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Top 12 Best Movies About Earthquakes

Movies about earthquakes have always fascinated people. They show the Earth's incredible power and how humans fight to stay alive when disasters strike. These movies come from all over the world and tell stories about the terrible things that happen when earthquakes hit.

Cecilia Jones
Nov 23, 20232633 Shares114488 Views
Movies about earthquakeshave always fascinated people. They show the Earth's incredible power and how humans fight to stay alive when disasters strike. These movies come from all over the world and tell stories about the terrible things that happen when earthquakes hit.
In this article about the best earthquake movies, we'll talk about the most exciting and memorable ones. These movies have made a big impact on how we see earthquakes in movies and in our minds.

San Andreas (2015)

The poster of the movie San Andreas
The poster of the movie San Andreas
When we see Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, in a leading role, we can be sure we're in for a thrilling two-hour adventure packed with action. "San Andreas" is set in a California town bearing the same name, where residents endure a seismic catastrophe so immense that it's instantly dubbed the most significant earthquake in recorded history.
Ray Gaines, a skilled helicopter rescue pilot, faces a harrowing mission: locating his daughter, who happens to be in San Francisco, separated from him and his ex-wife. Forced by dire circumstances, his estranged wife, Emma, turns to him for assistance, and together, they embark on a journey to rescue their beloved daughter. While this film is an adrenaline-fueled action thriller, it also delves into the emotional drama of two individuals compelled to put aside their differences to save the person they hold most dear.

Volcano (1997)

The poster of the movie Volcano
The poster of the movie Volcano
Some movies weren't initially very popular when they came out, but as time went on, more and more people liked them. One of these movies is from 1997 and stars Tommy Lee Jones and Anne Heche in the main roles, with Don Cheadle in a smaller part. Even though it's not about an earthquake itself, it's about what happens afterward, so it still belongs on our list.
In this movie, when a big earthquake shakes downtown Los Angeles, a man named Mike Roark feels he must go to work to help with the problems it causes. The first earthquake doesn't cause too much trouble, but there's something more serious happening below the ground. A scientist named May Barnes thinks there might be a sleeping volcano forming under the city, but she doesn't have enough proof to convince Mike to look into it.
Then, a second, much stronger earthquake hits, causing a lot of damage. The suspected volcano finally erupts, sending hot lava flowing through the city and destroying everything in its path. But the disaster isn't over yet. Barnes realizes that a much bigger eruption is still on the way, and it could cause even more destruction.

Escape From L.A. (1996)

The poster of the movie Escape From L.A.
The poster of the movie Escape From L.A.
In this highly awaited follow-up to the famous and well-received "Escape from New York," we get another thrilling story about the mysterious Snake Plissken. This time, the action takes place in 2013, but it's set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Los Angeles. Los Angeles used to be a big city, but it turned into a dangerous place after a massive earthquake hit in 2000.
The U.S. president has a secret plan for this ruined city, but things get messy when his stubborn daughter decides to steal the remote control for his powerful weapon and heads to Los Angeles Island to give it to a charismatic Peruvian revolutionary. In a surprising twist, Snake Plissken gets an unusual offer from the president. He can have a fresh start and wipe his slate clean if he goes to Los Angeles Island and retrieves the stolen remote control.
As Snake Plissken starts this risky mission, the fate of a city on the edge of collapse hangs in the balance. Will he succeed, or will the dangerous terrain and ruthless people on the island be too much for him? Snake Plissken's legend lives on, and viewers are in for an exciting, heart-pounding adventure in this thrilling sequel.

Underwater (2020)

The poster of the movie Underwater
The poster of the movie Underwater
While this movie didn't get a lot of praise from critics, it offers a unique story about a massive earthquake in the future, with some inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft's weird creatures. The plot starts with a gigantic, mysterious earthquake hitting a deep-sea science station in the Mariana Trench, which is one of the deepest parts of the ocean.
This earthquake cuts off a group of brave scientists from the rest of the world, and they have to fight to survive. They're stuck in the dark, deep ocean and their only hope is to reach another remote station that's deep down in the abyss.
This journey is super dangerous as the scientists have to deal with things like not having enough air to breathe, the crazy pressure from all the water above them, the pitch-black darkness, and scary sea creatures. They have to stay super alert to stay alive.
In this cool twist on a disaster story, the movie takes you to a world where reality seems to get all messed up. It also shows how determined people can be when they're faced with really tough challenges. As they deal with their scary situation, the scientists will discover deep-sea secrets and come across some really strange creatures from Lovecraft's stories.

Tidal Wave (2009)

The poster of the movie Tidal Wave
The poster of the movie Tidal Wave
South Korean movies are known for their intense thrillers and emotional dramas. But they decided to try something new by making their very first disaster movie. Even though it didn't get as many awards as their usual films, it's still an interesting and thought-provoking movie.
The story is all about Professor Kim, who's really good at spotting signs of big earthquakes under the sea. He gets worried when he sees something similar to a huge earthquake and tsunami that happened in the Indian Ocean. His calculations show that the people in Busan only have ten minutes to get away from the disaster.
When a small earthquake shakes the city, everyone starts to realize that a massive tidal wave is coming, and there's not enough time to run to safety. People start to panic because there's nowhere to hide.
What happens next is a huge disaster that destroys the whole city and leaves everyone in shock. This South Korean disaster movie is different from their usual ones, but it shows how vulnerable we are when nature gets really angry. It reminds us how fragile our lives can be when we're up against the powerful forces of the Earth. Even though it didn't win lots of awards, this unique movie will definitely leave a strong impression on the audience.

Earthquake (2016)

The poster of the movie Earthquake
The poster of the movie Earthquake
Set against the backdrop of the catastrophic Spitak earthquake that shook Armenia on December 7th, 1988, this Russian-Armenian drama weaves a compelling narrative. It unites two men from starkly contrasting backgrounds who must forge an unlikely alliance to confront the unfathomable aftermath of this devastating disaster.
Konstantin Berezhnoy, a seasoned 50-year-old Russian, and Robert Melkonyan, a 28-year-old Armenian, find themselves thrust into a dire situation. The earthquake's destructive force leaves a trail of destruction in its wake, and countless lives hang in the balance.
In this heart-wrenching tale of survival, resilience, and human compassion, Konstantin and Robert are compelled to join forces. Their shared goal is to lend a helping hand to those who have miraculously survived the earthquake's wrath. Together, they embark on a daunting journey to rescue, support, and provide solace to those who are trapped in the ruins of this seismic tragedy.

Pandora (2016)

The poster of the movie Pandora
The poster of the movie Pandora
South Korea is renowned for its mastery in creating suspenseful narratives, and this time, they've delivered an enthralling adventure-disaster film centered around a devastating earthquake striking a quaint Korean town, triggering explosions at the nearby nuclear power plant. Pyung-Sub, a long-time employee of the facility, finds himself unsurprised by the dire situation the power plant now faces. He had witnessed the deteriorating conditions before the earthquake, but his warnings fell on deaf ears within the government.
In the predictable chaos that follows natural disasters, panic ensues, and the situation swiftly spirals out of control. In a courageous effort to avert another nuclear catastrophe, Pyung-Sub and his dedicated co-workers make the brave decision to return to the beleaguered nuclear power plant.

The Quake (2018)

The poster of the movie The Quake
The poster of the movie The Quake
This movie serves as a sequel to "The Wave," where Norway was struck by a massive tsunami. Fast forward three years, and we find Kristian Eikjord, once hailed as a hero in Geiranger following the catastrophe, now divorced and living apart from his family. A series of unusual occurrences gradually convinces Kristian that a powerful earthquake is imminent in Oslo.
In his frantic effort to evacuate his wife from the impending danger, the earthquake indeed strikes, wreaking havoc upon the majority of the capital. Faced with the looming threat of another seismic event, Kristian and his family have scant time to escape their current location and seek refuge somewhere within the city. Though they don't make it outside, they ultimately emerge unscathed from the disaster.

And Life Goes On (1992)

The poster of the movie And Life Goes On
The poster of the movie And Life Goes On
In this Iranian film, which draws inspiration from a true story and adopts a documentary-style approach, director Kiarostami embarks on a poignant journey. The backdrop is the devastating 1990 earthquake that struck Guilan, Iran, claiming the lives of over 30,000 people. Kiarostami's motivation is to locate the individuals who starred in his previous film, "Where Is the Friend's Home?" which was shot in this very region.
The movie chronicles his expedition across the earthquake-ravaged country as he seeks to witness the aftermath. Accompanied by his son, their journey is marked by navigational missteps, but they eventually arrive at one of the villages where Kiarostami's earlier movie was filmed. There, they are guided by survivors who share their experiences, offering Kiarostami profound insights into their resilience and courage as they continue to rebuild their lives in the wake of such a catastrophic event.

Megafault (2009)

The poster of the movie Megafault
The poster of the movie Megafault
Isn't it frustrating when you discover a problem and there's nothing you can do to fix it? Well, that's the predicament the US military and some scientists find themselves in. Right under everyone's noses, a ticking time bomb has been quietly waiting to detonate. In the span of a single day, the entire nation is about to learn of a colossal fault line running through the heart of the continent, and within twenty-four hours, it will unleash catastrophic destruction.
"Megafault" kicks off with a demolition crew detonating some mountains. As the distant mountains crumble, everything appears to be proceeding as planned. However, after the dust settles, the lead worker, who goes by the name Boomer, begins to sense that the ground is still trembling.
Before Boomer can shout for his crew to seek safety, the earth splits open right beneath them, swallowing them into its depths. Boomer curses his luck and hastily hops into his truck, attempting to drive away as cracks in the ground, spawned by the earthquake, give chase.
This absurdity occurs multiple times, and while it's undeniably ridiculous, it's also what makes the film oddly enjoyable. Boomer's truck eventually becomes ensnared by these relentless crevices, and before long, it too is consumed by the earth.

Firequake (2014)

The poster of the movie Firequake
The poster of the movie Firequake
Nikki Carter, a teenager, arrives in the Czech Republic with the intention of reuniting with her estranged mother, Dr. Eve Carter. Dr. Carter is a renowned engineer who has initiated The Helios Project, a groundbreaking venture aimed at harnessing a vast source of clean energy from beneath the Earth's surface. She faces relentless pressure from Declan, the representative of the project's backers, to expedite the project's launch. However, Eve remains steadfast in her insistence on conducting more tests to ensure its safety.
During Eve's absence with Nikki, Declan takes matters into his own hands and authorizes the project to go live. Almost immediately, a catastrophic event unfolds, unleashing a tremendous surge of helios energy that engulfs the underground mines, triggering a series of fiery earthquakes that ripple across the countryside. In the wake of the disaster, Declan hastily orders the evacuation of the plant, abandoning four technicians trapped underground.
As Eve and Nikki attempt to escape the unfolding devastation, they also find themselves pursued by Declan, who resorts to public accusations against Eve on television, falsely blaming her for the catastrophe. Now, as they navigate the chaos, they must not only contend with the environmental disaster but also evade Declan, who is relentlessly determined to silence Eve.

Aftershock (2010)

The poster of the movie Aftershock
The poster of the movie Aftershock
In 1976, a devastating earthquake struck the Tangshan district in China, resulting in a tragic loss of life, including Li Yuan's husband, who heroically shielded her from harm. The heart of the story revolves around Li Yuan (Xu Fan) and the agonizing decision she makes to save one of her twin children, Fang Da (Li Chen), and Fang Deng (Zhang Jingchu). This choice would profoundly shape the course of their lives over the next 32 years.
Tackling a disaster movie is an immense undertaking, especially when the disaster in question is a painful real-life event. The film grapples with a multitude of emotions, resonating deeply with a nation that endured significant loss. For Chinese viewers, it's akin to revisiting that fateful day in 1976, reliving the heart-wrenching devastation while simultaneously being inspired by the unwavering unity of their people in the aftermath of the catastrophe.


Movies about earthquakes have made a lasting impression and they show us how powerful and destructive nature can be and how people can stay strong when bad things happen. Whether it's the amazing special effects, interesting characters, or the messages about how we're not always safe from nature's anger, earthquake movies both entertain us and make us think deeply. When we think about the best earthquake movies, we remember why they're still so popular and why they make us feel so much.
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