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DVDPlay: Malayalam Movies To Watch in April 2020


DVDplay has a global Alexa rank of 7,836,650 and has been estimated worth US$ 2,152 based on its potential Ads revenue. Dvdplay website is approximately receiving 3K+ unique visitors each day. Its web server is located in Los Angeles, California, United States, with IP address It provides a huge range of free movies for watchingand downloading. It keeps the viewers entertained through its HD quality prints. Not only Indian movies, but it also streams Hollywoodmovies, TV shows, and awards. If you think that you missed upon any previous episodes of your favourite series or watch the premier show of a movie, then DvdPlay is the ultimate app to be downloaded.

Initially, it began with providing the domain of the site, it is now providing an app for smartphones.

To download movies from Dvdplay, you need to have a high-speed internet connection. You need to be assured that the site doesn’t contain any malware.

Features Of The DVDPlay Website

Dvdplay offers you a wide category of movies along with many other things to watch, That includes:

  • Hindi dubbed movies
  • Punjabi movie
  • Telugu movies
  • Tamil movies
  • Malayalam movies
  • Indian documentaries
  • TV shows and awards

An app version of the same is also available for android users. It comes with bug fixing which can make sure the app does not crash after using it. The interface is pretty user friendly because it is very well designed to suit the users. It consumes very little space on the internal storage of any smartphone, laptop or CPU. The users can stream the videos at a very high speed because the app features some super-fast servers. The app version does provide appropriate subtitles unlike Netflix or Amazon Prime.

How To Download Movies On DVDplay?

DVDplay offers you an easy to use interface. This makes the movie downloads process easy. Even if you are using the site for the first time, you shouldn’t face any complications while downloading the movie. As soon as you log into the site, you will see the different categories of movies lined up on the home page. You need to select the category you want to watch. This will redirect you to a new page where you will get to see the available movie options under that category. Now you can select the one that you want to watch. The site also offers you an easier way of searching movies. You can type in the name of the movie in the search bar. This will help you find the movies you want to watch once, without going through the entire list. At the top of the page, you will get to see all the latest movies added to the site. You can click on the available movie option to start downloading the movie. Well, it’s that simple to download and watch movies on DVDplay.

Many companies when they provide such streaming apps, they do not consider the bandwidth that is used while watching or downloading the movies or video, but DvdPlay is a site where you can do all of this with very less usage of data without any buffering problems in the middle of watching anything.

Latest Domains Of DVDPlay – 2020

  • Dvdplay.com
  • Dvdplay.in
  • Dvdplay.org
  • Dvdplay.net
  • Dvdplay.me
  • Dvdplay.pro
  • Dvdplay.live
  • Dvdplay.watch
  • Dvdplay.info
  • Dvdplay.fun


Since Dvdplay is a private movie website, you need to know the legalities before you start downloading from the site. The movies that you find on the site are all illegal. In other words, the print of the movies is illegally obtained and updated on the website. Although it doesn’t pose any threat to the safety of your device, you should still be careful while using such a site. Additionally, we recommend using a Nord VPNas it’s the best VPN for your safety. Undoubtedly, there are some legal alternatives for DvdPlay which may help you to get safe streaming and downloading your favourite movies, videos or series. You can anytime resort to a more legal way of watching movies and videos.

Wondering about what can be the alternatives to DvdPlay?

Here Are The 12 Alternatives To DvdPlay For 2020

1. Netflix


One of the most popular online streaming services. Covering almost all the content with all the genres and wide range of movies it has gained a lot of popularity in its baby stage itself. Since its inception, it has changed the face of online industries. Although it is the face of change, it is not free like DvdPlay. It charged a basic fee in return.

2. PopCornFlix


It is one of the alternatives to DvdPlay. It promises a wide range of movies, series and other TV reality shows. This one doe not require any registration and can start watching the movies as soon as you connect yourself on the site. This can be a USP of this site.

3. Sony Crunch

In addition to streaming online movies and videos, Sony Crunch is one more that goes on the list. The only drawback for this one is it requires a pre-registration, but once registered, the users can enjoy the movie streaming. This one can be downloaded in Android and iOS systems. It has got some geographical restrictions hence VPN connections are required to stream movies on Sony Crunch.

4. Ice Movie

IcefilmsInfor.net can be an alternative to DvdPlay. It has got all the movies sorted by years and hence the users can find the movie based on the release years. The classic movie lovers can make use of this site.

5. Kuttymovies

This one is the best example of how to stay updated with the current affairs. This website is updated with all the new releases. The movies are sorted by genre on this site so the users can focus on the types of movies they are interested to watch like mystery, murder, historic fiction, adventure and so on.

6. Nitro

A website that streams more than 7000 movies. This one works best on all the systems like Macbook, Android, Windows, IOS, and so on.

7. HDO

To watch the best quality HD movies online the user just needs to activate HDO.to on their devices. The interface is totally user friendly with easy to follow steps. The site provides search based on the criteria like a most favourite, most viewed. The site also provides an entirely different section named TV shows wherein the users can watch all the TV reality shows.

8. MovieNinja


More or less similar to DvdPlay is the MovieNinja site. It is loved by users all over the world because of its attractive homepage and user-friendly interface. The site has got ads popping up but there are no other pop-ups. It allows you to watch the movies without signing up for it.

9. MoviezWap


One more in the list of the alternatives of DvdPlay is the Moviezwap. It allows you to scroll heaps of movies but without signing up it will not allow you to move ahead. Again a good and user-friendly interface does not hazard with a lot of ads and pop-ups. Not much about is known to us but is a good option to consider.

10. Movies4u

Although blocked in India, this one too is a good alternative to DvdPlay. Users can use it though Nord VPN servers. The best way can be from the USA, UK or Canada. This particular one does not store any files on its server.

11. LookMovie

Lookmovie is one more addition in the list of better alternatives to DvdPlay. The site has got a slider of movies on the homepage. The site is ad and pop-up free but provides a lot of video ads. Gaining a lot of popularity amongst users all over the world, this site has got a very user-friendly interface by providing subtitles for each movie and videos.

12. Zmovies

Last updated in 2012, this site still provides a wide range of movies. You can watch movies in many languages and have regular visitors. This site needs pre-registrations from the users. However, if you wish to use such legal sites, of course, you need to pay for the services. DvdPlay is a free movie platform. But you can get HD quality streaming by playing safely online.

Spending Leisure Time

Watching movies and adding knowledge through them is always the most cherished leisure time activity. When such is the case, DvdPlay is one of those platforms the users can look for. It is the epitome of streaming videos and movies in high-quality HD form. Due to the Internet, watching movies or series online has become very convenient. Top of that when the users are provided by sites like DvdPlay, it adds a cherry on the cake. The site, as well as the app, provides movies in almost all the South Indian languages and some web series that might help you gripped on your couches.

Watching movies and adding knowledge through them is always the most cherished leisure time activity. When such is the case, DvdPlay is one of those platforms the users can look for. It is the epitome of streaming videos and movies in high-quality HD form. Due to the Internet, watching movies or series online has become very convenient. Top of that when the users are provided by sites like DvdPlay, it adds a cherry on the cake. The site, as well as the app, provides movies in almost all the South Indian languages and some web series that might help you gripped on your couches.

In recent times, it can be downloaded through google play stores on your smartphones. The site can be reached by anyone upon typing the domain name.

Wide Range Of Content

DvdPlay site and the app does not only provide the users Bollywoodor Hollywood content, but it also streams movies in some Indian languages too. It provides Telugu, Malayam, Tamil movies which can be watched in the original language as well as dubbed. Moreover, it also provides some cartoon series which can entertain the kids at your home. The site gives the viewers clear cut bifurcation under appropriate sections so that the users can exactly locate what they are looking for.

Reason For Gaining Popularity

DvdPaly is gaining a lot of popularity because it provides easy navigation for watching and downloading movies and series. The users can watch dubbed as well as original movies. It supports HD, Blu-ray and other resolutions for watching. The site is well-constructed keeping in mind all sorts of users and data usage. The site creators know very well that some visitors might have low data speed and hence they curated the site according to that.

If the storage on your device allows you to save then you can download the movie and then watch in your leisure time or you can also stream it live and watch. The site is up-to-date hence the visitors can find all the new content they want to see.

Frequently Asked Questions About DVDPlay Website

As mentioned earlier, this torrent is an illegal platform to watch or download movies. If caught, it might lead you to severe consequences from the government. Any act of privacy is considered to be a crime in any country. Hence we would recommend you not use such platforms for entertainment.

2. What Content We Can Watch Or Download On DVDPlay?

DVDPlay has a wide range of movies and series to offer for free. It contains the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies, regional movies such as Punjabi movies, Hindi dubbed, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and more.

3. What Are Some Of The Best Alternatives To DVDPlay?

There are tons of alternatives to DVDplay website are available that includes Popcorn Flix, Movies4u, Kuttymovies, DownloadHub, MoviezWap, MovieNinja, etc. Read the complete list in the article.

4. How To Safely Access The DVDPlay Website?

Accessing or streaming or downloading! Any activity that a user performs is prohibited by the govt and is considered as cybercrime. If you are finding a way to safely access it, the only way is to use a good, secure and reliable VPN service such as Nord VPN.

Disclaimer (Important)

We do not verify the legality or legitimacy of any of the services mentioned on this page. We solely do not promote, host or link to copyright-protected streams. We highly discourage piracy and strongly advise our readers to avoid it. Any mention of free streaming on our site is purely meant for copyright-free content that is available in the public domain. This post doesn’t encourage to break a law. We are sharing it for educational purposes only. If you access such a site, we won’t be responsible for any legal activity.

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