Perhaps you have always wished to visit Beauty and the Beast‘s provincial town by means of a procedure of transportation that doesn’t simply involve popping on your older’90s VHS? Well, you’ve got options. Though one village has never been pinpointed as the sole inspiration, it’s likely the Disney animators were inspired by many in France’s Alsace region. Eguisheim, in particular, comes close.

Located not far from the border with Germany of France, Eguisheim is well known for its temples, quaint curving streets, and identifying architecture. Although tourists do move through the town – especially ones traveling across the Alsace Wine Route – it seems to be nowhere near as busy as other cities like Marseille, Nice, and also, obviously, Paris.

After looking at photographs of Eguisheim, we can not imagine why anyone could be left handed to themselves,”There must be more than this provincial life” (Yes, we’re talking about you, Belle.) Take a tour.