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Charitraheen Season 2 Download Offline on App or Watch Online – Cast, Plot & Review

Want to know the cast of Charitraheen 2 web series on Hoichoi? Charitraheen 2 download or watch online for free. Plot and review.

Cecilia Jones
Apr 12, 202080365 Shares2060650 Views
After the grand success of the Charitraheen season 1, came Charitraheen 2, directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya. This is one of the most controversial and bold web series produced by Hoichoi. The series started from the point where the previous series ended. In this series, we see the gradual development of all the characters. The cast and crew are the same means you will get to see the same faces that you saw in the first series.
The second part of the series is equally engaging as the first part. The development of the characters is shown in an interesting way that is done to get the audiences hooked to this web series. This commercial web series is overflowing with mixed emotions. If you have watched the previous series, then you must resume the story by watching the second series.
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About Charitraheen Season 2 – Hoichoi Web Series

  • Genre:Adult, Drama
  • Our Rating:3.5/5
  • Availability:Hoichoi
  • Total Episodes:9

Charitraheen Season 2 Web Series Plot

Charitraheen 2
Charitraheen 2
The plot of Charitraheen was complicated, but the makers thought of taking it a level higher in the second series. There is not a single moment in the series that doesn’t have a twist. Just like the previous version, you will get to see a lot of bold bed scenes in the second series as well. This has created a lot of buzz for the series, which is all in their favor, of course.
Although the story starts from where the previous series ended, the story gets intensified. To make the show more engaging, the makers have introduced many new characters in the Charitraheen 2 Cast.
In this series, we get to see Kiranmoyee getting convicted of her husband’s murder and is imprisoned. The second series begins after a few years of receiving her sentence. The story progresses at a steady pace and it only gets interesting for the viewers. This is a story of lust, betrayal, and suffering. The makers have made sure to live up to the expectations of the audience. If you want to watch a dark love story instead of a typical romance series, then this is the one for you.

Charitraheen Season 2 Cast & Crew

Charitraheen 2 has the same cast and crew as the previous version. We have Naina Ganguly, Saurav Das and Saurav Chakraborty in the lead roles. However, the makers have introduced many new faces in the second season. This decision is taken to make the show more engaging and complicated for the audience.
The makers haven’t left anything undone. The entire cast and crew of Charitraheen 2 have put in the same amount of effort like they did in the previous season.
  • Naina Ganguly as Kiran
Naina Ganguly Charitraheen Actress
Naina Ganguly Charitraheen Actress
  • Gourav Chatterjee as Haran
Gaurav Chatterjee in Charitraheen
Gaurav Chatterjee in Charitraheen
  • Sourav Chakraborty as Abhay
Sourav Chakraborty Charitraheen
Sourav Chakraborty Charitraheen
  • Mumtaz Sorcar as Nirupama
Mumtaz Sorcar as Nirupama
Mumtaz Sorcar as Nirupama
  • Saurav Das as Satish
Saurav Das as Satish
Saurav Das as Satish
  • Saayoni Ghosh
Saayoni Ghosh
Saayoni Ghosh

Charitraheen Season 2 Episodes / Index Of Web Series

There are a total of 9 episodes in season 2 of the series. Each of these series lasts for about 20 to 25 minutes. Every moment in the series is crucial. To understand the progress of the story, you need to watch all the episodes.
  • Charitraheen 2 Episode 1:A Tale yet to Tell
  • Charitraheen 2 Episode 2:A New Home
  • Charitraheen 2 Episode 3:Flesh and Blood
  • Charitraheen 2 Episode 4:The Mistake
  • Charitraheen 2 Episode 5:Miss You Too
  • Charitraheen 2 Episode 6:Flesh and Blood 2
  • Charitraheen 2 Episode 7:Maze of Love
  • Charitraheen 2 Episode 8:The Last Breath
  • Charitraheen 2 Episode 9:Epitaph

Charitraheen 2 Download Or Watch Online: The Availability

Charitraheen 2 is also an original series by Hoichoi. The series can be streamed on the app. The app is available in both android and ios store. Download and subscribe to the app to start watching the series.

FAQs About Charitraheen 2 Download Or Streaming Availability

1. Is Charitraheen 2 Web Series Worth Watching?

Charitraheen Season 1 was a big hit, due to which Charitraheen 2 was made. It follows the same boldness and characters. If anything, it is notch higher than the first season. Thus, it is sure shot a must-watch web series.

2. Where Can I Watch Charitraheen 2 Web Series?

The Charitraheen 2 web series is available on the Hoichoi official app. There you can watch all the episodes of season 1 and 2.

3. Is It Easy To Download Charitraheen 2 Web Series?

Absolutely. To download Charitraheen 2 web series, all you have to do is follow some quick steps given in this article and you can enjoy the show ad-free and without internet on your device.

Charitraheen 2 Download Or Stream Process

Step 1)First of all, download the Hoichoi app on your phone using App Store or Play Store.
Step 2)Now login/sign up in the app. Since Charitraheen 2 is an exclusive Hoichoi show, you’ll have to subscribe to the OTT to watch and download it.
Step 3)Once that is done, you can browse through the app to find the show. You also directly use the search bar and look for ‘Charitraheen 2’ for faster browsing.
Step 4)Next, click on the show poster and choose episode 1 to start watching instantly.
Step 5)You can also click on the download button on the screen if you intend to watch the episodes later.

Disclaimer (Important)

As a responsible entity of the country, we do not support piracy websites, whether it is pirated or torrent. The Charitraheen season 2 Cast, download, plot, review and all the points mentioned above are written just to provide our readers with information and warning about the pirated websites that downloading from such websites is unlawful, and people should avoid these kinds of sites like Putlocker. The content is entirely created for educational purposes.
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