Best Malayalam Web Series To Watch Online or Download

With the rapid spread of the pandemic, India is under a complete lockdown for 21 days. This has led people to stay confined inside the four walls of their house, making them feel suffocated and very bored at times. If you don’t have much to do around and want to get yourself out of this funk, one of the best ways to get that done is by ensuring that you binge watch some web series.

While you will find a lot of Hindi and English web series that are available online, there are some amazing Malayalam web series that are often missed out on. If you understand the language and have been looking for some worthy recommendations, we got you covered.

Here Are The Best Malayalam Web Series to Download Offline On App & Watch During Lockdown

1. Jin and Johny

Availability: YouTube

Jin and Johny Web Series

If you want to stream free without paying for any kind of subscriptions, Jin and Johny is a 2020 released web series that is available for you to stream on YouTube. It draws a mix between comedy and fantasy and will leave you with jitters in your stomach.

The storyline revolves around Johny who finds himself a genie. What happens next is what you need to find out by watching the show. It only has one season till now. The show includes some notable star cast including Amal Thaha, Sebastian PV, Sidharth Ramanathan.

2. Scoot

Availability: YouTube

Scoot Web Series

Yet another amazing Malayalam web series that is worth watching is Scoot. This has been a collaborative effort from Muthoot Fincorp joining hands with the talented team of Karikku team. It is a mini web series that is available for you to stream on Fliq without any hassle at all.

It is a friendship orient comedy series that you can binge-watch if you are looking for some light-hearted comedy. The show casts Arjun Ratan, Divya M Nair, Jaise Jose, Jeevan Stephen, Kiran Viyyath, Rajesh Ramachandran in the leads.

3. I Promise R.I.A

Availability: YouTube

I Promise R.I.A

For the ones looking out for some typical, cliche yet binge-watch worthy story, I Promise R.I.A is one that you just can’t get enough of. It is available for you to stream online for free on YouTube and was released on December 25, 2019.

As for the storyline, the story revolves around the life of three teenagers from their high school days to their college. You get the perfect blend of love, friendship and drama in this series. The series casts Aman Askar, Chethan J in the lead roles.

4. Ajmal Bismi Plus Two Class

Availability: YouTube

Ajmal Bismi Plus Two Class

One of the best things about this web series that makes this worth the time is the amazing realistic storyline. The story revolves around four youngsters who have the zeal to make it big but find themselves jobless. It is about how one power through the failures to make it big.

The first season of the series is already available and people are on the lookout for the next one. It was released on December 07, 2019, and is available for you to stream for free on YouTube. Some of the highlighted star cast in the series include Anagha Maria Vargheese, Anand Mathews, Anu K Aniyan, Arjun Ratan in the lead roles.

5. Double Decker

Availability: YouTube

Double Decker - Web Series

Double Decker is yet another amazing web series that is available for free streaming on YouTube. The genre of this series is a comedy and does include every possible dose of humor that you need during these tough days of lockdown.

The show already has its first season out and has multiple episodes that you can binge-watch. It is available under the Flowers media channel on YouTube. The show stars Anjali S and Anand Manmadan in the lead roles.

6. Rock Papers Scissors

Availability: YouTube

Rock Papers Scissors Web Series

If you do want to indulge in a mini web series in Malayalam, Rock Papers Scissors is one of the best options available. The story revolves around the lives of three girls who stay together in an apartment. It takes you on a realistic journey with some fun twists around.

The show was first released on October 05, 2019, and is available for you to stream for free on YouTube. The show casts Deepa Thomas, Sruthy Suresh, Vidhya Vijaykumar in the lead roles.

7. Kallummakkaya

Availability: YouTube

Kallummakkaya web series

For the ones looking for some family drama and fun during these hard times, Kallummakkaya is one of the best Malayalam web series that you can binge-watch. It doesn’t give away a lot of the storyline but it has one season out that you can stream.

The show also has English subtitles which ensure that anybody can watch it. The show stars Basheer Bashi in the lead role.

8. Rubiks Cube

Availability: YouTube

Rubiks Cube Series

Following such a huge amount of popularity, Rubiks Cube is Techella’s full-fledged web series that is available for you to stream for free on YouTube. The show revolves around the friendship of 6 and blends in six different colours.

The story is very relatable and will make you stick till the end, without much twists and turns. It does have a very vibrant drama that you will love to binge-watch. Some of the cast includes Anumod Sakar, Ranjith Kumar, Remya Krishnan, Shersha Sherief and a few more.

9. Meenaviyal

Availability: YouTube

Meenaviyal Web Series

Another family drama that is worth watching during this day of lockdown is Meenaviyal which revolves around the life of Amritha, who finds herself in a pickle when her brother moves in with her.

The story fuzzies your heat and at the same time makes it relatable if you have a sibling who loves to make your life difficult. The series includes Abhishek Nair, Abish Mathew, Archana Kavi, Arun Kurian, Sachin Warrier in the lead roles.

10. Pearlish

Availability: YouTube

Pearlish Web Series

Pearlish has a very subtle hint of family drama and a lot of romance and relationship talks that you will resonate well with. The series does have the necessary hint of humour, drama and a whole lot of realistic imprints that you will connect well with.

The first season of the show is available for you to stream on YouTube. The star cast includes Pearle Maaney, Srinish Aravind in the lead role.

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11. Tik Talkies

Availability: YouTube

Last but not the least, we most definitely need to talk about the best thriller series in Malayalam, Tik Talkies. Even though it is actually a bit old and dates back to 2018, the stories will leave you with goosebumps on your hands. The series is available on YouTube for free streaming and only one season has been updated so far but the audience has been looking forward to more of this.

How To Download Malayalam Web Series for Offline Watching?

If you feel trapped and need some good distractions during this lockdown, these are some of the best Malayalam web series that you can take a look into. Make sure that you do have your priorities sorted and know what kind of genre you will like to watch and pick the one from the list that resonates well with you. Since there are not many web series made in Malayalam, it can be a bit tough for you to find the one that you want to watch.

Step 1) Once you’ve decided the web series to watch or download for offline watching, all you need to do is open the YouTube app.

Step 2) After opening the YouTube app, search the name in the search option.

Step 3) Various results will appear, select the top one (official) and start watching it.

Step 4) If you wish to download the Malayalam web series for offline watching, then ensure you have a strong connection and hit the download button on the YouTube app. You can find and watch these under the downloaded section.

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FAQs Regarding Malayalam Web Series

1. What are some of the best Malayalam web series available for free?

We have listed out 11 best Malayalam web series to watch for free on YouTube, do check our list and get started with it. The list contains popular series of last two years.

2. Is it easy to download Malayalam Web Series for offline watching on app?

Yes, it’s pretty much easy to watch or download offline. All you need to have is a strong internet connection and tap on the download button (e.g. download button on YouTube) and let the process complete. Once downloaded, it will be available to watch offline on the app.

3. Where can I watch the Malayalam web series for free?

There are several digital platforms available to watch the Malayalam web series for free. YouTube is a topmost platform where the Malayalam content is more than enough to go through and complete during the lockdown period. Moreover, you can check out MX Player, Alt Balaji, etc.

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