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Reminisce The Comedy Of Chris Farley Movies


He who made people laugh, every screen time of Chris Farley will not disappoint you. Chris Farley was indeed talented in sharing happiness with everyone, from making us laugh in Saturday Night Live to acting in comedy films, he is definitely a performer and an actor in one, sadly he passed away before we knew it. But his comedy will never leave and will forever be written in the history of comedy films as one of the best comedian actors have ever lived. Let's laugh until our stomach hurts in these Chris Farley movies.

Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy (1995) Official Trailer #1 - Chris Farley, David Spade Comedy HD

Tommy Boy is a film released in 1995 that made Chris Farley a superstar and sealed him as one of the greatest comic artists of the 20th century. Tommy Boy is the film that most people remember Chris Farley. He was amusing and obnoxious at times, but he had an amazing heart and was simply doing the best he could. That is all we could have wished for as Farley fans. Originally, the film was slated to be called "Rocky Road". Tommy Boy was a classic film that touched moviegoers on all the right notes. It was a buddy comedy starring Farley and David Spade that catapulted Farley to stardom.

Tommy Boy presented the story of Big Tom Callahan's underachieving, inept, yet good-natured son. When Big Tom dies unexpectedly on his wedding day, it's up to Tommy and his childhood friend Richard to save the family business and prevent Tommy's new step-mom from accepting a large buyout from a rival company.

Almost Heroes

Almost Heroes (1998) trailer

Almost Heroes was a film directed by Christopher Guest that was made before Chris Farley's death but not released until five months later. Guest, a proven comedic genius, directed current comedy masterpieces such as Waiting For Guffman, A Mighty Wind, and Best in Show. Chris Farley co-stars in Almost Heroes with Friends' actor Matthew Perry.

Chris Farley and Matthew Perry portrayed Bartholomew Hunt and Leslie Edwards. Their chemistry was almost as good as Farley and Spade's. Edwards enlisted Hunt's assistance in guiding him and a company of fellow explorers to the Pacific Ocean, directly competing with Lewis and Clark.

While many reviews lambasted the picture, many lauded Farley's contribution, declaring him the film's greatest portion. This was an appropriate homage, given it was his final significant film performance prior to his death. Almost Heroes was satire in the greatest sense of the word, turning historical truths into a jest. Perry did an excellent job reminding people that he was more than Chandler Bing from Friends. Farley, on the other hand, nailed all the expected notes and delivered some terrific physical comedy in this flick. Almost Heroes is not Chris Farley's finest film, but it almost was.

Black Sheep

Black Sheep, a 1996 comedy film, reunited Farley and David Spade as two individuals attempting to elect Mike's brother, Al, as Governor of Washington state. Mike, despite his good intentions and affection for his brother, acts more as an embarrassment than anything else. Mike is the family's Black Sheep, but he loves his brother and wishes to assist him in becoming Governor, while simultaneously unearthing a political scandal involving Al's opponent.

While Black Sheep is not as good as Tommy Boy, it was a rather decent follow-up, and it was always a pleasure to watch Farley and David Spade on screen together. The two had an amazing connection, which was tragically shattered by Farley's death.

Beverly Hills Ninja

BEVERLY HILLS NINJA [1997] - Official Trailer

Did you ever think that Chris Farley would play in a Kung Fu movie? Beverly Ninja Hills is a 1997 comedy Kung Fu movie. Farley portrayed the role of Haru, a clumsy but sweet young guy who was adopted by a secret organization of Japanese ninjas who trained and reared him as their own. Despite his noble intentions and sincerity, Haru is not a particularly skilled ninja.

However, he is still saddled with the duty of rescuing a young woman from California. Haru embarks on a voyage to Western Civilization in an attempt to rescue the girl and reclaim his identity. Despite a few setbacks, he manages to do both. Beverly Hills Ninja manages to elicit an emotional response from the viewer about young Haru's path. This is largely due to Farley's own sincerity and passion in every part he portrayed.

Billy Madison

Billy Madison Official Trailer #1 - Adam Sandler Movie (1995) HD

Clearly, a film centered towards Chris Farley's fellow Saturday Night Live alumni-brother Adam Sandler yet Farley steals the show as "Bus Driver" by making the most of his screen time in one of the 1990's greatest comedies. Although the part is uncredited in the film, Farley uses it to steal scenes from Adam Sandler. This was, without a doubt, Adam Sandler's greatest film.

Farley is one of the primary causes for this. Along with being exceedingly nervous while driving a school bus full of children, the Bus Driver has a few amusing interactions with the eponymous Billy Madison. Whether reminiscing stories about hooking up with Veronica Vaughn, eating the lunches of all the school students, or assisting Madison with his History assignment via a striptease.


This is living proof that Chris Farley is alive in our hearts. He made hundreds and even thousands of people laugh, his story on making our stomach hurts will forever be remembered. Nothing will change, Chris Farley will forever be funny and refreshing to watch.

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