Catch a tissue, people. Dwayne’The Rock’ Johnson’s eulogy for her daddy Rocky was nothing short of completely heart-wrenching to see.

Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson delivered an emotional eulogy at his father’s funeral following the WWE legend died of a heart attack at the time of age 75. The 47-year old shared a 10-moment Instagram video of this moving address on Feb. 7, which commemorated the life of his daddy Rocky Johnson. Dwayne had been in his feelings because he took the podium, holding back tears and shooting a few minutes to get his composure. “Man, I wish I had yet another shot,” he started. “I wish I had yet another opportunity to say goodbye, to say I adore you, to say thank you, however I’ve a feeling he is watching. He is listening.” The star confessed his dad’s unexpected death was something that he never anticipated, and explained how he learned of this information. “I had been on my way to operate, another day on Jan. 15 and that I was pulling in to work and we’re shooting that afternoon and it had been the very first day of creation, then I receive a call from my wife Lauren who states’appears like somethings going on with your daddy’,” he clarified.

Dwayne informed the audience — that included close family members and friends, including fellow wrestler Hulk Hogan, 66 — who”it got very foggy” and appeared like a fantasy. “You know how you have these moments in which you attempt to shake yourself from it, and you’re like’No, it is not a fantasy. … My daddy’s gone. In that instant, I simply thought’Well, what exactly do I have to do? What is the next thing I want to do?’  And I heard a voice say,’Well, hey, the show must go on,’ which was my daddy. This was my old guy who advised me ,” Dwayne said, as clips of his daddy’s days as a wrestler played a screen .

Nicknamed the “Soul Man”, Rocky was inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame in 2008. As half of this”Soul Patrol” alongside Tony Atlasthey broke records since the primary African-American World Tag Team Champion in WWE history. Rocky was instrumental in getting his son Dwayne involved in the wrestling world, and educated him together with friend and ace Pat Patterson. Dwayne signed into the WWE — then called the WWF — back in 1996. Initially heading by Rocky Maivia, The Rock made history as the very first third-generation pro wrestler following his daddy and grandfather Peter Maivia. In his eulogy, Dwayne went to say his daddy was a trailblazer. “For my father, when he broke into the company in the middle’60s and during the overdue’60s and to the’70s in the United States where racial tension and split had been quite robust and at the’60s along with the’70so you are in possession of a black guy coming in, it is an all-white audience and these tiny little towns that I would go on to wrestle in — but in the time he shifted the viewer’s behaviour and had them cheer for this black guy.”

Dwayne, who defeated the wrestling world to turn into a successful movie actor, stated that if you think about his daddy, you think about”hard job”.  “What is amazing to me today, after a day like now after we encounter here and we provide our admiration and our love, he is galvanized, he is responsible for galvanizing households today. Because through procedures similar to this, we have all lost loved ones, however ensured when we walk out of those doors, we are going to hold each other somewhat tighter, we are likely to hug each other a bit tougher, we are going to kiss each other and we are going to say’I love you,’ and we are going to be somewhat more current.”

His caption about the Instagram clip was just as emotional as the address, writing,”Dad, you lived a full and purposeful life. You trail blazed and more harder, you shifted people’s harsh behaviours toward a person of colour. Paving the way for me personally, my loved ones members and generations to come. You loved us with all the potential where you can — given all of the givens,” he started. “Raised me with an iron hand and a challenging complex love. A love that today, as a father and guy, I have discovered to refine because I lift my children. You were shot too quickly. Slipped directly thru my palms. However, you’re loved, dwelt so complete, defined civilization and you break high. Peacefully. And that makes my heart smile. I adore you and now I’ve a angel to call . I will see you down the street, Soulman. Til we meet again. Your son” Rest in peace, Rocky.