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Celebrity hobbies that are a little different


There’s always a moment of panic at work or school or a first date when the person sat opposite you smiles and says ‘So, tell me about yourself…’and you find yourself with a blank mind and nothing to say. People often find themselves boredfrom day to day, and it’s not because they’reboring, it’s usually down to a lack of resources or confidence to branch out. However, some of our favorite celebs can help inspire us with some hobbies that are a little different, and will hopefully give you an answer to that often-asked question.


Everyone loves to laugh, so why not be the person making them giggle? Lots of famous performers started out their careers doing stand-up – like Jamie Foxx! He was pushed by friends to do an open mic night, and it went so well that he ended up on In Living Colorsoon after. Organizers are often open to taking on new people to try out 10- or 15-minute slots and the audiences go to these events looking out for fresh comedy, knowing that you might not be perfect on your first go. Write down a few ideas, work on your public speaking and give it a try – or just force your friends and family to listen to the next dinner party if you need to build your confidence first.

Image via Pexels


This one is a wide category, which encompasses beer, spirits, tea, coffee, and even herbal infusions. There’s not much that you can’t learn online, and this is no exception, with subscription services and ‘Brew Your Own‘ kits on the market almost everywhere now. Many people are interested in this activity and you’d be surprised to find that Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer of Iron Maiden is a keen home-brewer! His hobby became an enterprise when he joined Robinsons Brewery to create ‘Trooper’, a 4.7% cask ale which is sold in 40 different countries! We’re not saying that you’ll make your fortune but this is still a delicious and time-consuming art that you’ll be on board within no time!


Ben Affleck may be famous for his hard-set, tough-guy acting skills, but he is also pretty impressive at poker. The actor has received professional training and has earned over $500,000 in poker tournaments, including a game in 2004 when he won $360,000. Learning how to play card games, and knowing where your skills lie, is really impressive and guaranteed to impress at a party or dinner. Thanks to the movement of gaming online, there’s lots of information about it too, with How to Play guides, website comparisons and even game history on anything from poker to teen patti here. So, there’s really no excuse to deny the world the next 007.


This is another one that many people believe should be left to trained and educated professionals, but building basic electronics is easily self-taught and really interesting, and it might help the next time your power goes out! Both electrical engineering and computer programming have become less ‘nerdy’, with more people believing that coding is a skill that everyone needs. This is helped in part by celebs like Karlie Kloss, a Victoria’s Secret model who supports women in STEM with her two-week summer camp called Kode with Karlie. This was after she herself began learning computer programming in 2014, and became passionate about helping women get into the field. There is also a huge community, particularly online, attached to this hobby, so if you want to meet new people, then this could be a perfect opportunity.

Image via Pexels.

Hopefully, these have given you a few ideas for how to spend your spare time whilst trying something a little more interesting than gardening or learning a new language, so good luck with your new endeavors!

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