For those who have watched Class of 2017 would have never thought that the sequel will surpass the earlier version. Class of 2020 Alt Balaji web series has proved to be a great hit among the Hindi web series audience. The series is supported by a great storyline and talented actors who made it a more significant success than the previous version.

Class of 2020 is a teenage web series that is binge-watch worthy. If you have seen the previous series, you will agree with our statement. The series has proved to a massive hit of 2020.

The series has an exciting plot that is focused on the lives of a group of teenagers who get involved in peer pressure, drugs and intimacy. It has a very realistic story that many of you, especially the younger generation, can relate to.

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About Class of 2020 Web Series

  • Genre: 18+
  • Creator: Vikas Gupta
  • Director: Aarambhh M Singh
  • Release Date: 4 February 2020
  • Number of Episodes: 32
  • Availability: MX PLayer & ALT Balaji

Class Of 2020 Web Series Plot

Class of 2020 is an AltBalaji creation, a story that is based on a group of teenagers. The series explores the lives of these teenagers and how they handle their problems. The class of 2020 depicts the issues that are faced by teenagers today. It makes us aware of all the things that go unnoticed in a teenager’s life. The characters throw light on realism. This is a story that most teenagers can relate to.

Class of 2020 Alt Balaji Web Series download

The makers have tried their best to highlight all the negative things that a teenager goes through and how they deal with it while learning life lessons.

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Class Of 2020 Cast and Crew

The class of 2020 is filled with new talented actors in the industry. You may have seen some of them acting in other shows as well. The young cast is very popular among the viewers. In this series, you will get to see:

  • Sushant Tanwar as Hardik Thakker

ushant Tanwar as Hardik Thakker

  • Rohan Mehra as Ibrahim Noorani

Rohan Mehra as Ibrahim Noorani

  • Jatin Suri as Neel Rana

Jatin Suri as Neel Rana

  • Joyeeta Chatterjee as Ranchi Das Gupta

Joyeeta Chatterjee as Ranchi Das Gupta

  • Isha Chawla as Aalia

Isha Chawla as Aalia

  • Chetna Pandey as Priyanka Aluwalia

Chetna Pandey as Priyanka Aluwalia

  • Alam Khan as Tanmay Badwe

Alam Khan as Tanmay Badwe

  • Mazaher Khan as Ronit Rana

Mazaher Khan as Ronit Rana

  • Nibedita Pal as Zoey Dsouza

Nibedita Pal as Zoey Dsouza

  • Pallavi Mukherjee as Palak Das Gupta

Pallavi Mukherjee as Palak Das Gupta

This is a Hindi series that is directed by Aarambh Singh and produced by Vikas Gupta. The makers of the series have done a great job. Through this series, they have highlighted the lifestyle of teenage people in this modern time.

Class Of 2020 Episodes

Class of 2020 is a sequel to the Class of 2017. The series is a big hit, just like its earlier version. The series has received only one season as of now. There are a total of 32 episodes in season 2. Those who love the series can watch it for a long time or just binge-watch it in a few days.

  • Class Of 2020 Episode 1: De Nobili High Returns
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 2: No One Will Believe You
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 3: Welcome To Class Of 2020
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 4: Not Everything Is As It Seems
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 5: Happy Birthday Toto
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 6: Forty-Five Minutes
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 7: Of Mothers and Daughters
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 8: How Was Your Date?
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 9: Parents Of 2020
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 10: I Will Be Your Driver
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 11: Beginning Of The End
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 12: Repercussions of Ignorance
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 13: Sports Day 2018 vs 2020
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 14: Relations 2018 vs 2020
  • Class Of 2020Episode 15: Night that changed everything
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 16: Men don’t cry
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 17: Ibrahim ki Duniya
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 18: Dosti ya Pyaar
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 19: Pyjama Party
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 20: Truth Brings Dare
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 21: Beginning of another end
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 22: I need to talk to you
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 23: Helplessness
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 24: Not All Men Are Jerks
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 25: Love,Sex AUR Dhoka
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 26: The party.The plan and The panic
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 27: The perfect end, is it
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 28: the morning after
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 29: I am your mother
  • Class Of 2020 Episode 30: Last day at de nobli high

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Class Of 2020 Download or Streaming Availability

Class of 2020 is the creation of ALTBalaji. Currently, the show is streaming on their official platform. You will find all the episodes of the series on their platform.

FAQs About Class Of 2020 Download or Streaming Availability

1. Is Class Of 2020 web series worth watching?

This teenage drama is an entertaining piece that is worth watching. Class Of 2020 is quite a hit in the youngsters of the country and you must definitely give it a try if you haven’t already.

2. Where can I watch Class Of 2020 web series?

The Class Of 2020 is officially available on the ALTBalaji app. You can stream all the episodes there.

3. Is it easy to download the Class Of 2020 web series?

Yes, it is quite easy to download the Class Of 2020 web series; all you have to do is follow the guide provided in this article.

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Class Of 2020 Download or Watch Online: Process

Step 1) Download the ALTBalaji app in your phone using App Store or Play Store

Step 2) Now, open the app and put on your login credentials. Create an account if you don’t already have one with the platform.

Step 3) Once that is done, look for the ‘Class of 2020’ web series on the app and tap on it.

Step 4) Now you can watch the whole series online, or download it on your device with the help in the download button on the screen.

Step 5) Note that downloading and watching the series may require a premium subscription.

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