Scrooge and his gang of thugs. As a hostage attempting to shield his loved ones, Hassell's portrayal promises to bring a nuanced blend of determination and vulnerability to the screen.
The stakes are high for Jason, not only in safeguarding his family but also, if circumstances allow, protecting their fortune from the clutches of the antagonistic forces. Hassell's performance in this gripping hostage situation adds an intriguing layer to the film, creating a character whose struggles will undoubtedly resonate with audiences.
As "Violent Night" unfolds, Alex Hassell's involvement adds to the film's narrative depth, offering viewers a captivating portrayal of a father caught in the crossfire of a Christmas clash between good and evil.

Alexis Louder As Linda Matthews

In "Violent Night," Louder assumes the character of Linda, adding depth and emotion to the storyline. Portraying Jason's estranged partner, Linda finds herself entangled in an unexpected Christmas gathering with his family, all for the sake of ensuring their daughter experiences a joyful holiday season.
However, the complexities of their strained relationship take center stage as the yuletide festivities unfold. The narrative takes a thrilling turn as Linda, played by Louder, becomes an unsuspecting victim of the menacing villains. With the odds stacked against her, the film sets the stage for a unique blend of holiday chaos and a showdown featuring none other than a disgruntled Santa.
As the storyline unfolds, Alexis Louder's performance injects a fresh perspective into the Christmas action comedy, offering audiences a nuanced portrayal of a character navigating through the challenges of a festive season gone awry. With her talent shining through, Louder's presence in "Violent Night" adds layers of emotion and excitement to the unfolding holiday drama.

Leah Brady As Trudy Lightstone

In the Christmas action comedy, "Violent Night," Leah Brady takes on the role of Trudy, the daughter of protagonists Jason and Linda. In a twist of fate, Trudy becomes one of the captives ensnared by the menacing villains who disrupt her family's holiday celebrations.
What sets Trudy apart, however, is her unique connection with Santa Claus, portrayed by David Harbour. Unlike her beleaguered parents, Trudy shares a mysterious communication channel with the disillusioned Santa. As the narrative unfolds, Trudy emerges as a crucial figure, playing a pivotal role in assisting Santa in the quest to save her family from the clutches of the villains.
Leah Brady's portrayal of Trudy adds a layer of innocence and charm to "Violent Night," creating a compelling dynamic amidst the chaos of the Christmas-themed showdown. As the spark of innocence in a tumultuous plot, Trudy's character becomes a beacon of hope and embodies the true spirit of Christmas in this action-packed cinematic experience.

FAQs - Cast Of Violent Night

Who Are The Main Actors In "Violent Night"?

The main actors in "Violent Night" include David Harbour as Santa Claus, John Leguizamo as Scrooge, Alex Hassell as Jason, Alexis Louder as Linda, and Beverly D'Angelo as Gertrude, among others.

Which Well-known Actor Plays The Role Of Scrooge In "Violent Night"?

John Leguizamo portrays the role of Scrooge, the money-hungry villain, in the film "Violent Night."

Who Takes On The Character Of Jason In "Violent Night"?

Alex Hassell plays the character of Jason, who is the father of the innocent family attacked by Mr. Scrooge and his thugs in "Violent Night."

What Role Does Alexis Louder Play In The Movie "Violent Night"?

Alexis Louder takes on the role of Linda, Jason's estranged partner, in the film "Violent Night."

Who Portrays The Daughter Trudy In "Violent Night"?

Leah Brady plays the character of Trudy, the daughter of Jason and Linda, who becomes one of the captives taken hostage in "Violent Night."

Final Words

The ensemble cast of "Violent Night" promises a diverse and talented lineup, ensuring an engaging and memorable cinematic experience for audiences eagerly anticipating the clash between Santa Claus and the mercenaries in this unconventional Christmas film.
Unlike typical cheerful and heartwarming Christmas movies, the film challenges traditional expectations associated with Santa Claus.
Despite its unconventional approach, "Violent Night" remains rooted in the essence of the festival, using Christmas as the backdrop for a thrilling and unexpected adventure. The story unfolds on Christmas Eve, with Santa Claus navigating his sleigh through the night sky to deliver gifts.
However, the festive routine takes an unexpected turn when Santa becomes the target of mercenaries upon landing at a family estate. The plot intensifies as Santa transforms into an unseen hero, ready to confront the attackers and restore peace.
The film challenges preconceived notions of holiday films, presenting a Santa Claus armed with firepower and determination. As audiences embark on this unconventional Christmas journey, they will witness a unique blend of action, suspense, and the enduring spirit of the season, proving that even in the face of adversity, Christmas magic prevails.
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