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Charlie Cox the “Daredevil” star not happy with the cancellation of the show by Netflix




Charlie Cox the “Daredevil” star not happy with the cancellation of the show by Netflix

Marvel’s series Daredevil helped out Netflix to enter into the Marvel Universe. The streaming platform decided that they will be canceling the third season of Daredevil because they are not seeing any kind of prospect from the third season. Fans of the show Daredevil all across the globe are not happy with the decision of Netflix. All the viewers who are very passionate about the show have decided that they will start several campaigns on social media to make a difference and change the decision of Netflix.

The campaigns have already started on Facebook and Twitter. Fans are not the only people who are frustrated with this decision of Netflix. Charlie Cox, who plays Daredevil in the series has also come out and said that he is equally disappointed by the series to come to an end in such abrupt way. When Charlie Cox was asked by the that if he has any kind of message for all the fans trying to save Daredevil he replied:

 “Just thank you. Just thank you, and it’s so cool that people care that much, and it’s difficult because I love the character so much, I love the show so much that I’m feeling the same feelings. I’m feeling the disappointment, I’m feeling the sadness, I’m feeling the anger about it and I’m trying not to…I don’t wanna get my hopes up, because obviously, I know that an online petition doesn’t necessarily mean anything’s gonna happen, but also, you hope that in this day and age the people who make those decisions do listen to what’s going on online and if we make a big enough splash then maybe something can be done.”

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A lot of shows from Marvel is being canceled recently. Iron Fist was canceled back in the month of October which was not a big shock for the people because it received one of the worst reviews of all the Marvel Netflix series. One week after the cancellation of Iron Fist, Marvel’s Luke Cage got canceled. This series had a strong fan base but Netflix decided to cancel it. This decision took a lot of time for the fans to digest because just in the month of October, the new season was released. FOX decided to cancel Lucifer but because of the fans, they granted a final season.