Screenshot: Sonic The Hedgehog

A few of you may recall out of your recurring nightmares that the preliminary rollout of Sonic the Hedgehog’s titular character was fairly disastrous, and what most assumed ought to have been an easy, three-dimensional CGI port of a fairly easy cartoon character design as an alternative spawned the above atrocity.

Anyway, the backlash from these remaining few of us not pushed briefly insane by these enamel was swift and efficient—followers publicly wailed their lamentations and lease their clothes over the design, which surprisingly, was heeded by studio execs, who rapidly vowed to atone for their sins with a truer-to-source search for the speedy blue rodent. They delivered, and the movie (while not great) was a giant monetary success. Tright here was peace as soon as once more within the uncanny valley. But when one thing felt, properly, odd about the entire thing, you’re not alone.

As comic and YouTuber Steve Clark posits in a brand new video, we is perhaps looking at one of the vital sinister conspiracies ever perpetrated towards our nation. You see, everybody is aware of Sonic the Hedgehog’s preliminary character design for the film adaptation was a hilariously misguided blunder, however what this conspiracy idea presupposes is…perhaps it wasn’t?

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist—not by any means,” Clark reminds us earlier than launching into his conspiracy idea, which first examines customary budgets, advertising timelines, and Sonic the Hedgehog sexiness solely to conclude that…properly, yeah, it nonetheless may simply have been an oversight by movie execs with no actual information of the film’s supply materials or fan base.

However! Possibly, simply perhaps, it’s way more convoluted and sinister than that, with Paramount craftily devising “a method for folks to make humorous tweets and memes concerning the film, primarily working as free promoting,” all whereas bumping the film from its “unique” launch date in November of 2019 to this previous Valentine’s Day.

“As everybody is aware of, Sonic the Hedgehog is essentially the most erotic of Sega characters!” Clark says, and you’ll get no argument from us.

In the long run, the movie was projected to make $40 to $45 million in its opening weekend, so actually the one technique to decide if this conspiracy has any benefit is to clearly work our method backwards and join the dots after the actual fact. And, guess what? Appears like Sonic the Hedgehog made $57 million this previous weekend, simply taking the document for greatest opening weekend for a online game adaptation.

Open your wallets your eyes, sheeple!