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DownloadHub Website: Download Latest Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil & Hollywood Movies in 2020

Want to download or stream content on DownloadHub website? Here's everything you need to know. How to download, Alternarives and more!

Kelvin Farr
Jul 17, 2020113638 Shares1515170 Views
DownloadHub is a free platform to download moviesand TV Series. It also provides the latest released movies in the best possible quality prints. If we compare other sites with it, no other site comes even close to it as DownloadHub has south movies dubbed in Hinditoo. It is the only website that uploads the latest released regional movies such as Telugu & Tamil movies. It is easy to download any film or web series from the site.
The website also serves with Hindi dubbed movies, Hollywooddubbed movies, and HD movies in 300MB sizefree of cost. Most of the audiences interact with DownloadHub just because of the latest updates of movies, web series, and other videos, Dual audio movies, and also because of the HD quality print.
If we talk about today’s lifestyle of people, then it is getting advanced day by day. With the help of the internet, everything is in our hands and can be done with few clicks. The Internet is a blessing to the entertainmentindustry – everyone around us, no matter what age, uses the Internet. In the world of entertainment and the Internet, everyone is giving their spare time.
This platform is one of the most popular movie download sitesworldwide. People go for online gaming, chatting with friends’ on different social media platforms, watching videos, TV shows, and movies online, etc.

Access DownloadHub Website Using VPN

In many countries, people cannot access this website to download movies. Follow the steps given below to download content from the site.

Method For Mobile Users:

  • Step 1)A user needs to have a VPNto change the location. You can check the list of recommended VPN apps on the internet. The user can also use the VPN app in the android device.
  • Step2)Once you are done with installing the VPN application, Open it, and select the location from the United States. Once done, check the IP address.
  • Step3)Once the IP address is changed, you can go to the official website.
  • Step 4)There you go: now you have full access to the website. Now you can search for any movie or TV show you want to download or watch online.

Method For Desktop Users:

  • Step1)Desktop users should prefer a chrome browser for this method. If you do not have a chrome browser, then please install it. The process is slightly different from the mobile user’s process. In the desktop procedure, you need to install a VPN extension.
  • Step2)If you are going according to my recommendation, then go for ‘TunnelBear’ You can also download one according to your preference and knowledge.
  • Step3)Once you are done with the installation process, set up the VPN connection with the location of the United States. Do not worry about the registration because this VPN does not require any registration. It is smooth to use.
  • Step4)Now that you have connected to a new IP address, go to the official website.
  • Step 5)You are all set to watch and download movies and shows from the websites.
CAUTION:You should know that pirated content is all illegal. And DownloadHub is a piracy site. It is a crime and the government act against it in Indiaand the United States. So when a user uses the pirated content by downloading it, that particular user is also supporting this crime. So we recommend you to go to the PVR or cinema hall and watch the content on the big screen. There are also alternative ways like Netflix, Hotstar prime, Amazon Prime, Youtube, etc.
Still, some people want to see content before they are on big screens of their area or want to save time going out for movies.
If you are using this site from a country that does not have access to browse this site, then the user has to use a VPN. You can see that the maximum VPN has few millions of downloads, and the servers are slow. The audience always needs a safe way to download movies from the website. The secondary method is a proxy server. It is like a third-hand server with the help of which downloading a file becomes easy.

Categories Available On Downloadhub

A large variety of categories can be found on the website. Here are the following names of the major categories and also information like availability of languages, format, video quality, and size.
A user can find almost all kinds of categories. Here are the names of some significant types that you can find out from the catalog on the website.
  • Comedy Movies
Comedy is a trendy option among all movie downloading websites. People are very fond of comedy Movies, and such movies are popular among people of all age groups. You can get popular examples of comedy movies and TV shows on the website. Some of the popular searches are Hera Pheri, Jhonny English, Dump and dumber, Friends, etc.
  • Action Movies
People love watching action movies and web series. No matter what, but the action category has always been in search when it comes to most-watched related content. Here on this website, you can find a vast number of action movies. Famous names have always been in search of this website like the Dark Knight, James Bond, Rambo, etc.
  • Horror & Sci-Fi
Here is another popular category. People have Some obsession when it comes to horror movies, and they love to watch it. Starting from our childhood, we all have watched a lot of horror movies and TV shows. Not only teenagers but adults also love horror movies. Different content falling into this category can be found on Downloadhub.
  • Romantic
Many people love to watch passionate content. People who love the romantic content look for different websites for old and new movies and TV shows. People who belong to this category can find out different movies and TV shows in this category on the site. The most popular searches that belong in this category are Titanic, a walk to remember, Notebook, Sanam Teri Kasam, Aashiqui 2, etc.
  • Watch Cartoon Online
This is a fun category that children love to watch. The content falling in this category can also be easily found on the website. Only cartoon films but also other cartoon TV shows and kids TV shows, which are popular among kids, can be downloaded or watched online. Few popular examples are Shin-chan, Tom and Jerry, Doraemon, Baby’s day out, etc.
  • Fantasy Movies of Netflix
People also prefer watching science and fiction movies and also movies based on some fictional facts. Such films are popular among students, kids and even among adults. Some of the popular searches include: The Martian, Tomorrowland, Inception, etc
  • Disney+ Documentaries
Some people are addicted to watching documentaries and biopics. Usually, the documentaries and biopics of famous persons are very popular. With the help of such content, you can also get to know the truth regarding the particular subject or person. On this website, you can easily find documentaries and biopics on specific topics.
As we have already mentioned that it is a piracy website. That’s the reason it has multiple domains. Various names of the website are available at various times. You are you can find updated listings of the website:
It is quite similar to the official website; it is also called a Torrent magnet. It does not allow live streaming movies online. You can download movies easily here. This domain name has become quite popular in India. It has more Tamil and Telugu movies.
It is a bit older domain name as it’s been long people are using it. It has more than 2500 movies. The only problem with this website is that it uploads the pirated content lately.
This website is just a year old and has got spectacular growth. Allow you to download pirated movies for free online. You need to install a VPNto download the film from the website. Setup it with the United States server and then download whatever you like.
This website is so fast for the download. It is an excellent website to download the latest movies and has more than 1500 movies. It has mostly Bollywoodmovies.
It’s quite a famous website. The website was created two years ago and got blocked by several countries for piracy issues. Use VPN to access this website. Proxy service can also be used for better results.
The Content Quality:
  • 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, Blue Ray, and Full HD.
The file size of the videos & movies:
  • 300MB, 400MB, 700MB, 1GB, 1.5GB, 2GB, 2.5GB, 3GB, 4GB.

When Does A User Need To Use A VPN Service?

If you are using this site from a country that does not have access to browse this site, then the user has to use a VPN. You can see that the maximum VPN has few millions of downloads, and the servers are slow. The audience always needs a safe way to download movies from the website. The secondary method is a proxy server. It is like a third-hand server with the help of which downloading a file becomes easy.

How To Download Movies From DownloadHub

Let me tell you that this is an illegal video piracy site. It has to face several blocks for privacy issues. Downloading movies is unlawful in India. You can read this article and get comprehensive information about legally downloading movies.
Some people do not get the point of such websites being illegal. It is because the original copyright owner flags the sites, and the government keeps a close watch. Because of the report from the original copyright owner, the website URL and domain name is blocked. Strict actions are taken in this direction to minimize and control this kind of exterior.
But still, there are ways with the help of which online movies, TV shows, and other videos can be downloaded and enjoyed quickly. Any user can easily download their favorite movies from the website. Read the information given below and the steps to know how to download the video from the site.

Here Are The Steps To Download Movies:

  • Step 1)Open the browser you prefer. In the address bar, type ‘DownloadHub’ and hit enter, you will get the results.
  • Step 2)You get the result on the search engine, select the webpage of DownloadHub. Now click on the search bar.
  • Type the name of a movie or TV show you want to search for. Click on the search button. Look for the search results, and from the results, you can select the content you need to download and watch.
  • Step 3)When a user accesses the website, there appear few pop-up ads. The pop-up ads might be annoying. A user faces in total 5 ads and then can easily escape through it. But if you are using the website on your laptop or PC, then you can block these ads from the option available.
Note:A user can also enable an ad blocker extension. This extension can easily be found on the chrome extension tool. Quickly search for it in the chrome browser and fix the pop-ups efficiently.
  • Step 4)After dealing with the pop-up ads, Check the icon on your screen for the name you have searched. Once you click on the icon, it will show two options on the screen. The first option is to play it online, and the second option is to download it. Choose one from the two.
  • Step 5)You want to download the particular file then click on the option or icon showing download. It will take a few seconds, and then the downloading process will start automatically. Users who are on PC or laptop will have one more option of using IDM software. IDM software is the internet download manager software. This download manager software accelerates the downloading process. If a user has this software, it will be easy to download a particular file with good speed.
Small Tip: If the site is not opening, it means authorities have blocked the domain you can use VPNto download it. The VPN method is mentioned below.

Best DownloadHub Alternatives In 2020

Like this platform, other websites allow users to watch and download content online for free. But there are some websites which do not work correctly. There are free and premium websites available where you can get access to content or the specific content you want to download. Download hub is a convenient process to watch TV shows and moviesonline, but several other websites offer the same service.

1. Putlocker

The clone sites of Putlocker are present on the browser. The website was built in the United Kingdom in the year of 2011. This website offers the user to stream and downloads the files online. The proxy website of Putlocker is available in the English language and is known as Putlocker123 Power. In past years the domain address has been changed several times. The website was blocked and banned as per the orders from the High Court of the United Kingdom in 2016. Proxy websites attract millions of users worldwide. It is one of the topmost visited popular websites.

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay
The Pirate Bay
It is another movie piracy site that uploads the pirated content. It can be used to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies and also the latest content. Recently the Pirate Bay has also banned by Google for uploading pirated content.

3. YTS

YTS is one of the most popular websites to watch movies online. This website is different because it allows the users to watch live content on the internet and also allows them to download movies. Other websites also allow to view the content online, but their use has to face buffering issues.
It is one of the most considerable servers, so YTS has no buffering issues. Another attractive feature is that more than a hundred English movies are launched every week. This website uploads the latest content faster than any other site. Use this website to watch the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies.

4. 1337x

This website is pretty famous for downloading movies. 1337x was a website started a few years ago and is still doing well. This website is well known for uploading fresh content. A proxy server can be used to unlock the site.

5. 123Movies

This website was launched in the middle of the year 2015 and 2016. Now it is one of the famous websites that have pirated content. This website is also known from another name Go Movies. It supports file streaming, where the users can watch content online for free. If you find the real site currently unavailable, then you can go for the clone sites which are still operating.
The clone sites are 123Movieshub, Go Stream, MeMovies. In the year 2018, it was also nominated as the most popular illegal website for downloading pirated movies in the world.

6. KickassTorrents

Kik Ass Torrents
Kik Ass Torrents
It is also a popular torrent search engine used for downloading software, movies, MP3 songs, and videos. All these downloads are free. The service is blocked in many countries. There are proxy sites with the help of which you can easily do the downloads. The proxy servers mentioned in this article are tested, and all of them are fast to use, and SSL verified. Use this download as an alternative with the help of a VPN.


It is the most visited torrent website worldwide. On this website, the user can get the latest released movies. It has HD print of the movies. Comparatively, no other torrent website is able to provide such good quality.


People who love to watch movies know about this platform. But this website is blocked because of piracy issues in many countries. The user can get the benefit of this website by using a VPN or changing the IP address.

9. KatMovieHD

The website is quite famous among movie lovers. It does the latest uploads of Hollywood and Bollywood movies faster than any other server. The website was started a few years ago. The website is also blocked in many countries but serves the purpose in quite a good manner.

FAQs Regarding DownloadHub Website In 2020

1. What Is Downloadhub?

It is a piracy torrent website. This website leaks South Indian and North Indian movies. Downloading movies from this platform is illegal.
We have shared some of the working mirror links and proxy sites to access the website. Open this article and get new links now!

3. Can I Download The Hindi Web Series From This Site?

Yes, all the popular Hindi web seriescan be downloaded from this website. But downloading from this website is illegal. If you keep downloading videos from piracy websites, then you may have to face legal issues.

4. What Content Categories Available On DownloadHub?

A variety of categories for every age group is present on the site. Children movies, action movies, horror, Romantic, Thrill, Biopic, Family, Comedy, Drama movies, etc. People who love to watch movies will like to explore the content on the download hub.

Disclaimer (Important)

We strictly do not support any piracy crime in any manner. The content here tells about torrenting safety. People use pirated content, but they should know that it is illegal and should be aware of it. It is an exceptionally famous website to download and watch movies and TV shows without paying. We recommend you to take care of your safety and keep in mind the anonymity with the help of VPN service.
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