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Bored At Home? Try These 5 Easy and Cool Games To Play with Your Friends

Bored At Home? Try These 5 Easy and Cool Games To Play with Your Friends

Guys nights in are becoming a much more popular choice than going out. Here are some of the coolest games to play to make your night as fun as possible!

Kelvin Farr
Nov 15, 2021

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Cool Games to Play with the Fellas

So you’re planning a night in with the fellas. The finger food is ready, and so are the beers, but what are the activities for the night? You could watch the game showing that weekend or even watch a movie, but what could be better than that? Maybe playing some cool games to see the winner earn bragging rights until the next time, and perhaps a bit of extra cash. Today, we will show you some cool games to play with the fellas on a guys night in. So good, this could replace nights out as your new favorite thing!

Online Games

Playing online games can be a lot of fun, but they can also be a source of procrastination. If you feel like you're spending too much time playing games, try setting limits for yourself. For example, instead of doing a single game session that lasts for hours at a time, set a timer and make it a rule to only play for 30 minutes. That way, you'll feel less guilty about playing and will also have more time to do other things that are important to you.

One big advantage of setting limits on the amount of time you spend playing is that it helps your brain react differently when you're tempted to play again after an interval. When someone has been doing something as pleasurable as playing megaways games for hours on end, the brain starts to associate that activity with pleasure. Because of this, when they are faced with a situation in which they might want to play again later but aren't allowed to do it right away, the brain gets used to thinking of that activity as something that makes them feel good.

Although it's done virtually, online gaming creates a good bonding experience, getting a little more familiar with your fellow man. Still, treat it like playing a game face-to-face. Keep the snacks light and finger-ready, such as crisps, dips, and maybe some fries at a push. It’s all about having fun, and don’t worry if you lose, there’s always next time to try and make your money back!

Sports Games

Hosting a sports night with the guys is nothing new. There are games played every week that need a big HD television, bites to eat, and plenty of booze, but that’s not out of the ordinary. So why don’t you set up a sports tournament if you want to host a night in with a difference? Get the adrenaline flowing with some light competition.

A true man cave isn’t a man cave if there isn’t a gaming area. This could be darts, a pool table, or even table football. Feeling adventurous, take things outside and play some throwing target games with bean bags or horseshoes. The games could be anything, get creative and try to set something up that includes everyone.

Console Night

Sometimes there’s nothing better than kicking back, turning the Playstation on, and playing a Fifa, Madden, or NBA tournament. Being the reigning champion on any console game gives you bragging rights until the next time. There’s nothing better than that one friend who loses but thinks they can win and wants to play game after game. Just be sure to pass the controllers around so that everyone gets a turn.

If the modern age of games consoles doesn’t excite you, why don’t you dust off the old Nintendo 64 or Sega Mega Drive for a retro games night? The nostalgia of playing old Super Mario, Smash Brothers, and even Mortal Kombat will take you back to a place you had forgotten since you were a kid.

Console Night

Board Game Night

Board games may seem like a “been there, done that” night in kind of thing, but the latest edition in explicit board games such as Cards Against Humanity has seen a new approach to a night in with the guys. The game consists of phrase and answer cards, with the most extreme answer usually being the winner. If you’re easily offended, this game probably isn’t for you, but it can be a hilarious night with the right people.

The classics can still create a good night in, with the likes of Monopoly, Cluedo, and Scrabble always being best sellers even so many years later.

Drinking Games

Our last cool game to play with the fellas is a classic drinking game. These are a great way to get the party started, allowing people to loosen up and focus on the task at hand. Beer pong is a staple at any party and can be enjoyed in teams or head to head. A test of skill and endurance if you find that someone on the opposing team has a better shot than yours. Drinking games are great if you find new people are coming together, giving them a way of bonding without the small talk.

If you’re watching an event such as Eurovision or the Oscars, you could turn this perhaps tedious spectacle into a drinking game to liven up the action.

Drinking Games
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