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Evemon GitHub - Skill Planning & Ship Fitting


In the world of EVE Online, a popular sci-fi MMORPG, players often rely on third-party tools to enhance their gaming experience. One such tool that has gained significant attention among EVE Online players is Evemon GitHub.

Evemon GitHub is an open-source project created by Peter Haneve, designed to assist players in skill planning, character development, and overall game management. With its extensive features and continuous updates, Evemon GitHub has become an indispensable companion for EVE Online enthusiasts, empowering them to strategize and optimize their gameplay like never before.

What Is Evemon GitHub?

Evemon GitHub is a skill planner and character monitoring tool specifically designed for EVE Online. It provides players with a comprehensive set of features that aid in skill training, skill planning, and character optimization.

The project is hosted on GitHub, a popular platform for collaborative software development, allowing users to access the latest updates, contribute to the project, and explore the source code.

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Features Of Evemon GitHub

Evemon GitHub offers a wide range of features that cater to different aspects of EVE Online gameplay. Let's explore some of its notable features:

Skill Planning And Training

Evemon GitHub excels in skill planning, allowing players to create and optimize skill plans for their characters. It provides an intuitive interface where players can select desired skills, set training priorities, and visualize the skill progression over time. The tool also offers suggestions for optimizing skill plans based on various factors such as attribute remapping and skill prerequisites.

Character Monitoring

Keeping track of character progress is crucial in EVE Online, and Evemon GitHub provides a comprehensive solution for character monitoring. It displays detailed information about a character's attributes, skills, implants, and training queue. This allows players to monitor their skill training progress, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions about their character's development.

Ship Fitting

Evemon GitHub includes a ship fitting feature that enables players to experiment with different ship configurations. It provides access to a vast database of ships, modules, and rigs, allowing players to simulate ship fittings and evaluate their performance. This feature is invaluable for theorycrafting, planning PvP engagements, and optimizing ship loadouts for specific tasks.

Market Analysis

EVE Online has a complex player-driven economy, and Evemon GitHub helps players navigate the market with its market analysis feature.

It provides real-time market data, including prices, volume, and trends, allowing players to make informed decisions regarding trading, industry, and resource acquisition. The market analysis feature assists players in identifying profitable opportunities and understanding the dynamics of the EVE Online market.

Evemon Team Github Post
Evemon Team Github Post

Getting Started With Evemon GitHub

Once you have decided to take advantage of the incredible features offered by Evemon GitHub, it's essential to understand the installation process. This section will guide you through the steps required to install Evemon GitHub on your system. Let's get started!

Installation Steps

Clone the Repository - Begin by cloning the Evemon GitHub repository to your local machine. Open your terminal and navigate to the directory where you want to store the project. Use the following command to clone the repository:

  • git clone https://github.com/peterhaneve/evemon.git

This command will create a local copy of the Evemon GitHub repository on your machine.

Install Dependencies - Evemon GitHub relies on certain dependencies to function correctly. Navigate to the project directory and use package manager such as npm or yarn to install the required dependencies. Run the following command:

  • npm install


  • yarn install

This will install all the necessary dependencies specified in the project's package.json file.

Configure Environment Variables - Evemon GitHub may require certain environment variables to be set up. Check the project's documentation or README file for instructions on configuring environment variables, if applicable.

Build the Project - Once the dependencies are installed, you need to build the project. In the project directory, use the following command to build the Evemon GitHub application:

  • npm run build


  • yarn build

This command will compile the source code and generate the necessary files for running the application.

Launch the Application - After the build process is complete, you can launch the Evemon GitHub application. Use the following command:

  • npm start


  • yarn start

This will start the application and make it accessible through the provided URL.

Supported Platforms

Evemon GitHub is designed to run on various platforms, including:


Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements for running Evemon GitHub. Refer to the project's documentation for detailed information on system requirements and platform-specific instructions.


If you encounter any issues during the installation process or while running Evemon GitHub, refer to the project's issue tracker on GitHub. Search for similar problems or submit a new issue describing your specific situation. The Evemon GitHub community and developers will be happy to assist you in resolving any difficulties you may face.

Remember to keep your Evemon GitHub installation updated by regularly pulling the latest changes from the upstream repository. This ensures that you have access to new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

Set Up Character

Once EVEMon is set up and operating, an Overview page should instruct you to choose File|Add Account. You will be prompted to give EVEMon permission to view your data via your EVE Online account.

Then you may decide which characters on that account you wish to keep an eye on. You should see a screen similar to the one in image 1. Click on the image. You're now prepared to use EVEMon.


By choosing new from the plan's menu while the character screen is active and entering a name for the new plan, you may create a new plan. You can create large, multi-year plans out of smaller ones by combining them. Plans that are created in text files may also be imported. The new strategy needs to launch as a sizable window with many selections on the top and left.

Evemon On Linux Announcement Post
Evemon On Linux Announcement Post

Adding Your First Skill

The Skill Browser tab should be chosen. Open Spaceship Command and choose Amarr Battleship from the skill tree. You'll see a talent tree with all the abilities you need to master in order to master the Amarr Battleship.

The Amarr Battleship talent description and learning requirements are shown above the tree. An option to "Show what this skill enables" may be found on the far right, immediately above the tree. This will display any talents, ships, or modules that need this skill as a requirement. Plan to level 1 by doing a right-click on the Amarr Battleship at the top of the tree.

Now open the Plan Queue tab. The Amarr Battleship skill I is shown here, along with all the necessary precursor talents. There are columns that display the estimated total SPs after mastering each talent as well as the time it takes to acquire each skill, its rank, and its qualities.

Black talents are instantly attainable. Greyed skills may be picked up after you've trained the previous levels or after you've bought the book and injected the talent. Red talents have a requirement for another skill.

A summary of the plan, including the overall training time, may be seen at the bottom of the window. All of this provides you with the knowledge you need to carry out your strategy to command an Amarr battleship.

Researching A Full Plan

You would need to study a fitting and the necessary abilities to operate the ship effectively if you genuinely intended to fly an Amarr Battleship with any degree of success. The necessary abilities will vary depending on the curriculum.

To satisfy the ship's power grid and CPU needs, you will need to learn some fundamental ship fitting techniques. These abilities, taken as a whole, will result in a much bigger strategy. You will need to study for any strategy to identify all the abilities you desire and require. You may utilize the numerous guidelines on this wiki, which often provide a list of prerequisite abilities for each activity.

Even if the majority of the fittings from BattleClinic are awful, you may utilize the Ship Browser in the EVEMon Plan window to browse through them. Using the EVE Fitting Tool, you can put up superior fits. You may also just explore the talent database and choose the ones you believe will be of use to you.

Remapping And Skills

A plan may have points remapped in the middle of it. Depending on the talents you are considering, EVEMon may even recommend a mapping. You may find another comprehensive overview of different abilities and how they might help you on the UniWiki.

Character Attributes And Implants

Character traits are very important in influencing the efficacy and efficiency of certain talents and activities in EVE Online. For controlling character characteristics and maximizing their influence on skill training and gameplay, Evemon GitHub offers extensive assistance.

Character traits in EVE Online might include things like charm, intellect, memory, perception, and willpower. These characteristics affect certain gaming aspects as well as the pace and effectiveness of skill training. Players may submit their character's attribute values on Evemon GitHub, which offers insightful information on how these variables affect skill training times.

Additionally, Evemon GitHub considers how character implants affect attribute values. A character's body may be fitted with implants, which can provide them with either temporary or long-lasting attributes. Players may fine-tune their skill training strategies and maximize their character's attribute setup by taking implants into account in Evemon GitHub.

Players may experiment with various attribute sets and study the impact on skill training durations using the Evemon GitHub platform. This gives players the ability to make knowledgeable judgments on the implant and attribute remapping decisions, eventually optimizing the skill development of their characters.

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Advanced Ship Fitting Techniques

In EVE Online, players may customize their spacecraft with modules, rigs, and subsystems to meet certain roles and duties. This process is known as ship fitting. With the help of Evemon GitHub's sophisticated ship fitting features, players can fine-tune ship configurations and boost performance for different gaming conditions.

Players may browse a vast library of ships, modules, and rigs using the ship fitting tool on Evemon's GitHub. During ship fitting, the tool's thorough information on each item's characteristics and impacts aids players in making well-informed judgments.

Players may experiment with various module and rig setups on Evemon's GitHub to determine the best configuration for their ships. It enables users to compute and contrast a variety of ship characteristics, including cargo capacity, speed, offense, and defense. Players may customize their ship fittings to meet certain playstyles, whether they're participating in battle, exploring, transporting commodities, or participating in other game activities, by taking these aspects into account.

The Evemon GitHub ship fitting tool aids players in comprehending module and rig requirements, guaranteeing that their selected fittings are compatible with their ships in addition to maximizing ship performance. Avoiding the procurement and installation of incompatible equipment conserves time and resources.

Evemon GitHub Community

Evemon GitHub has a thriving community of EVE Online players who actively contribute to the project's development and share their knowledge and experiences. The community is primarily centered around the GitHub repository, where users can submit bug reports, suggest new features, and contribute code improvements.

The collaborative nature of the project fosters a sense of camaraderie among players, creating a platform for sharing tips, strategies, and insights related to skill planning and character optimization.

People Also Ask

Can I Import My Character Data From EVE Online Into Evemon GitHub?

Evemon GitHub supports importing character data from EVE Online through the EVE API, allowing you to sync your character information with the tool.

How Frequently Is Evemon GitHub Updated With New Features?

The frequency of updates to Evemon GitHub may vary. It's advisable to check the GitHub repository for the latest updates and release notes.

Is Evemon GitHub Available In Languages Other Than English?

Evemon GitHub's interface is primarily in English. However, the project is open-source, so contributors may work on translating it into other languages.

Can Evemon GitHub Simulate Ship Fittings With Modules And Rigs I Don't Currently Own?

Yes, Evemon GitHub provides access to a comprehensive database of ships, modules, and rigs, allowing you to experiment with ship fittings even if you don't own the specific items.

Is Evemon GitHub Officially Endorsed By The Developers Of EVE Online?

Evemon GitHub is a community-driven project and is not officially endorsed or affiliated with the developers of EVE Online. However, it has gained popularity among players and has a dedicated user base.


Evemon GitHub is a remarkable skill planning and character monitoring tool for EVE Online players. With its extensive features, intuitive interface, and active community, it has become an indispensable resource for players looking to optimize their gameplay experience.

Whether you are a novice player just starting your journey or a seasoned veteran seeking to fine-tune your character's development, Evemon GitHub offers a range of tools and information to assist you on your path to success in the vast universe of EVE Online.

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