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Final Fantasy Story Explained: Everything To Know Before FF7 Remake


Warning: The next comprises SPOILERS for a number of Closing Fantasy 7 spin-offs.

The Closing Fantasy 7 remake is without doubt one of the most formidable remake tasks of all time, bringing one of the influential RPGs to a model new viewers. Closing Fantasy 7 has had a profound impact on video video games for years, and earlier than the remake was even an thought Sq. Enix fleshed out the universe with a wealth of various tasks.

The Compilation of Closing Fantasy 7 advised tales surrounding the primary recreation and helped element the timeline much more. This included prequel video games, sequel video games, a function movie, and spinoff novels. The Remake will likely be incorporating certain elements from the Compilation, though Sq. Enix hasn’t made it clear precisely what.

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Associated: Closing Fantasy 7 Remake: Midgar Defined

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Earlier than the Closing Fantasy 7 Remake hits, followers may wish to meet up with the whole timeline of the Compilation and see the place issues stand. Here is an outline of the main occasions and particulars for each a part of the Compilation of Closing Fantasy 7.

The Timeline Of Closing Fantasy 7

The Compilation fills within the time round Closing Fantasy 7, relatively than telling occasions that happen throughout the primary recreation, principally. The primary title is Earlier than Disaster, which focuses on the Turks and takes place six years earlier than Closing Fantasy 7. After that’s Disaster Core, one other prequel specializing in the story of Cloud’s buddy, Zack Truthful.

The lesser-known a part of the Compilation comes with the 2 novels. The primary of those, The Children Are Alright, takes place close to the top of Closing Fantasy 7 and carries by after it. The ebook focuses on two new characters and closely includes the Turks. The opposite ebook, On the Strategy to a Smile, is a group of brief tales after the occasions of the primary recreation. The ultimate piece is the movie Creation Youngsters, going down years after the primary recreation and displaying the return of Sephiroth. On the very tail-end is Dirge of Cerberus, a PS2 shooter that starred Vincent Valentine, and takes place after Creation Youngsters. It is all a bit sophisticated, however here is an outline of every part within the Compilation of Closing Fantasy 7.

Earlier Than Disaster: Closing Fantasy 7

Before Crisis and Disaster Core each element totally different facets of Shinra, and the struggles going through the corporate earlier than the occasions of Closing Fantasy 7. Whereas the primary recreation solely has a handful of Turks, the group initially had many extra members and a pacesetter named Veld. Essentially the most attention-grabbing factor about Earlier than Disaster is that it particulars the resistance group Avalanche, exterior of the small group in Closing Fantasy 7. The Avalanche in Earlier than Disaster is a serious group that is triggered a warfare with Shinra, and the Turks’ job is to cease them.

Associated: Final Fantasy 7 Remake: You Owe It To Yourself To Play The Original First

In the course of the recreation, President Shinra suspects that Veld is leaking info to Avalanche. Nevertheless, there is a bombshell revelation that reveals Rufus Shinra because the traitor. In the meantime, Veld and the Turks discover out that Avalanche is utilizing Veld’s lacking daughter as a catalyst to deliver again an historical summon monster named Zirconiade. Because the Turks rush to place a cease to Zirconiade, President Shinra does not need Rufus’ betrayal to return to gentle and decides to finish the Turks. The Turks cease Zirconiade, however President Shinra orders a choose few Turks to hunt the others down, in alternate for their very own survival. This new group is led by Tseng, who lies to the President that the defected Turks had been killed, whereas they, in flip, go into hiding. This results in solely Reno, Impolite, and Tseng as members in the course of the occasions of Closing Fantasy 7, though the Turks in hiding do reemerge to assist with the evacuation of Midgar on the finish of the primary recreation.

Disaster Core: Closing Fantasy 7

Disaster Core focuses on Zack Truthful’s rise by the ranks of SOLDIER and supplies additional context into the autumn of Sephiroth. Zack Truthful was, after all, Cloud’s shut buddy who sacrificed his life to avoid wasting him. Disaster Core introduces two important characters to the general story of Closing Fantasy 7, Genesis and Angeal. These two are Sephiroth’s closest pals and probably the most highly effective SOLDIER members after him.

Genesis and Angeal had been each a part of Venture G, one other mission that includes infusing a fetus with Jenova cells, the identical means Sephiroth was created. Nevertheless, Venture G was a flawed experiment run by Dr. Hollander, a fierce rival of Dr. Hojo. Angeal and Genesis obtain related energy to what Sephiroth has, however partway by the sport, their our bodies begin to degrade. Genesis makes use of copies of himself to struggle a warfare with Shinra, and he meets Zack and Sephiroth at Nibelheim. Similar to within the authentic recreation, the occasions at Nibelheim, spurred on by Genesis, trigger Sephiroth to go insane and burn the city down. Zack and Cloud are captured by Shinra and put in Mako incubators. A while later Zack manages to get up and free each him and Cloud, who’s now in a catatonic state. Now on the run, the 2 turn out to be excessive precedence targets for Shinra, particularly Cloud, as he is the one take a look at topic to efficiently survive being infused with Sephiroth’s genes. Genesis desires Cloud’s genes to cease the degradation course of and heal himself.

Zack manages to defeat Genesis, however the villain’s physique is taken away by two mysterious SOLDIERS. All through Disaster Core Zack has befriended Aerith and after defeating Genesis he and Cloud are on their means again to Midgar to see her. A legion of Shinra troops cease them, and with the assistance of the Turks, Zack manages to avoid wasting Cloud. In a tragic flip, although, Zack is gunned down whereas preventing off hordes of Shinra troopers, as a way to defend his buddy.

Associated: Closing Fantasy 7 Remake: The Turks Defined

The Novels – The Children Are Alright And On The Strategy To A Smile

The 2 novels are a lot much less necessary than the opposite facets of the Compilation, however they do have some attention-grabbing developments. The quicker novel to go over is On the Strategy to a Smile, which is a group of brief tales that happen after Closing Fantasy 7. There is no main revelation however the ebook reveals what every character is as much as. Cloud begins up his supply service and meets Denzel, Barret goes on a journey to search out his function, Purple XIII embraces his natural instincts, and Yuffie learns in regards to the illness Geostigma. Small sections in between every part present the ideas of Sephiroth and Aerith’s consciousnesses within the lifestream.

The second novel, The Children Are Alright, closely includes the Turks and introduces a set of latest characters. The story focuses on Evan Townshend and Kyrie Canaan, who begin up Mireille’s Investigative Companies after the destruction of Midgar on the finish of Closing Fantasy 7. Evan misplaced his mom in the course of the occasions on the finish of the primary recreation, and he joined along with Kyrie and different delinquents to outlive. Curiously, trailers for the Closing Fantasy 7 Remake affirm that Kyrie Canaan has been launched to the sport.

Evan and Kyrie come into contact with the Turks whereas investigating a disappearance. Evan learns some stunning truths about his previous, and the massive reveal is that Evan is an illegitimate baby of President Shinra, making him Rufus’ brother. In the course of the occasions of the ebook, Evan and Kyrie encounter a disturbing entity that tries to hurt them, which seems to be the primary look of Kadaj and his gang from Creation Youngsters.

Closing Fantasy 7: Creation Youngsters

Creation Youngsters was a marvel when it launched in 2005, a feature-length movie created with attractive CGI. The movie takes place two years after Closing Fantasy 7 because the world and the town of Midgar begin to rebuild. A illness known as Geostigma has ravaged the town, making these contaminated seep a darkish black ooze out of their physique. The movie introduces Kadaj, Loz, and Yazoo, remnants of Sephiroth which are on the hunt for the stays of Jenova. These three are a bodily manifestation of Sephiroth’s evil will that is trapped within the Lifestream. The gang recruits kids contaminated with Geostigma by promising to remedy them, which results in Cloud confronting them on the Metropolis of the Ancients.

Associated: Closing Fantasy 7 Remake’s Cloud Will Be Completely different

The massive theme of Creation Youngsters revolves round Cloud lastly attempting to return to phrases with Aerith’s demise, and his failure to avoid wasting her. A climactic battle takes place in Midgar between Kadaj’s gang, the Turks, and the primary group from Closing Fantasy 7. Kadaj summons Bahamut to assault the town, however the mixed pressure of the primary occasion manages to defeat it. Nevertheless, throughout this time Kadaj will get his palms on Jenova’s head and fuses with it, thereby turning into Sephiroth. Cloud defeats Sephiroth in battle, however the barely alive Loz and Yazoo shoot and kill him. On demise’s door, Cloud is, someway, saved by Aerith and wakes up within the Sector 5 Church. On the church, the water has been purified and may remedy Geostigma, so Cloud and others set about curing these contaminated.

Dirge Of Cerberus: Closing Fantasy 7

Dirge of Cerberus is the final piece within the timeline of Closing Fantasy 7, going down one yr after Creation Youngsters. The sport focuses on Vincent Valentine, the Turk turned take a look at topic and an elective occasion member within the authentic Closing Fantasy 7. Vincent is within the city of Kalm when a shock assault comes from an unknown navy pressure. That is later revealed to be Deepground, a pressure of supersoldiers created by Shinra and housed beneath Mako Reactor 0. Vincent additionally learns that the experiments he went beneath instilled him with a Protomateria that helps him management the Chaos gene. Deepground desires the Protomateria for themselves to allow them to use it to regulate a being known as Omega.

Omega is just like the Weapons from Closing Fantasy 7, as it is also a being created by the planet whose sole function is to soak up the lifestream from the planet and use it to start out life on a brand new one, leaving the inhabitants of Gaia to die. Vincent works alongside his previous buddy sand the World Regenesis Group to struggle Deepground, and cease their plans. Main Deepground is a gaggle of elite troopers known as teh Tsviets, and close to the top of the sport, Vincent learns that Hojo managed to outlive by importing his consciousness to the Worldwide Community. From there Hojo contaminated and took over the discover of the chief of Deepground, Weiss. It is Hojo that desires to activate Omega and full the evolution of life.

Deepground succeeds in summoning Omega, and a remaining battle ensues within the ruins of Midgar. Vincent makes use of the Protomateria to remodel into Chaos and is ready to cease Omega. The tip of the sport sees Vincent visiting Lucrecia’s tomb, and life slowly returning to the planet. Nevertheless, Dirge of Cerberus additionally has a secret ending that looks as if it was hinting at a future story.

Within the secret ending, a mysterious determine comes to select up the useless physique of Weiss. Because the digital camera zooms in it is obvious that this determine is Genesis, the villain of Disaster Core, who’s lastly awoken from a three-year sleep. It was Deepground that took Genesis’ physique on the finish of Disaster Core. At this level, the top of Dirge of Cerberus has by no means been developed additional.

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