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Everything we know about the mysterious, deadly Wuhan coronavirus Coming across China

  • A mysterious coronavirus has murdered infected and six around 300 individuals in China, and has spread to four other nations.
  • Experts say the virus could pass from human to human, and therefore are fighting to comprehend it and prevent it from spreading farther.
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China is currently addressing the outbreak of a mysterious virus which has infected approximately 300 individuals and murdered, in addition to travelling to other nations.

Government are fighting to prevent it from spreading as millions travel for Chinese New Year, and scientists are attempting to comprehend the virus, that hasn’t yet been seen by people previously, and its consequences.

The virus, also called 2019-nCoV, is a coronavirus — that is just one which infects the nose, throat, or sinuses — also contains pneumonia-like symptoms. Experts say it could be spread from human to human.

Here is what we understand:

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