Zee5 and AltBalaji are famous OTT platforms that gained popularity among youth for their popular web series like Gandi Baat, Apharan, Dev DD, etc. After so many popular series, Zee5 and AltBalaji came up with another popular web series Virgin Bhaskar in November 2019. Just like other popular web series, this series also become quite popular among youth because of its humor & erotic content. So if you haven’t watched it yet, we are going to review this web series for you, and after that, you can decide whether to binge-watch it or not.

  • Availability: ZEE5
  • Our Rating: 4/5
  • Genre: Comedy, Adult, Erotic
  • Director: Vishal Chaturvedi
  • Cast & Crew: Anant V Joshi (Bhaskar), Rutpanna Aishwarya (Vidhi), Dhirendra Kumar Tiwari (Mishra) and Himanshu Arora (Rohan)
  • Total Episodes: 11 Episodes

Virgin Bhaskar

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Virgin Bhaskar Web Series – Plot

Shot at the backdrop of Varanasi, Virgin Bhaskar is a quirky erotic comedy web series which revolves around the story of a young boy Bhaskar (beautifully played by Anant V Joshi). Bhaskar is a young aspirant of UPSC who leaves his study in the midst to become an erotic novelist. However, the irony of his life is he is still a virgin who bullied by his friends Mishra (Dhirendra Kumar Tiwari) and Rohan (Himanshu Arora). Virgin Bhaskar weaves erotic stories out of his imaginative skills, but in reality, he is attracted towards a girl Vidhi (Rutpanna Aishwarya) who is out of his league. 

Virgin Bhaskar Plot

This web series has many funny scenes in which you can witness the strong friendship between Bhaskar and his perverted friends Mishra and Rohan. While Bhaskar and Vishi become friends somehow, Will he be able to show her his erotic novelist side? And what will happen after it? Will Vidya reciprocates towards him with the same feelings, or will Virgin Bhaskar remain Virgin forever? With so many questions, this web series is full-on entertaining and funny, which keeps you engaged until its last episode.

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Virgin Bhaskar Web Series Review

Let’s talk about the positive aspects of this web series first:

If we talk about the location and cast of the series, both are apt to make this series worth watching. Anant V Joshi is a perfect choice for Bhaskar and played the role of virgin erotic novelist excellently. His innocent and comic nature keeps the audience entertaining in the whole web series.  The cast of this web series is fresh and not come in many series. Still, each of the characters played their role perfectly and made this series worth watching. Dhirendra Kumar Tiwari and Himanshu Arora beautifully played the role of best buddies of Virgin Bhaskar and gave you many punches to laugh on.

On the other hand, Rutpanna Aishwarya also did justice with her role, and her bubbly and charming personality will make you her fan. Virgin Bhaskar is a very fast-paced web series that will keep you engaged till the last, and you will feel like it ended very soon.

Varanasi is the perfect location for this web series as the streets, Ghaats and its lifestyle will make you feel more relatable with the series. This web series will give you a complete dose of humor, Entertainment, Romance and friendship. So, if you are looking for a good web series to watch while at home, this is the perfect choice to opt for.

Virgin Bhaskar - Review

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Negative Aspect of Virgin Bhaskar Web Series:

Although this web series is a full entertainment package, as we know the key elements of OTT platforms like Alt Balaji and Zee5 are sex and erotic content, so you will see many unnecessary adult scenes in this web series as well.

The direction is good but could be a lot better. The storyline is different and unique but a little short. The breakup between Bhaskar and his girlfriend Vidhi is quite boring, and the plot takes weirder turns when a love triangle is introduced. The series loses all its spunk in the later episodes. But, it is definitely a one-time watch web series for those who love adult comedy.

How to Download Virgin Bhaskar Web Series?

Step 1) To download the Virgin Bhaskar web series, one needs either ALT Balaji or ZEE5 app on their device.

Step 2) If you don’t have an app, go to Play Store or App Store and download a particular app.

Step 3) After downloading an app, register your account and subscribe to their service.

Step 4) Once you are done with all the pre-processing required to download virgin Bhaskar web series, open the app and log in to your newly created account.

Step 5) After login, navigate to the series using categories or simply search for “Virgin Bhaskar” and hit enter. The web series with details will appear on the result page.

Step 6) You can start binge-watching it from the first episode and enjoy it.

Note: People download Virgin Bhaskar using illegal piracy websites. We would advise you to not follow the same. It’s a crime to access piracy sites in India. It’s advised to subscribe to the paid service and watch or download the Virgin Bhaskar or any other web series legally.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Virgin Bhaskar Web Series

Where can you watch the Virgin Bhaskar web series?

This web series is available in collaboration on Alt Balaji and Zee5 app. Either you can purchase their subscription to enjoy unlimited web series and movies, or you can watch it for free if you have a Vodafone connection. Vodafone Play is providing free streaming of Zee5, where you can enjoy this web series. Alternatively, you can download it through online websites or can watch it on youtube as well.

How many episodes are there in the Virgin Bhaskar?

There is a total of 11 episodes in the first season of Virgin Bhaskar.

Is it easy to download the Virgin Bhaskar web series?

Yes, it’s quite easy to download the Virgin Bhaskar web series on the user’s device. One just needs to follow the methods mentioned in this article.

The names of the cast in the Virgin Bhaskar web series?

Anant V Joshi (Bhaskar), Rutpanna Aishwarya (Vidhi), Dhirendra Kumar Tiwari (Mishra) and Himanshu Arora (Rohan)

Web Series are the new medium of entertainment, and many OTT platforms are coming with lots of fresh & diverse content in the form of web series. We always try to keep you updated with all the fresh & popular web series for your entertainment and Virgin Bhaskar is one of that. So while you guys are at home, keep binge-watching this web series, and we will update you soon about the more. Stay tuned.

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Disclaimer (Important)

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