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What Exactly Is Cryptowatch?


Artur Sapek founded Cryptowatch in 2014 as a real-time crypto markets platform. It is now owned by Kraken, where he works as a lead developer after 7 years.

Cryptowatch offers market statistics and analytics for over 25 different cryptocurrency exchanges. Data is delivered in real-time from exchanges via APIs, and it covers over 4,000 markets. Despite the fact that it has been operational for a few years, Cryptowatch appears to be missing some features, including a mobile application. Only nine exchanges are supported, and futures trading is only available on Kraken.

This review provides an unbiased assessment of Cryptowatch's service and demonstrates why Good Crypto raises the standard even higher, making it the clear winner when the two services are compared.

Cryptowatch | Tutorial | Getting Started

Features And Advantages

COPYRIGHT_BP: Published on https://bingepost.com/cryptowatch/ by Kelvin Farr on 2021-10-04T11:24:37.401Z

Cryptowatch is absolutely free to use. Cryptowatch Credits can be used to purchase more premium features. The following are some of the free advantages of utilizing Cryptowatch:

From a single terminal, you can trade on various exchanges for free.

On the Portfolio page, you can see your trade history, orders, open positions, and more.

In the trollbox, you can talk to other traders.

On an advanced charting interface, visualize price movements and evaluate market trends.

Use common tools and indicators to analyze charts, such as Moving Averages, MACD, RSI, and Bollinger Bands.

On the Portfolio page, you may see your current balances across several exchanges in real time.

On your charts, you may set price, volume, and technical analysis alerts.

Make and store your own unique themes.

Premium (paid) features:

  • Price, volume, technical analysis, and order information will be sent to you. fill notifications as text messages and emails, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • With Market Data, you can keep track of prices and order books. API for WebSockets
  • With the Cryptofinance.ai plugin, you may import market data into Google Sheets.
  • Zapier connection allows you to automate orders and alerts using triggers and actions.
Cryptowatch Features and Advantages
Cryptowatch Features and Advantages

The large amount of data Cryptowatch collects and provides to you is its strength. The assets section is a fantastic example, as it displays the performance of currencies over time and allows you to alter the main currency.

Cryptowatch allows you to go further into data and compare markets depending on their relationship to the currency you're interested in. Trading correlations is not for the faint of heart, but it can provide insight into how markets are linked. If a long-term trend has a significant association, there's a good likelihood it'll balance out in the near term. This suggests that two markets that have a strong relationship and move in lockstep will most likely behave similarly in the future.

The list of exchanges provides an overview of the volume and other information. But don't get it twisted: this isn't a list of Cryptowatch's trading platforms. Only 9 exchanges are available for trading on Cryptowatch: Binance and Binance.US, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Coinbase Pro, Kraken and Kraken futures, FTX and FTX.US, and Poloniex. Let's take a closer look at what Cryptowatch has to offer in terms of trading.

Cryptowatch Trading

Through the Cryptowatch account API access, trading on the above stated exchanges is possible. Except for the regular exchange fees, the platform charges no additional fees, and trading is provided for free. Kraken, Bitfinex, and Poloniex are the only exchanges that offer margin trading. Margin trading has been highly popular since the bear market of 2018. It enables traders to earn even when the trend is declining. So, are you able to short Cryptowatch? Yes, but only on four exchanges (including Kraken Futures), which is a huge letdown.

When it comes to order kinds, Cryptowatch doesn't offer anything in the way of added value. When you connect to an exchange, you'll be limited to the types of trades that exchange offers. Your balance is frozen when you place a trade, and there is no automated trading. Normally, traders turn to third-party applications for extra alternatives, which Cryptowatch does not provide. Advanced order kinds will have to be found elsewhere, with Good Crypto being the best option.

The Good Crypto platform is built on a completely new order engine. This allows traders to place multiple orders at once without having to worry about their account balance being frozen. It supports advanced order types like as trailing stop-loss, trailing take-profit, and so on. Both a take profit and a stop loss are tied to the order in the example on the left.

Good Crypto provides traders with a sophisticated, programmable trading platform. A condition may be attached to a deal. When order A is filled, it will, for example, automatically place orders B and C. In other words, if your $20,000.00 Buy order fills, you can immediately create a $30,000.00 Sell order and a $18,000.00 Stop Loss order when trading BTC/USD. The true power of a third-party trading program is that it creates an environment in which profiting is much easier.

Is Cryptowatch Safe?

The most frequent approach for a platform to interface with your exchange accounts is through API, which is simple to set up. Setting up an API connection is extremely safe as long as you keep your keys safe. You will be protected if you do not expose or share them. However, you should always keep the amount of money you store on exchanges to a minimum. The safest place for your money is still a blockchain wallet.

The tracking of Cryptowatch blockchain wallets, on the other hand, is not possible. Good Crypto, on the other hand, enables for the tracking and collection of both exchange accounts and blockchain wallets into a single portfolio overview. All of your previous data, trades, and transactions are all kept track of. Creating an overview is critical since it ensures that none of your investments are forgotten due to their disparate storage locations. Tracking all of your investments in one spot also allows you to react quickly in the event of a global sell-off or a bull market.

Furthermore, the principle of cryptocurrencies is to own your own money, which can only be accomplished by being the owner of your blockchain wallet's private keys. A public key in a blockchain wallet proves your ownership, while a private key proves your ownership. A centralized exchange functions similarly to a bank; all funds saved on their platform are theoretically theirs and not yours. The movement "not your keys, not your coins" is an attempt to raise awareness about this issue.

Cryptowatch Paid Features

The Cryptowatch pricing method is based on a complicated Credits system. Every user earns 250 credits when they sign up. $0.01 is the value of one credit. You will receive 100 Credits for $1.

Trading is free of charge, as previously stated. For developer tools and notifications, the credits are basically in place. You pay one Credit per alert. Credits are charged for API requests, which cost between 0.002 and 0.015 Credits each call. Each execution of Zapier will cost you 15 Credits.

Good Crypto's mobile app includes free price alerts, eliminating the need to pay for the same service on Cryptowatch. Only sophisticated users and developers will see the value in paying for API calls and WebSocket API.

Cryptowatch Paid Features
Cryptowatch Paid Features

Final Words

Cryptowatch is a browser-based crypto charting tool and multi-exchange trading terminal hosted by Kraken, which offers traders charts, order books, market data, and the ability to trade on multiple digital asset exchanges.

Basic and Upgraded account types are available on the terminal. Basic accounts are free to use and give users with customized market charts based on their particular preferences. Users with upgraded accounts, on the other hand, have access to integrated trading platforms and can receive volume and price alerts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Finally, Cryptowatch serves as a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency trading, allowing users to link their exchange accounts, track their portfolios, and even conduct research on digital assets. On the Cryptowatch terminal, users may perform both technical and fundamental analysis, as well as execute trading orders, monitor their assets, and even paste their favorite Tweets on their charts for future reference.

While there are many alternative crypto trading terminals available, Cryptowatch has the toolset necessary to continue building its use cases and, in the lively world of blockchain investing, maybe become the go-to solution for charting, cross-exchange trading, and asset management.

Is Cryptowatch Legit?

Cryptowatch is a premium trading terminal owned by Kraken that offers real-time cryptocurrency market data, charting, and trading services for over 25 cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptowatch's real-time data comes directly from cryptocurrency exchanges via APIs, and it covers over 4,000 markets.

Can You Trade On Cryptowatch Desktop?

Our new native desktop application for Windows, Mac, and Linux is called Cryptowatch Desktop. A dashboard on Cryptowatch Desktop can display numerous markets from any Cryptowatch-listed exchange, allowing you to conveniently follow your assets without having to browse from page to page.

Does Cryptowatch Have An App?

Cryptowatch is an Android Wear application that keeps users up to date on price movements while they're out and about. It's always with you, even if your phone isn't nearby or has run out of battery.

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About The Authors

Kelvin Farr

Kelvin Farr - Although I don't believe Bitcoin to be the future for sure, I do believe it has the potential to be. I only want to comprehend the nature of cryptocurrencies and how they operate rather than really owning any.

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