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Doctor Who: Every Doctor’s TRUE Companion


Physician Who is filled with companions, however these are the characters who meant probably the most to their respective Docs. Trendy Physician Who has launched a lot to the franchise’s canon – the Time Battle, River Track, the phrase “fam” – however among the many varied additions comes the concept that every incarnation of The Physician has a companion they’re most hooked up to. Whether or not through a romance angle, a pre-regeneration dream sequence or preferential therapy, new Docs unquestionably play favorites with their companions.

Though it might not have been as specific, this is not really a brand new phenomenon. The custom of every Physician having a “true” companion traces again all the best way to William Hartnell and is persistently current all through the many years. Apparently, the explanations and {qualifications} are hardly ever the identical. Among the following companions had been chosen by advantage of being the very best of a nasty bunch, others due to their longevity, and a few due to sure story developments that raised them above different companions of their period.

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The query boils right down to this: if every regeneration of The Physician might solely journey with considered one of their companions for all eternity, which one would it not be? Listed below are the true companions of every Physician.

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First Physician: Susan

William Hartnell’s First Physician was blessed with a trio of companions when Physician Who debuted in 1963, however whereas Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright performed their half, it was Susan (in all probability not her actual identify in hindsight) who laid the blueprint for a conventional Physician Who companion. Though not proven on-screen, taking Susan alongside whereas fleeing Gallifrey is obvious signal of the bond The Physician shared along with his granddaughter, and leaving her behind is the Time Lord’s first actual loss within the sequence. The First Physician’s TARDIS had considerably of a revolving door when it got here to companions, however Susan can think about herself the unique.

Second Physician: Jamie McCrimmon

Undoubtedly considered one of Physician Who‘s most underrated companions, the 18th century Scotsman referred to as Jamie McCrimmon is likely one of the longest-running assistants within the sequence, accompanying Patrick Troughton’s Second Physician for nearly the whole lot of his run. Whereas Jamie’s roots made him much more ignorant than The Physician’s 20th century companions, the character discovered shortly and was fiercely loyal in a means fashionable viewers is perhaps unfamiliar with. Frazer Hines had a mischievous chemistry with Troughton behind the digital camera and this was evident on-screen. An honorable point out goes to Zoe, who complemented the duo completely.

Third Physician: Jo Grant

Physician Who underwent a tender reboot with its third incarnation, however initially struggled to get its revamped companions proper. Development was clearly wanted from the screaming helpless damsel trope, however Jon Pertwee’s preliminary companion, Liz Shaw, was good sufficient to not require exposition, defeating the purpose of The Physician even having a human accomplice. Enter, Jo Grant. Arguably a progenitor for the present companion mannequin, Jo was inquisitive and assured, however dazzled sufficient by The Physician’s brilliance to wish all the pieces defined to her. Furthermore, the chemistry between Pertwee and Katy Manning was participating and her departure scene proved particularly heart-wrenching.

Fourth Physician: Sarah Jane Smith

Usually thought-about the very best companion of Physician Who‘s basic run, Elizabeth Sladen made a long-lasting impression as Sarah Jane Smith, evolving the template set by Jo Grant beforehand. Extra so than her predecessors, Sarah Jane naturally grew right into a second essential character and though she debuted alongside the Third Physician, her wits had been barely higher suited to the eccentric ramblings of Tom Baker’s Time Lord. The Fourth Physician would wrestle to search out an equally becoming companion, treating Leela with occasional contempt and burning by way of a number of regenerations of Romana.

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Fifth Physician: Tegan Jovanka

Nicely it wasn’t going to be Adric. In comparison with his quartet of predecessors, Peter Davison’s Fifth Physician was a bit of short-changed within the companion stakes, and it is no coincidence that this period was the beginning of a gradual decline in viewership for the BBC’s science fiction sequence. However between companion-by-numbers Nyssa and the untrustworthy Turlough, Janet Fielding is fondly remembered as Tegan Jovanka. Though extra vulnerable to complaining than Jo or Sarah Jane, Tegan’s questioning of The Physician’s morality and willpower to do the precise factor had been completely aligned to Davison’s extra relaxed, pleasant Physician.

Sixth Physician: Peri Brown

As talked about beforehand, choosing a Physician’s true companion is typically only a matter of discovering the “least worst choice,” and so it proves with the Sixth incarnation. The primary American companion to journey within the TARDIS, Peri was a extra stereotypical assistant for Colin Baker’s Sixth Physician – squealing when wanted and prodding for exposition at common intervals. Peri hardly ever ventured out of these strict confines and the Sixth Physician afforded her about as a lot kindness as a Cyberman offers natural life varieties… however the different choice was Mel Bush.

Seventh Physician: Ace

Physician Who would possibly’ve been cancelled in the course of the tenure of Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Physician, however not less than this period gave the world Ace, performed by Sophie Aldred. Selecting probably the most appropriate companion of the Seventh Physician between Mel and Ace is a no brainer, with Aldred bringing a refreshing and up to date edge to the TARDIS. One of many extra action-ready characters, Ace was the courageous and daring to her Doctor‘s unassuming calm, and the duo made a agency pairing. It is no coincidence that Ace not too long ago returned to the Physician Who world and acquired a massively enthusiastic reception from followers.

Eighth Physician: Lucie Miller

Solely one of many Eighth Physician’s companions appeared on-screen, and that was within the poorly-received 1990s TV film, necessitating a dive into the world of Huge End with the intention to discover the true companion to Paul McGann’s Eighth Physician. Performed by Sheridan Smith, Lucie was pressured upon The Physician by the Time Lords, and though a reluctant pairing at first, the duo got here to be deeply keen on one another. Among the many Eighth Physician’s varied audio companions, Lucie arguably left the largest impression, and had she appeared on Physician Who‘s essential TV sequence, she’d little question rank among the many hottest companions of all time.

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The Battle Physician: Ollistra

John Harm’s Battle Physician was recognized for going about life in his personal distinctive vogue, and his taking of companions was no completely different. The Battle Physician did not have a accomplice within the conventional sense, however extra a string of short-term associates, which suited his darker, battle-weary persona. Nonetheless, Cardinal Ollistra was maybe probably the most common presence within the Battle Physician’s regeneration and, regardless of her barbed remarks on the contrary, the pair held nice respect for one another. An unconventional companion for an unconventional Physician.

Ninth Physician/Tenth Physician: Rose Tyler

It will be felony to counsel that anybody apart from Rose Tyler could possibly be the true companion to David Tennant’s Tenth Physician. Not solely had been this duo the primary Physician/companion pairing to be romantically linked, however the chemistry between Tennant and Billie Piper set the muse for contemporary Physician Who‘s TARDIS dynamics ever since. Whereas Donna Noble definitely deserves an honorable point out, Martha’s arc was based mostly fully round being unable to fill Rose’s footwear, cementing the significance of Piper’s character. As a result of Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Physician solely lasted a single season, Rose could be his favored companion by default.

Eleventh Physician: Amy Pond

Companions appeared to tackle a fair larger, nearly fairy tale-like, significance when Steven Moffat took over as Physician Who‘s showrunner, and all of it started with The Woman Who Waited. After properly veering away from one other romance between Physician and companion, Karen Gillan’s Amy Pond shortly got here into her personal, and her unshakable friendship with the Eleventh Physician ran far deeper than most TARDIS pairings. The true giveaway as to Amy’s significance comes when Matt Smith’s Eleventh Physician sees a imaginative and prescient of her shortly earlier than regenerating. The primary face he ever noticed, certainly.

Twelfth Physician: Clara Oswald

Clara took some time to turn out to be accustomed to Peter Capaldi’s newly regenerated Twelfth Physician, however it quickly grew to become clear that she was much better suited to him than Eleven. All too typically, Matt Smith’s Physician noticed Clara as “The Not possible Woman” – one other cosmic puzzle he should clear up. Solely in the course of the Capaldi period did Clara start to exhibit extra of her personal persona, complimenting the Twelfth Physician’s brash, unsociable alien tendencies splendidly. Though Invoice Potts and Nardole had been each worthy assistants, it speaks volumes that Invoice’s remaining present to the outgoing Twelfth Physician was a remaining dialog with a composite of Clara.

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Thirteenth Physician: Graham O’Brien

There are absolutely extra companions to return for Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Physician, however out of the present trio, Graham seems to be to be the very best single accomplice for The Physician’s newest regeneration. Many followers would argue that Yaz deserves this accolade, however as documented above, every Physician’s true companion typically possesses qualities which can be complimentary to the Time Lord, slightly than an identical. Yaz is perhaps a loyal pal and follower of The Physician, however it’s Graham who typically asks the tough questions and comes up with the occasional reality-check when mandatory.

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Physician Who returns this vacation season on BBC and BBC America.

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