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Juju Web Series Download Offline on App or Watch Online – Cast & Review


When it comes to witch shows, it is mostly dominated by white witches with black witches with their sidekicks. In most of the witch series available, we don’t get to see black witches playing an important role. Some of them don’t even have enough dialogues to will make their characters prominent.

This is where Moon Fergusson comes in with her all-black witch series on YouTube called Juju. If you prefer watching web seriesover movies, this is one of the very first witch series that is based on black witches. The series is available on YouTube and has received a huge appreciation from the audience. With a unique storyline and characters, Juju has proved to be a great hit. The series has just completed its first season on YouTube and the makers are already working on releasing the second season.

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About Juju Web Series

  • Genre:Drama, Fantasy
  • Creator:Moon Ferguson
  • Language:English
  • Release Date:31 October 2019
  • Number of Episodes:7
  • Availability:The Fantasy Network & Youtube

Juju Web Series Plot

Juju is a supernatural web series that has proved to be a great hit on YouTube. The story revolves around three friends and how their life changed after realizing that they are from Yoruba witch sisters. The three sisters, Ally, Yaya, and Gigi were cursed centuries ago. They get to know about the truth on Ally’s 28th birthday when the curse is lifted. From this point, we get to see the sisters juggling their friendships, careers, and life while exploring the truth of their ancestral past.

Juju Web Series
Juju Web Series

The series gets more interesting as it progresses. Every episode is filled with spells, drama, mystery, and sexcapades with vampires. All these elements together make the show more interesting for the audience. This series is an ideal watch for viewers who are into supernatural stuff. Unlike most other witch series, this is a black all-black witch series made for your entertainment.

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Juju Web Series Cast And Crew

The three ladies playing the role of the three sisters showed excellent on-screen chemistry. They are talented actors that did justice to their respective roles. The audience appreciates Their approach to the characters.

  • Cassandra Borgella as Yaya
Cassandra Borgella as Yaya
Cassandra Borgella as Yaya
  • Cydni Jenkins as Ally
Cydni Jenkins as Ally
Cydni Jenkins as Ally
  • Nedge Victome as Gigi
Nedge Victome as Gigi
Nedge Victome as Gigi

The series is made by Moon Ferguson, who made it a point to create an all-black with series for the audience. The series proved to be a success and they are already making season 2.

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Juju The Web Series: Episodes

The series just completed its first season on YouTube. This is an English series that proved to be a huge success. The success of the first season convinced the makers to come up with the second season.

The first season of the series has a total of 7 episodes. Each of the episodes is inserting as the other. The series offers excellent content to the audience.

  • Juju Web Series Episode 1:One Time for the Birthday Witch
  • Juju Web Series Episode 2:Controlla
  • Juju Web Series Episode 3:Witch, Don’t Kill My Vibe
  • Juju Web Series Episode 4:Da Baddest Witch
  • Juju Web Series Episode 5:Callin’ My Spirits
  • Juju Web Series Episode 6:Love Drought
  • Juju Web Series Episode 7:Have You Ever Seen A Witch Go Ape-Shxt?

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Juju Web Series Download Or Watch Online: Availability

The series is available on YouTube. They currently got over with the firsts season and gearing up for season two, which will be made available on YouTube soon.

If you love watching supernatural series, then you are surely going to love it. It has a unique plot with excellent chemistry between the characters that will keep you entertained throughout the series.

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1. Is Juju Web Series Worth Watching?

Juju web series has an interesting concept of witches and their journey. It is a must-watch for people who enjoy the fantasy genre and others should give it a try as well.

2. Where Can I Watch The Juju Web Series?

The Juju was initially released on The Fantasy Network USA, but it was later also made available on Youtube. You want to watch Juju web series online on either of the platforms for free.

3. Is It Easy To Download The Juju Web Series?

Yes, it is very easy to download the Juju web series. Since it is available to stream for free on YT and The Fantasy Network, you can download Juju HD quality.

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How To Download Juju?

Step 1)Open Play Store or App Store and download the latest update of the Youtube app on your phone.

Step 2)Once it is done, search for ‘Juju web series’ using the search bar

Step 3)Open its playlist and you can start watching all the episodes online.

Step 4)You can also download the web series offline to watch it later by clicking on the download button on the app.

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Disclaimer (Important)

As a responsible entity of the country, we do not support any piracy kinds of websites, whether it is pirated or torrent. Juju review and the points mentioned above are written just to provide our readers with information about this pirated website that downloading from this website is unlawful, and people should avoid these kinds of sites like MKVCage.

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