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FFXIV SSTool - Capture Your Best FFXIV Gaming Moments With This Tool

FFXIV SSTool is a third-party tool used by players of Final Fantasy XIV to capture screenshots and videos of gameplay, as well as to customize and enhance the in-game UI (user interface).

Kelvin Farr
May 05, 202318 Shares462 Views
FFXIV SSToolis a third-party tool used by players of Final Fantasy XIV to capture screenshots and videos of gameplay, as well as to customize and enhance the in-game UI (user interface).
The FFXIV SSTool provides several features that are not available in the base game, such as the ability to take high-quality screenshots with a customizable interface and the ability to capture videos with custom resolutions and frame rates. The tool also includes a HUD editor that allows players to modify the in-game user interface to better suit their needs.
One of the most popular features of the FFXIV SSTool is the ability to take panoramic screenshots, which can be stitched together to create a wide-angle view of a particular area or scene in the game. This feature is especially useful for capturing stunning landscapes or impressive architecture in the game world.
Another exciting feature of FFXIV SSTool is the ability to take videos of gameplay. The tool offers various recording options, including custom resolutions and frame rates, making it an excellent tool for content creators who want to showcase their gameplay in high-quality.
The FFXIV SSTool's HUD editor is another exciting feature that allows players to customize the in-game UI. This feature is particularly useful for players who want to create a more streamlined and efficient user interface to improve their gameplay experience.
Additionally, FFXIV SSTool has a feature called "Teleport List," which enables players to save locations that they frequently visit in the game. This feature saves players time and allows them to quickly teleport to their desired location without having to go through the game's navigation menus.
Moreover, the FFXIV SSTool also supports the use of custom mods, which can enhance the game's visuals and improve the overall gameplay experience. However, players should exercise caution when using mods and ensure that they are using legitimate and safe mods to avoid any potential risks or issues.
It's worth noting that while the FFXIV SSTool is a popular tool among players, it is not officially supported by Square Enix, the game's developer. As with any third-party tool, there is always a risk of using it, and players should exercise caution and use at their own risk.

How To Download And Install FFXIV SSTool Safely?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to download and install FFXIV SSTool safely:

Download FFXIV SSTool From A Trusted Source

The first step to installing FFXIV SSTool safely is to download the program from a trusted source. The official FFXIV SSTool website is a good place to start, as it is the most reliable and up-to-date source for the program. Be cautious when downloading the program from third-party websites, as they may contain malware or other harmful software.

Check The File For Viruses

Before installing FFXIV SSTool, it is important to check the downloaded file for viruses or other malicious software. This can be done using a trusted antivirus program. If the file is flagged as containing a virus or other malware, do not proceed with the installation.

Install FFXIV SSTool

Once the downloaded file has been checked for viruses and found to be safe, it is time to install FFXIV SSTool. Double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation process. Follow the instructions provided by the installation wizard to complete the installation.

Configure FFXIV SSTool

After installing FFXIV SSTool, it is important to configure the program to ensure that it is set up correctly for capturing gameplay footage. Open the program and navigate to the settings menu to configure the capture settings, audio settings, and other options according to your preferences.


Before using FFXIV SSTool to record gameplay footage, it is a good idea to test the program to make sure that it is working properly. Start the game and use the program to capture a short test video. Check the video and audio quality, and make any necessary adjustments to the program settings.
A character from FFXIV game
A character from FFXIV game

Can FFXIV SSTool Capture In-game Audio?

FFXIV SSTool is a powerful tool for capturing high-quality video footage of Final Fantasy XIV gameplay, but one question that many players have is whether it can capture in-game audio as well.
The answer to this question is a bit more complicated than a simple yes or no, so in this section, we'll explore the various factors that can affect the ability of FFXIV SSTool to capture in-game audio and provide some tips and tricks for optimizing your audio settings.
First of all, it's important to understand that FFXIV SSTool is primarily designed for video capture, not audio capture. While it does have some basic audio recording capabilities, these are limited compared to a dedicated audio recording tool.
However, that doesn't mean that you can't capture in-game audio using FFXIV SSTool - it just means that you may need to make some adjustments to your settings and workflow in order to get the best results.
One of the main factors that can affect your ability to capture in-game audio with FFXIV SSTool is your system's audio setup. Specifically, you need to ensure that your default audio device is set up correctly and that the appropriate audio drivers are installed and configured.
This can be a bit tricky, as different systems may have different default audio devices and settings, but FFXIV SSTool provides some basic options for selecting and configuring your audio device.
To access these options, open the FFXIV SSTool settings menu by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the main window. From there, click on the "Audio" tab to access the audio settings.
Here, you'll see a list of available audio devices on your system, as well as options for selecting your default recording device and adjusting your microphone and speaker volumes.
In order to capture in-game audio with FFXIV SSTool, you'll need to make sure that your default recording device is set to the same device that you're using to play audio in the game.
This can vary depending on your system and audio setup, but some common options include your system's default audio device, your headset or speakers, or a dedicated audio interface.
Once you've selected the appropriate audio device, you should also adjust the microphone and speaker volumes as needed to ensure that your audio levels are balanced and not too loud or too soft.
This can take some trial and error, as the optimal volume levels will vary depending on your system, the game's audio settings, and the specific scene you're trying to capture.
Another factor that can affect your ability to capture in-game audio with FFXIV SSTool is the game's audio settings. Specifically, you need to make sure that the game is outputting audio to the correct device and that the appropriate audio options are enabled.
To access the game's audio settings, open the game menu and navigate to the "Sound" or "Audio" settings. Here, you'll see a list of available audio devices and options for adjusting the volume, balance, and other settings.
Make sure that the game is outputting audio to the same device that you've selected in FFXIV SSTool, and ensure that options like "Master Volume" and "Sound Effects" are enabled.
Finally, it's worth noting that capturing in-game audio can be tricky even with the best settings and equipment. In some cases, you may need to use a dedicated audio recording tool or capture your audio separately from your video using a program like Audacity. This can be time-consuming and may require additional hardware and setup, but it can help you achieve the best possible audio quality for your FFXIV SSTool recordings.

People Also Ask

What Is FFXIV SSTool?

FFXIV SSTool is a tool used by Final Fantasy XIV players to take screenshots and capture videos of the game.

How Do I Use FFXIV SSTool?

To use FFXIV SSTool, first download and install the tool. Then, launch the game and press the Print Screen key on your keyboard to take a screenshot. The screenshot will be saved in the FFXIV SSTool folder.

Is FFXIV SSTool Safe To Use?

Yes, FFXIV SSTool is safe to use. However, it is important to download it from a trusted source to avoid any potential malware or viruses.

Can FFXIV SSTool Be Used To Cheat In The Game?

No, FFXIV SSTool is not designed for cheating. It is simply a tool for taking screenshots and capturing videos of the game.

Are There Any Alternatives To FFXIV SSTool?

Yes, there are several alternatives to FFXIV SSTool, such as OBS Studio, Bandicam, and Fraps. These tools offer similar features for capturing screenshots and videos of games.


The FFXIV SSTool is a powerful tool for Final Fantasy XIV players who want to enhance their gameplay experience by customizing the game's UI, capturing screenshots and videos of their adventures, and creating panoramic views of the game world.
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