President Donald Trump and Presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg turned to a war of words on Twitter, sending a variety of memes motivated by Bloomberg’s insult to move viral.

President Donald Trump is waging his own war or several — on Twitter and now his adversary is possible Democratic nominee Michael Bloomberg. The set sparred in just two tweets on Feb. 13, together with President Trump projecting the initial insult. “Mini Mike is a 5’4″ bulk of lifeless energy who doesn’t need to be on the discussion stage with those professional politicians,” Trump tweeted,” speaking to Bloomberg’s fellow nominee hopefuls. “No boxes . He hates Crazy Bernie [Sanders] and will, together with sufficient cash, maybe stop him. Bernie’s folks will go nuts,” he reasoned. However, like every disagreement, Bloomberg was prepared for a scathing retort.

Less than an hour after Trump’s first tweet, Bloomberg chose to his Twitter accounts to estimate tweet Trump’s words. “@realdonaldtrump — we all understand lots of the very same individuals in NY,” the former Mayor of New York City started. “Behind your back they laugh at you & telephone you a carnival biting man. They understand that you inherited a fortune & wasted it with dumb deals and incompetence,” he blisteringly composed, before supplying a last warning. “I’ve the record and also the tools to conquer you. And that I will.” While Bloomberg’s answer was remarkable, it is the end result of the”carnival barking clown” quip that left a mark online.

Shortly after Bloomberg’s tweet, a ton of pictures of President Trump decked out in clown makeup started surfacing on the favorite social networking stage. A variety of the pictures used professional photographs of this president in order to add clown makeup, hat, and jacket — one included a fake red clown nose. Another revealed Trump having a completely painted face, unruly hair, and big red clown lips together with the touch nose.

However, this newest Twitter tirade is not anything new for its 45th President of the USA. Trump has levied maintains and insults in his critics moment and on the social networking platform. He even went as far as to disparage 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg. Butmuch like Bloomberg, Greta chose the insult in turned Trump’s words into her own Twitter bio:”A teen focusing on her anger control issue. Currently terrifying and watching a fantastic old fashioned film with a buddy.” We’ll find out who chooses Trump alongside what will be another battle.