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Watch Charmsukh Web Series – Cast, Plot Details & Review


Ullu TV is one of the fastest-growing OTT platforms and is known for its adult & romantic web series. One such series is Charmsukh which is quite popular in youth due to its plot & storyline. As the name indicates, Charmsukh is an adult drama film, based on the sexual desires of different characters. This series was aired on 22 November 2019 on Ullu TV. Sol Kohli directs this erotic drama series, starring Nikhil Arora, Ruby Bharah and Rajsi Verma. Mixed with emotions like Sexual Desire, Betrayal, Love any many more, this series consists of 13 episodes. Each episode has a different plot & cast. In this article, we are going to talk about all of it.

Charmsukh Web Series Plot

Charmsukh - ULLU Web Series
Charmsukh - ULLU Web Series

Index Of Charmsukh Web Series | ULLU

Each Episode of the Charmsukh Web series (season 1) has a distinct name according to the storyline. We will brief you about all the 13 episodes of this series.

  • Episode 1:Mom & Daughter
  • Episode 2:Ek Khwaab Suhaagrat
  • Episode 3:Behrupiya
  • Episode 4:Karna Zaruri Hai
  • Episode 5:Highway
  • Episode 6:Pajama Party
  • Episode 7:Kaamwali Bai
  • Episode 8:Degreewala Teacher
  • Episode 9:Sauda
  • Episode 10:Sautela Pyaar
  • Episode 11:Telephone Booth
  • Episode 12:Trapped Part-1
  • Episode 13:Trapped Part-2

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Charmsukh Web Series Episodes & Storyline

Episode 1: Mom & Daughter

Director:Sol Kohli

Cast:Nikhil Arora, Ruby Barajh, Rajsi Verma

Storyline:The first episode revolves around the story of A virgin girl Aanya (Ruby Barajh) who was teased by her friends for not having sex with his boyfriend Kartik (Nikhil Arora). After getting bullied so much, Aanya one day called Kartik at her home for study. Kartik, on the other hand, doesn’t have a really good image of girls in his mind. He thinks that girls only want sexual pleasure from a man & tries to kiss her girlfriend at her home, on which Aanya refuses.

Contrary to Aanya, her mom (Rajsi Verma) got attracted to her daughter’s boyfriend, and both (Kartik & Aanya’s mother) start spending many nights together. Unaware of their truth, how will Aanya react when she witnesses this? Do you think she will still be in a relationship with her boyfriend? To know all these answers, you have to watch its first episode.

Episode 2: Ek Khwaab Suhaagrat

Director: Shubhobroto Sengupta

Cast:Nitesh Mishra & Pallavi Mukherjee

Storyline:In the second episode, Pallavi Mukherjee is playing the role of a young girl Archana who always dreamed of marrying her prince charming & wanted to have an exciting first night with him. But her first night became the worst night of her life and left her in chaos. Will she be able to fulfill her sexual desires amid her pathetic married life? Binged Watch this episode to know more.

Ek Khwaab Suhagraat - Episode 2
Ek Khwaab Suhagraat - Episode 2

Episode 3: Behrupiya

Director:Shubhobroto Sengupta

Cast:Nidhi Madhwan, Saumya Tiwari

Storyline:This episode revolves around the story of simple & optimistic girl Preeti (Saumya Tiwari) who loves her family & about to leave a rich guy. But before her dreams can come true, A Behrupiya enters her life & destroys her dreams. Who is this Behrupiya? To know the whole story, watch this episode.

Episode 4: Karna Zaruri Hai

Director:Rohit Anand

Cast:Vdyut Xaviier, Kasturi Chhetri, Dinesh Parmar

Storyline:As the name indicates, this episode is about a young couple who wants to explore their sexual desires but get unlucky every time. However, they don’t give up even after so many failures, and then something unexpected happens with them. Will they be able to fulfil their desires? To know the answer, you have to watch this episode.

Episode 5: Highway

Director:Rohit Anand

Cast:Farooq Khan, Supriya Shukla, Saad Baba

Storyline:In this episode, Taniya (Supriya Shukla) has been struggling between her love & her family. One night, when she was with her father, their car broke down on the highway and they took the help of a stranger. But how will the entry of this stranger affect Taniya’s Life? This mystery will resolve only when you watch the complete episode.

Episode 5
Episode 5

Episode 6: Pajama Party

Director:Pravin Raja

Cast:Vihan Verma, Gaurav Kumar, Kajal, Jayati Thakar

Storyline:This episode revolves around an ambitious guy who loves his dreams and his girlfriend a lot. But when he shifted to Mumbai, the bunch of rich brats became his friends and something unwanted happened. Will this guy be able to stay loyal with her girlfriend? Check out in this episode.

Episode 6
Episode 6

Episode 7: Kaamwali Bai

Director: Pravin Raja

Cast:Aarohi Dake, Garima Maurya, Jay Ziveri

Storyline:As the name indicates, this episode revolves around the ambitious Kaamwali bai who wants to get married to her charming prince. But his fiance demands dowry before marriage. While she was focusing on her love, his master had some unbelievable desires towards her. Will she be able to fulfil the desires of her master for the love of her life? See this episode to know more.

Episode 8: Degreewala Teacher

Director:Pravin Raja

Cast:Maushmi Udeshi, Piyush Sharma, Dhawa

Storyline:Degreewala Teacher episode is a story of a student Dolly (Maushmi Udeshi) who is weak in studies. She needs tuition for maths to get a pass and when asked her friends, they suggested her to take tuition from Gupta Sir, who is a famous maths teacher. Unaware of his intentions, when dolly went to his home for tuition, he tried to molest her. Will Dolly be able to handle him? Binge watch this episode to know the whole story.

Episode 9: Sauda

Director:Gaurav Panjwani

Cast:Rohit Sharma, Ira Soni, Trisha Choudhary

Storyline:Sauda episode revolves around the helpless father who surrendered her two daughters to a rich man to pay his loan. In the beginning, both sisters stay happy with their husband but later on the man shows his true colours and the struggle of these sisters starts. How will she be able to handle their married life is all about in this episode.

Episode 10: Sautela Pyaar

Director:Gaurav Panjwani

Cast:Devashish, Rajsi Verma, Swasti Kapur, Ashwin Kaushal

Storyline:Seema (Rajsi Verma) played the role of a single mother who loves her daughter very much. She meets Joseph (Ashwin Kaushal) who loves her & decides to give love one more chance. Her daughter (Swasti Kapur) accepts their relation, and all start living happily. But then Seems’ stepson (Devashish) comes into their life for money. Will the couple and daughter able to handle the situation? To get all these answers, you have to watch this episode.

Episode 11: Telephone Booth

Director:Amit Khanna

Cast:Rajat Bhasin, Rimjhim Das, Gaurav Sharma

Storyline:This episode narrates the story of a girl and boy who loves each other and talk to each other through the telephone booth. When the boy tries to kiss the girl, she reciprocates in a shy manner. Later they started having phone sex. But one day, it was seen that the girl is having sex with a guy in the darkness, and then she get to know that this guy is not her boyfriend but somebody else. How the girl will handle this shock and who is that guy? This is the main twist of this episode.

Episode 12: Trapped Part-1

Director:Sameer Salim Khan

Cast:Nidhi Mahavan, Joshua Chhabra, Anvesh Bansal

Storyline:This episode is about the love story of a couple who recorded their sex video for their personal memory on the guy’s phone. But his phone got dead and to repair it; he takes help from one of his friends who has a mobile repairing shop. While repairing his phone, his friend saw that video & viral their MMS on the internet. How will the couple come out of this trap is all about this episode revolves.

Episode 13: Trapped Part-2

Director:Sameer Salim Khan

Cast:Nidhi Mahavan, Joshua Chhabra, Anvesh Bansal

This is the continuation of Trapped Part-1, in which the guy who made the MMS blackmail the couple. He asked the guy to send her girlfriend to have sex with him, and after it, he will delete their video. Will the couple agree to his shocking demand for their prestige? All these answers you will get only after watching this episode.

How To Download Charmsukh Web Series?

Charmsukh Series came in 2019 on Ullu TV. Every episode of Charmsukh Web Series has some message, but the direction could be better. The storyline is a little weak in a few episodes and very predictable. But if you are the one who loves erotic series, then you can definitely keep it on your list. Overall, we will give it 3.5 out of 5.

Here are the easy steps to download Charmsukh web series by ULLU:

Step 1)First of all you need to choose your favourite platform from various options such as MX Player, Ullu TV App, Youtube, and many OTT websites as it’s available on all these online portals.

Step 2)Now, after deciding on which platform to watch Charmsukh web series by ULLU, you need to have an app. Let’s say you chose MX Player, just open the Play Store and download the latest MX Player version.

Step 3)After downloading an app, go to watch the online section. In the search bar, type “Charmsukh ULLU” and hit enter.

Step 4)It’ll show results and you need to choose the first one. Now you will have index of Charmsukh episodes on your device screen, you need to tap on Episode #1. As mentioned earlier, there are 13 episodes in the first season.

Another Method To Download Charmsukh ULLU Web Series

If you do not wish to install any OTT platform’s app and want to download it or stream it on a website only then there are several websites available like BollyShare, DownloadHub, KuttyMovies, and DVDPlaywhere such contents are easily available. However, it’s a crime to access Piracy websites, and we would not suggest you follow it. If you still want to do it at your own risk, we recommend using Nord VPNfor anonymous surfing and security.

How To Watch Charmsukh Web Series Online?

This series is produced by Ullu TV, and available on various online platforms like MX Player, Ullu TV App, Youtube, and many OTT websites. But before downloading it from any online site, kindly check whether that site has pirated content or not. Below is the link for your ease where you can watch all the episodes of this series:

We hope you find this detailed review useful. Binge Watch & Chill!

Disclaimer (Important)

All the content in this article is written for educational purposes. BingePostdoesn’t promote breaking anybody’s privacy policy. We do not help or promote pirated content and piracy websites in any way. Piracy is an act of crime, and we also consider it a serious offense. We aim to inform people aware of privacy and Knowledge about staying safe from such websites and acts.

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