The Chinese-style interior decoration is clean, neat, deep and meaningful. It is, as the bohemian style, an invitation to travel, to relax and brings a touch of exoticism to the room which has it as its theme. There are many ways to decorate your interior in the Chinese style, the main thing is to get the mix of traditional and modern elements in the right ratio. In the end, the Chinese style must reflect a Zen atmosphere and look according to the Feng Shui rules of the East.

Make room for traditional objects

Chinese style interior decoration can be easily reflected in the small decor, the association of different knick-knacks, essential for this type of design. Cult objects characterize the interior decoration of the Chinese style: a small fountain with a dragon, a bonsai, a Ming vase, a Buddha or a Maneki-Neko are quite iconic and can help one set the right tone. You can also opt for a large fan to hang on the wall or some bamboo trees in a pot.

Use Natural Materials

Natural wood, stone, glass and paper are popular guests in a place of this kind. A Chinese style interior decoration should be thought of with bamboo in particular, which can be found in many forms, and rice paper. It can be a rush mat, a sisal carpet, a bamboo forest in the corner of your living room, a stone tea table and much more. Just let your imagination fly to the land of dragons and warriors!

Use Red and Black for a True Chinese Style Interior Design

The dominant colours of a Chinese style interior design depend on the preferences of the homeowner. For those who love an accent room, a strong design in vibrant colours, we advise to favor touches of red and black – signs of hospitality and luck and colours representative of the country

White walls with wooden shade accents are meant for a rather stripped-down interior, which calls for meditation and relaxation for a right Feng Shui. Such an interior can include shades of wood, a dark accent wall or some black furniture, to make up the contrast.

Futon or Painted Lacquered Furniture

For furniture, in the first case, we would preferentially choose a futon sofa, comfortable and practical, a lacquered coffee table, mini-ottomans or flat cushions on the floor, a screen door. In the second case, to obtain a bold atmosphere, opt for lacquered furniture with traditional patterns painted by hand or inlaid with mother-of-pearl. 

A single beautiful piece of furniture can already set the tone well enough. Be careful not to overdo it too generously, avoid going overboard, or you’ll most likely get bored quickly. 

Keep in mind that this type of interior must also remain open, ventilated, while the light must be dimmed to soften the atmosphere.

Chinese Gardens

If you are lucky enough to have a personal garden at your disposal, why not turn it into a Chinese one, as you’ve already done with your house? Outside, the Chinese style evokes the idea of ​​a beautiful, harmonious garden. Croquignolet, neat, crossed small paths and tiny bridges on which to wander slowly after a hard day, ideally while having the opportunity to admire beautiful flowers and fish – red and white – swimming in your pretty pool.

Significant Patterns

In a Chinese home, it is also possible to bet on wallpapers, stretched canvases or large panels animated by designs that one immediately links to China. In these drawings, fine and delicate, one usually sees peacocks, carps, lotuses and bamboo forests.

Chinese Openings and Doors

The Chinese do not like usual doors, which use up too much space and are too heavy for the light design of a Feng Shui home. The large openings between different rooms and the paper doors are what this person love. No isolation from each other, large doors or sliding panels at the openings – this should be your goal with this style. You can also move towards models worked and sculpted in the upper part, at least if you want to be able to maintain visual continuity between the different spaces.

Carved Wooden Panels

A Chinese inspired carved wooden panel, fixed to the wall or used as a divider, helps to dress and orient the inhabited space. This is a more expensive detail, but it can largely contribute to the development of a typical Chinese atmosphere.

Chinese Antique Furniture

Highly sought after, antique Chinese furniture has a strong character. This makes it possible to use the space in various ways, to give body and soul to the volumes it occupies.

Chinese furniture is often made of imposing solid wood: china cabinets, dressers, sideboards, consoles or chests. Most often black or red, inlaid with sublime Chinese motifs, colored or pearly – all a delight to the eye!

Luminous Paper Balls

When talking about lighting, opt for typically Chinese lanterns or go for paper and ball-shaped suspensions, the latter being more discreet and diffusing the light gently.

Chinese Porcelain

Finally, what could be more representative of this country than its porcelain, white with blue patterns on it, in filigree. To multiply the effect, it is best to combine several different Chinese porcelain elements, to finally create a pretty composition to display.

All in all, the Chinese style is a logical choice for people who appreciate oriental philosophy and culture, prefer bright colors with strict frameworks, who seek to bring harmony into their world.

The catalog will help you saturate your home’s atmosphere with such colors and, at the same time, maintain the level of modern comfort you need.