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Who Is David Dobrik?

If you are an avid viewer of YouTube, you likely know who David Dobrik is and how much fame he has garnered over the year. He is a Slovak YouTuber and has risen to fame with his unique, funny, and one of a kind skit that leaves all the viewers wanting more of what he has to offer. But, his early success days didn’t kickstart on YouTube but on the video streaming platform Vine, where he made a few seconds videos to gain popularity over the years. 

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Currently, David’s YouTube channel has over 15 million subscribers along with 6.4 billion views. It was also awarded as the fifth most viewed channel in 2019, gaining over 2.4 billion views in a year.

Aside from his fame on YouTube, David has also been part of a few movies, where he has lent his voice. In case you have been wondering about David Dobrik’s life and how he has achieved the kind of fame that he has, we have it all sorted out for you here.

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David Dobrik Wikipedia

1Real Full NameDavid Julian Dobrik
2Nick NameDobrik
3Date of Birth22 July 1996
4Age as of August 202024 Years 2 Months
6Height5' 10"
7Weight58 KG
8Hair ColorLight Blonde
9Eyes ColorHazel
11HometownKošice, Slovakia
12Current CityLos Angeles, California, U.S
13Zodiac SignLeo
14EducationGraduation From Vernon Hills High School
15ProfessionYoutuber, Comedian, Voice Artist
16Marital StatusMarried
17Net Worth$10 Million
18GirlfriendLiza Koshy
19Favourite FoodBuffalo Barbeque Wings
20Favourite FruitCitrus
21Favourite ColorBlack
22Favourite ActorJosh Peck

Truth Behind How Did David Dobrik Get Famous?

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How Old Is David Dobrik Now? (His Early Life)

david dobrik early life

David Dobrik was born on July 23, 1996, in Kosice, Slovakia. Dobrik moved with his family to Illinois at the tender age of 6, and that is when everything started changing and unravelling for him. He completed his schooling from Vernon Hills High School where he was also known for playing tennis and even qualified for the 2014 Boys Tennis State Tournament.

Following the completion of his graduation, Dobrik moved to Los Angeles to then pursue his career as per his liking.

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How Much Does David Dobrik Make? (His Career)

david dobrik career

As we did mention before, Dobrik started his career not as a YouTuber but as a Viner. These short skirts and videos are what gained him the initial fan following and popularity which he then channelled on to his YouTube channel. He was known for his epic collaborations, some of the most popular ones including Liza Koshy, Gabbie Hanna, Zane & Heath, and a lot of others. 

Dobrik didn’t start his own YouTube channel first but was part of one named Second Class, which had around 18,000 subscribers by the time it went down. It was then that he decided to start his own YouTube channel in 2015. 

Since then, Dobrik has been pushing out videos on his channel of several comedy skits based on real-life events or even some amazing range of vlogs as well. He also does script-based skits, if that is something you are interested in. 

Once his first channel started taking off, he opened a second channel called David Dobrik Too where he posts bloopers and challenge videos.

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What Camera Does David Dobrik Use For His Vlogs?

david dobrik camera equipment

Most of the people are asking this question on the internet. David used Canon 80D DSLR (which has a 3-inch LCD to monitor shooting) to film some of his quality vlogs. apart from this he also gets many advanced gears to review on his channel, but he only picks things which are of high quality and worth to use. if you are interested in more detailed about the gear he uses to produce videos, then you can browse his channel videos to know more.

How Much Is David Dobrik Worth in 2020? (His Net worth)

david dobrik net worth

While David’s net worth is increasing every single day, his net worth currently is estimated to be around $7 million, which is nothing short of amazing. 

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David Dobrik Twitter, Instagram & Youtube Accounts (His Social media)

David Dobrik has several social media handles, given the fact that he is a dedicated vlogger and YouTuber.

David Dobrik Instagram Updates

These are some of David Dobrik updates from this official Instagram account. you can follow him to get the latest news about David Dobrik personal life.

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David Dobrik Family Photos

Here we found some of the rare pictures of David Dobrik with his family on different occasions.

david dobrik family pic 1 david dobrik family pic 2 david dobrik family pic 3 david dobrik family pic 4 david dobrik family pic 5 david dobrik family pic 6 david dobrik family pic 7 david dobrik family pic 8 david dobrik family pic 9 david dobrik family pic 10

David Dobrik With His Friends Pictures

Here we found some of the rare images of David Dobrik with his friends on different occasions.

david dobrik friends pic 1 david dobrik friends pic 2 david dobrik friends pic 3 david dobrik friends pic 4 david dobrik friends pic 5

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Quick Facts about David Dobrik You Should Know

david dobrik facts

People are crazy about David Dobrik Youtube videos. so as per trend, we tried to write a few interested and fun facts about David Dobrik.

  • Apart from the internet rumours recently David announced in a news article that he is not making any money through his channel just because most of his videos will be labelled as copyrighted by big brands.
  • David Dobrik had his first kiss & lost his virginity at the age of 17.
  • David has a habit of gifting cars to his friends birthdays.
  • David married and divorced with his mom’s best friend Lorraine.
  • He announced that he once caught cheating in his high school and never went back again.
  • David Dobrik LLC Executive Assistant is none other than his childhood friend Natalie Mariduena with whom he dances at first school annual day.

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FAQs About Youtuber David Dobrik On The Internet

1. Where is David Dobrik From?

The Famous Slovak Youtuber David Dobrik born and brought in Košice, Slovakia. but when David is six years old their family permanently moved to Vernon Hills, Illinois, USA to make a good living.

2. How tall Is David Dobrik?

Youtuber David Dobrik Height Is 5 Feet 10 Inches (1.8 Metres). And he is taller than his present girlfriend and co-YouTuber Liza Koshy. you can read more about David Dobrik in this article.

3. Are Liza Koshy and David Dobrik together?

Liza Koshy and David Dobrik had been dating since 2015 but the couple announced their break up via a YouTube video of 6 minutes long, saying that it wasn’t healthy for them at that point to be together, which is why they separated.

4. How much money does David Dobrik make in a year?

Constituting the revenue generated from both the channels that David has, he is believed to earn around $1.7 million a year, which is nothing short of crazy.

5. Does David Dobrik have a second YouTube channel?

Yes, David Dobrik does have a second YouTube channel named David Dobrik Too, which he uses to upload the vlogs, bloopers, and challenge videos in.

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Final Words

David Dobrik got huge success and fame with his experimental vlog videos. he posts about his personal life including love, relationship and more in his channel. He proved that it is possible to make millions online without even going to school. Apart from his weird relationships, his family always supported him a lot to become a youtube star. that is why he always states in his interviews that don’t go by the trends but make yourself a trend to follow and everything else will come to you.

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