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Doctor Who Theory: The Second Doctor Had A Secret, Unseen Season


The key season generally known as “Season 6B” is an uncommon a part of Physician Who historical past, and certainly the historical past of televised science fiction. It’s notable for being one of many first fan theories in popular culture historical past, and one of many uncommon few to later be formally adopted (at the least partially) by the writers of the present it was primarily based on.

Whereas it took the invention of the Web for it to turn into a widely-known phenomena, fan-fiction has been round for many years. The time period was first coined in relation to the unique tales written for Star Trek fan magazines (or fanzines) within the 1960s. Some students have argued, nevertheless, that the phenomena could return even additional, making the case that Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Courtroom is likely to be thought-about an Arthurian legend fan-fic or that Dante’s Divine Comedy is a crossover fan-fic of The Bible and Historical Greek mythology.

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{Most professional} writers right now keep away from studying fan-fiction primarily based on their works for authorized causes. As such, it’s exceedingly uncommon for a fan’s concepts to be labored right into a shared universe – even one as sizable as the truth of Physician Who. That reality makes the story of Season 6B all of the extra exceptional. However with the intention to perceive the thought of Season 6B, one should first know the historical past that led to its creation.

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The Conflict Video Games & The Finish Of The 2nd Physician

“The Conflict Video games” was the ultimate story of Physician Who season 6 and the final televised storyline to give attention to the adventures of the 2nd Physician. These details alone would mark it as traditionally notable, together with it being the final Physician Who serial to be broadcast in black-and-white. Within the context of The Physician’s adventures, nevertheless, “The Conflict Video games” was vital as a result of it was the primary Physician Who story to develop The Physician’s race and formally identify them because the Time Lords.

The plot of “The Conflict Video games” discovered the Physician and his companions, Zoe and Jamie, on a wierd planet the place World Conflict I used to be being reenacted by kidnapped people. It was rapidly revealed that the world the place the TARDIS landed was one among a number of comparable “conflict zones” dominated over by a race of alien “War Lords,” who have been making an attempt to hone the surviving people right into a combating pressure they might use to overcome the galaxy. To his horror, the Physician realized that the chief of the Conflict Lords, recognized because the Conflict Chief, was a member of his race.

Reluctantly, the Physician contacted his homeworld and knowledgeable them of the Conflict Chief’s actions, which violated the Time Lord guidelines in opposition to interfering within the affairs of different races. Sadly, bringing the Conflict Chief to justice for his crimes additionally required The Physician be punished for his personal interference, although his actions as he wandered the universe have been supposed to assist others and protect life. The Time Lords returned Jamie and Zoe to their correct instances, erasing all their reminiscences of their adventures with The Physician past their first contact with him. The Physician was then compelled to regenerate into a brand new type and exiled to Earth, with all information of the best way to pilot the TARDIS erased from his thoughts.

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The Conflicts Of The 2nd Physician’s Later Appearances

Patrick Troughton returned to Physician Who to recreate his function because the 2nd Physician on a number of events. He appeared in “The Three Docs” to mark the present’s 10th anniversary, and in “The 5 Docs” for Physician Who‘s 20th anniversary. He made one remaining look alongside the wildly dressed sixth Physician, Colin Baker, in “The Two Docs.”

Followers observed numerous conflicts between the 2nd Physician’s portrayal in these tales and the historical past established by “The Conflict Video games.” As an illustration, the story of “The Three Docs” had the 2nd Physician introduced ahead in time by the Time Lords to help his future self in combating the mad Time Lord founder Omega. The 2nd Physician appeared oddly undisturbed by the truth that he was being ferried round time by the identical Time Lords he’d hesitated in contacting in “The Conflict Video games.”

“The 5 Docs” contained numerous different continuity issues. This story discovered the 2nd Physician crashing a UNIT reunion celebration and assembly together with his buddy Brigadier Basic Lethbridge-Stewart in 1983, earlier than the 2 have been kidnapped together with different incarnations of The Physician and his companions from throughout time and introduced collectively on Gallifrey. It was by no means defined how the 2nd Physician was capable of transport himself to the reunion, as his incarnation lacked the power to regulate when and the place his TARDIS would possibly wind up.

Later in “The 5 Docs,” the 2nd Physician and the Brigadier encountered Zoe and Jamie, seemingly trapped behind a lethal force-field. The 2nd Physician rapidly realized that his companions have been an phantasm as a result of they should not have acknowledged the Brigadier after having their reminiscences erased by the Time Lords. This did nothing to clarify why the 2nd Physician knew this, nevertheless, since he was apparently regenerated into the third Physician simply after Zoe and Jamie had their reminiscences erased in “The Conflict Video games.”

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“The Two Docs” contained all of those continuity issues and extra, with the 2nd Physician’s hair now exhibiting appreciable indicators of graying and Jamie not {the teenager} he had been when he initially traveled with The Physician. The story as soon as once more had the 2nd Physician engaged on behalf of the Time Lords (regardless of making an attempt to keep away from all of them his life) and Jamie figuring out exactly who the Time Lords have been. Maybe most confusingly, the 2nd Physician’s TARDIS had a totally totally different management room and he additionally had the power to precisely journey via time and area, making reference to selecting up Victoria (a companion he had earlier than assembly Zoe) from the place and when he had dropped her off to study graphology.

Season 6B: The Secret Later Lifetime Of The 2nd Physician

The apparent answer to those continuity conflicts was that there needed to have been a sequence of 2nd Physician tales set after “The Conflict Video games,” however earlier than the third Physician’s first look in “Spearhead From House.” This was the one strategy to account for the 2nd Physician and Jamie trying older, the Physician’s newfound potential to regulate the TARDIS and his obvious employment as an agent of the Time Lords. But this was unimaginable as a result of the ending of “The Conflict Video games” appeared to definitively finish the 2nd Physician’s adventures.

Enter Season 6B; a codified principle primarily based on earlier fan theorizing, which was written up by Paul Cornell, Martin Day and Keith Topping as a part of their Physician Who episode information, The Discontinuity Information. The essential gist of the Season 6B Concept was that there was a whole season of unaired episodes set between “The Conflict Video games” and “Spearhead From House” the place the 2nd Physician acted as an agent of the Time Lords in secret and was allowed to retrieve his companions. It was from this time limit that the 2nd Physician encountered his sixth incarnation and was pulled ahead in time to expertise the occasions of “The Three Docs” and “The 5 Docs.”

The chief foundation of the Season 6B Concept is that the physique which places the 2nd Physician on trial in “The Conflict Video games” is named The Tribunal, not the Excessive Council that was stated to rule the Time Lords in later tales. The Tribunal additionally agreed, when the 2nd Physician defended his actions as benevolent in comparison with the interference of the Conflict Chief, that “there may be evil within the universe that should be fought” and that the Physician had a task to play in that battle.

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The Season 6B Concept means that the Physician’s trial earlier than the Tribunal was a present for the advantage of the Excessive Council and that the Physician was secretly put to work by a covert wing of the Time Lord authorities – presumably the Celestial Intervention Company, which was later revealed to have manipulated lots of the wanderings of the 4th Physician. The 2nd Physician continued his adventures on this capability, gaining a larger management of the TARDIS throughout this time, earlier than his unique sentence was executed in earnest (presumably as a result of he both rebelled in opposition to his CIA masters or as a result of the Excessive Council uncovered the deception).

Proof Of Season 6B In Later Tales

Whereas not ever mentioned on the present immediately, the Season 6B Concept does appear to have been accepted into the Physician Who canon by the BBC. Most of the articles from The Discontinuity Information have been later integrated into the official Physician Who web site*.* This contains a whole web page dedicated to the Season 6B Theory.

Legendary Physician Who author and script editor Terrance Dicks, who wrote “The 5 Docs” and co-wrote “The Conflict Video games,” was a notable proponent of the Season 6B Concept. Dicks’ perception within the principle was so robust that he made it the idea of a 2005 novel he wrote for the Physician Who Previous Adventures line. The ultimate guide in Dicks’ Gamers Trilogy, “World Recreation” follows immediately after the occasions of “The Conflict Video games” and confirmed the 2nd Physician being despatched by the Celestial Intervention Company to cease a bunch of time-manipulating immortals generally known as the Gamers from altering the course of the Napoleonic Wars. Whereas the occasions of the Physician Who novels are usually not held as canon by the BBC, the acceptance of the Season 6B Concept by a author as distinguished as Terrence Dicks did a lot to canonize it amongst Whovians.

Extra just lately, the showrunners of Physician Who have dropped hints of Season 6B’s existence into the sequence correct. A montage throughout “The Identify of the Physician” confirmed Clara Oswald (who splintered herself throughout time to save lots of The Physician) manifesting in the midst of an obvious team-up between the 2nd and eighth Docs – an occasion that would solely have occurred in the course of the Season 6B period. Lastly, “The Timeless Youngsters” confirmed the existence of one other secretive department of the Time Lord authorities generally known as the Division, whom the Timeless Little one apparently labored for earlier than turning into generally known as the Physician. What connection the Division may need to the Celestial Intervention Company is anybody’s guess at this level, however it does appear to substantiate the thought first proposed by the Season 6B Concept that the Physician had lengthy been manipulated by a secret faction of the Gallifreyian authorities, whilst he labored for that very same faction.

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