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Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 30th January 2017 Written Episode Update


Nikita fumes when Aryan informs that Sushanth will deal with challenge together with her and he desires to spend time with Saachi. She appears at her engagement ring and thinks she is going to get Aryan at any price and can create misunderstanding between Aryan and Saachi.

Aryan and Saachi return house. Diwakar tells that he has booked a trip for them in Udaipur. Aryan says what about work and Saachi says similar. Diwakar tells he’s ordering them and never requesting, Sushanth and Prabhath will deal with work. He says he appreciated when Aryan advised Nikita that he desires to spend time with Saachi. Prabhath jokes and tells his normal one-liner and asks Saachi and Aryan to prepare quickly as they’ve a practice in 1.5 hours.

Priyanka sitting with Sarita murmurs appears like complete world is round Saachi and Aryan, if they’ll go, complete work burden will fall on Sushanth. Sarita says she felt good seeing her involved for Sushanth. Nikita calls Priyanka and Priyanka informs her about Aryan and Saachi’s Uday journey, asks if Aryan didn’t inform her something. Nikita tells he advised her about it, she needed to inform him that she will be able to care for most work if he is able to be within the challenge.

Mansoor drops Saachi and Aryan outdoors railway station. Nikita carrying overcoat and masks reaches there and thinks she will be able to establish Aryan in darkness, however he can not establish her. She throws knife on Saachi, nevertheless it hits passing by automobile and falls down. Aryan scolds automobile driver as Saachi falls down. Somebody says Saachi was attacked by knife. Aryan sees masked particular person and runs in the direction of her. Nikita runs and hides.

Again house, Diwakar and Viren file police grievance. Diwakar asks when Kabeer is arrested, who’s making an attempt to hurt Saachi. Inspector says he’ll query Kabeer’s household and pals and can examine outdoors railway station.

COPYRIGHT_BP: Published on https://bingepost.com/ek-rishta-sajhedari-ka-30th-january-2017-written-episode-update/74666/ by Cecilia Jones on 2020-03-26T10:05:06.000Z

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 31st January 2017 Written Episode Replace Precap:

Saachi drops her cellular when Nikita’s goon clashes together with her. Goon silently picks Saachi’s cellular and offers it to Nikita. Nikita offers him cash and breaks Saachi’s cellular.

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