Instagram fans watched Courteney Cox’such as’ several photographs of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s friendly reunion at the SAG Awards, however, insiders delves even deeper into the actual reasons why the’Friends’ star adored the viral instant.

Courteney Cox, 50, cheered alongside enthusiasts after viewing photographs of Jennifer Aniston, 50, also Brad Pitt, 56, reuniting backstage at the SAG Awards on Jan. 19, but she had her own distinct reasons for providing the images a”such as” on Instagram. “Courteney’s thrilled to watch Jen and Brad on these fantastic terms. But more than that, she enjoys seeing her very best friend so satisfied. Jen is getting a second and it is just natural Courteney is cheering her on,” a supply EXCLUSIVELY informs HollywoodLife. But, Courteney did not send the reunion in hopes that Jen and Brad would return together (as a few fans failed ).

“It is not about love, it does not need to worry about that to become purposeful. That is all about friendship,” our source clarifies. “Courteney believes it is a gorgeous thing they can still see and love the good in every other.” Not all ex-spouses can attain this, particularly if they had been placed through Brad and Jen’s situation. After announcing their separation in Jan. 2005, Brad proceeded to get a very public relationship with his prospective estranged spouse, Angelina Jolie, 44, and Jen famously”there is a sensitivity chip that’s missing” at Brad through a meeting with Vanity Fair. They have come a long way since that time!

No matter Jen and Brad shared a powerful link after tying the knot in 2000, also Courteney understands this. “Courteney and Jen are best friends and they love seeing each other happy. They’ve been through it all when it comes to relationships and they confide in each other always. Court understands how significant Brad was to Jen,” another source EXCLUSIVELY informs HollywoodLife.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt
Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt are observed clutching one another’s hands in the SAG Awards on Jan. 19, 2020! (BACKGRID)

Courteney has a high view of Brad, regardless of the way in which the conclusion of his relationship with Jen performed. “Court believes Brad is a superb man and also the fact that Brad and Jen are buddies again makes Courteney really happy since she understands that it creates Jen joyful,” our instant source adds. “Talk about a win win scenario, that is what’s occurring here in Courteney’s eyes”

Brad and Jen do share a candy friendship today, 15 years following their separation. Along with their backstage reunion at the SAG Awards, Brad was viewed using a giddy grin on his head as he saw Jen take her award for”Outstanding Female Actor in a Drama Series” at a living room. Jen caught end of the series of support, and she afterwards gushed to Additional her ex-husband was so”candy” to observe her distinctive moment amid the night.