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Changelly Pro Review - Is It Legit Or Scam?


Cryptocurrency trading may be confusing for newbies, since there are so many to select from. This difficulty can be solved with the aid of Changelly. In order to offer a full trading experience for digital assets, it brings together the leading crypto platforms. It is thus necessary to go through all of the details in our Changelly review.

About Changelly Pro

For the exchange, purchase, and sale of digital assets, Changelly serves as a non-custodial crypto exchange. Changelly was founded in 2014. Instant trading of up to 200 crypto assets has made it the most popular platform for this kind of trade. Cryptocurrency traders can find the best price, offer, and trading chances on

Changelly, a comprehensive crypto site that incorporates all the main crypto exchanges. The platform is also customisable, allowing traders to add crypto assets, wallets, other crypto platforms, and APIs as needed.

What Are The Services Of Changelly Pro?

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A non-custodial service, Changelly does not have any liquidity or take deposits. Although it provides a limited or nonexistent range of services, its quality is unmatched. It wants to make cryptocurrency purchases accessible to everyone.

Users can access Changelly Pro in three ways:

  • Platform for Cryptocurrency Trading Changelly
  • Earn Changelly Pro by using Changelly
  • The Changelly App for Mobile
Changelly logo on a green background
Changelly logo on a green background

Advantages Of Using Changelly Pro

Convenient To Use

If you're familiar with bitcoin wallets, using Changelly is a breeze. Both a mobile app and a web platform are available. Changelly's sole complication is linking your wallet to your Changelly account. Afterwards, the only thing you need to do is to

  • Make a decision on which cryptocurrency pair you'd want to trade.
  • Check the currency conversion rate
  • Send the required amount of bitcoin to the given address.

Can Be Used With Any Wallet

Many wallet providers, including Changelly, have partnered with Changelly.

The Trezor Trust wallet for Ledger Your cryptocurrency's private keys may be stored in an Exodus wallet.

Because custodial exchanges do not allow you to manage your private keys, many crypto enthusiasts are hesitant to utilize them. Changelly is a possible choice if you wish to trade straight from your wallet. Cryptocurrency exchanges are safe and secure, and you never have to worry about your keys being stolen or lost.


The only personal information you'll need to supply to utilize Changelly is your e-mail address, unlike larger US-regulated exchanges. Third-party payment providers, on the other hand, need extra information if you'd like pay using a regular currency.

It's up to you whether or not you see this as a benefit or a drawback. The anonymity of cryptocurrencies may be important to certain users, and they don't want to provide any further information with the exchange. Some people are concerned that the anonymity of crypto may be used for malicious purposes. As a result, they are more than ready to provide their personal information, including their home address.

Low Fees

When it comes to crypto-to-crypto exchanges, Changelly has some of the best prices. A preview of your transaction will allow you to compare the rate and fees with those of other exchangers to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible on your purchase.

Even if you discover a lower rate with a custodial exchange (one that maintains your cryptocurrency on the exchange itself), you will still have to pay withdrawal fees when you transfer your money. Depending on the cryptocurrency, you'll need to include fees in your budget.

Disadvantage Of Changelly Pro

Despite low fees compared to other exchange platforms, Changelly charges hefty fees for transactions using fiat money. Furthermore, it does not disclose the proportion of fees it charges traders.

So Is Changelly Pro Legit?

Cryptocurrency exchange Changelly is a trusted, decentralized service that doesn't need users to provide any personal information. Over 200+ crypto assets may be swapped, bought, and sold instantly. Changelly has a prompt, swift, and effective customer care team. There are a variety of ways to pay: crypto and fiat, debit and credit cards, and even bank transfers are accepted.


If you trade in a lot of little cryptocurrencies or a lot of digital assets in general, Changelly is an excellent choice. Furthermore, it's ideal for dealers who like to remain anonymous. Finally, it's a simple transaction with limited options for further services.

Every promise of instantaneous, quick and safe transaction is proven by Changelly. Except for fiat transactions, it features a reasonable fee structure. High-quality customer service is provided. It's not just comprehensive, responsive, and instantaneous; it's all of the above. If you deal in huge sums yet have limited resources, this may not be the best option for you.

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