The most recent PC title hitting the Epic Games Store is Faeria, a turn-based tactical card game set in a fantasy universe. Faeria will soon be available to download for Mac and Windows PC in Feb. 20-27.

Originally published in 2016 by Portuguese studio Abrakam, Faeria was described as”the perfect combination of Catan and Heartstone.” Through a blend of deckbuilding and mapbuilding, players struggle turn-based conflicts on a”living board” And unlike most digital card games which frequently require spending actual money on cards that are powerful, Abrakam claims that”all cards have been earned through only playing the sport ” But, that is simply referring to this 300 first cards DLC packs with new cards, new creatures, and new battlegrounds are offered for purchase. Faeria generally costs $24. 99.

Fareia will substitute Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez since the Epic Games Store free games for the week of Feb. 13-20.