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Fire Emblem - Three Houses

Fire Emblem - Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is developed by Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo published and distributed by Nintendo. It is a tactical role-playing game with the main character named Byleth (customizable). The game starts with a vision between Nemesis and Seiros which eventually leads to the main character meeting a mysterious girl. He was asked basic questions like gender, name and birthday (in which each birth month equates to a moon) to form the character’s basic background. All of these turned out to be a dream Byleth has been having constantly as implied in the story.

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Fire Emblem: Three Houses is developed by Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo published and distributed by Nintendo. It is a tactical role-playing game with the main character named Byleth (customizable). The game starts with a vision between Nemesis and Seiros which eventually leads to the main character meeting a mysterious girl. He was asked basic questions like gender, name and birthday (in which each birth month equates to a moon) to form the character’s basic background. All of these turned out to be a dream Byleth has been having constantly as implied in the story.


Black Eagles

Byleth, a member of the Black Eagles, may defect to her side if he witnessed Edelgard's crowning as Emperor of Adrestia and chooses to protect her. Otherwise, they are automatically affiliated with the Church.

fire emblem three house gameplay

Silver Snow

If Byleth joins the Church, they will wake up to find Rhea has vanished. The two establish a Resistance army and pledge to overthrow the Empire after reuniting with Rhea's second-in-command Seteth and the former Black Eagles. The Resistance launches an attack on Adrestia after receiving reinforcements from Lady Judith of Daphnel. Imperial forces kill Dimitri and drive Claude into hiding at Gronder Field. Byleth continues the assault on Adrestia, and conquers Fort Merceus. However, the fort is destroyed by ballistic missiles that the Resistance refers to as "javelins of light". The Resistance storms Enbarr, kills Edelgard, and rescues Rhea. After that, Edelgard's vassal Hubert informs them, posthumously, of the cult known as "those who slither in the dark," which is responsible for the destruction of Fort Merceus and much of the tragedy that has befallen Fódlan. The Resistance attacks their castle, Shambhala, an underground metropolis, and kills their commander Thales. Rhea confesses that she is one of the goddess's children, and that Byleth is the culmination of her millennia-long efforts to bring her mother Sothis back to life. She, on the other hand, suffers from a draconic degeneration-induced mental collapse, turns into a giant dragon, and goes on the rampage. In a last struggle, the Resistance defeats Rhea.

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Crimson Flower

If Byleth sides with Edelgard, they awake to discover that Rhea has taken sanctuary in the Kingdom capital of Fhirdiad and that Adrestia is locked in a stalemate with Faerghus and Leicester. Byleth's return tips the state of the war decisively in Adrestia's favor. First, the group conquers the Alliance capital of Derdriu and either executes Claude or forces him into exile. The Church tries to retake Garreg Mach in a surprise attack just before the empire begins their invasion of Faerghus, but it is unsuccessful, and Seteth and Flayn are either killed or spared in the process. The assault of the kingdom is then resumed by Edelgard, who seizes Arianhrod in a surprise attack, killing the generals guarding it as well as Cornelia, an undercover spy working for "those who slither in the dark". On the Tailtean Plains, Edelgard and her elite forces beat Rhea and kill Dimitri, forcing Rhea (who is revealed to be Seiros) to flee to Fhirdiad. Rhea is pursued by Imperial forces to Fhirdiad, where she orders the city to be burned down and turns into a dragon in an attempt to kill Edelgard, but Edelgard triumphs and kills Rhea. Edelgard, now monarch of a united Fódlan, initiates broad reforms of the aristocracy and the Crest system, as well as a quiet fight against "those who slither in the dark."

Blue Lions- Azure Moon

If Byleth is a Blue Lion, they will awaken to find Rhea has vanished and Dimitri has been thrown into exile in the Garreg Mach region, where he has been driven insane by his quest for vengeance against Edelgard. The two assemble a true Kingdom army and resolve to attack the Empire after reuniting with the erstwhile Blue Lions. The Kingdom began after receiving forces from Dimitri's friend Rodrigue. Dimitri overcomes Edelgard and forces her to flee Gronder Field, but Rodrigue makes the ultimate sacrifice to save Dimitri from the younger sister of an Adrestian general he killed. Dimitri doubles back to Fhirdiad and wrests it from Imperial authority, reassessing his priorities and pledging to atone for his mistakes and become a worthy king. He then marches to Derdriu, where he joins Claude and drives the empire away. Claude disbands the Alliance, handing up control of their former lands to Dimitri, and quits Fódlan. Dimitri then launches a full-fledged invasion of Adrestia, conquering Enbarr, the Imperial capital. When Edelgard is cornered, she transforms into a hideous monster, but in the end, Dimitri defeats her in a final struggle. Dimitri tries one final time to make amends with her, but she attacks him. Dimitri makes one final attempt to reconcile with her, but she assaults him and he kills her. Following that, Fódlan is reunited under the affluent administration of Dimitri.

Golden Deer- Verdant Wind

If Byleth is a member of the Golden Deer, they will wake up to find Rhea gone. The two assemble a true Alliance army and resolve to attack the Empire after reuniting with Claude and the erstwhile Golden Deer. The Alliance launches an attack on Adrestia after receiving troops from Lady Judith of Daphnel. Claude defeats both Edelgard and an angry and unhinged Dimitri at Gronder Field; Dimitri is later killed by Imperial troops in an attempt to follow Edelgard. 

White Clouds

During the first part, three nobles namely: Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude are rescued by the main character and his father Jeralt from a bandit raid. The five proceed to the Garreg Mach Monastery's Officers Academy, where Byleth is offered a teaching job and Jeralt reclaims his prior status as a high-ranking knight of the Knights of Seiros. Byleth chooses one of the three lords to command and invests in them.

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What Are The Three Houses In The Game?

The Fire Emblem: Three houses is comprised of three houses called Black Eagles, Golden Dee and Blue Lion. 

Black Eagles

The mighty Adrestian Empire, commanded by a 1,000-year-old dynasty, is home to the Black Eagle House, which is made up largely of well-off nobles and a few commoners. Edelgard von Hresvelg, the Imperial heir, is the house's unofficial "leader." Black Eagle has a reputation for being a serious house that dabbles in nefarious dealings on occasion. Politicians, rulers, dark mages, and intellectuals all live in this house.

Black Eagle House is the way to go if you're seeking for a narratively deep experience with some potentially devastating decisions. Without giving anything away, players should be aware that choosing this house provides them access to two very different plot pathways, both of which are filled with different but equally engaging twists and turns.

On the battlefield, Black Eagle House has a larger number of wizards and axe users to begin with. As a result, you'll profit from heavy damage early on, but you'll also have some squishy heroes that are more difficult to maintain alive. Black Eagle House doesn't have a lot of archers or a lot of melee units to begin with, but the ones they do have are dependable.

Golden Deer

Golden Deer is a welcoming house populated by Leicester Alliance students. There is no actual king or one lord governing over the Alliance. Instead, five aristocratic lords lead a loose coalition. Golden Deer is a more relaxed house than the others, admitting more commoners and valuing inventiveness and wit over strength. It's a home for sociable people, strategic thinkers, hunters, traders, and hard workers. There is a greater emphasis on practicality than on magical arts. Golden Deer are outcasts, but they're also some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet.

Golden Deer's story is a mix of survival and reforming the nation of Fódlan. Because your students and cast come from various walks of life, playing as Golden Deer gives you a more grounded perspective on the game's current affairs. It's a good way to look at key players with a more objective view and observe how the political landscape affects ordinary people. It's also the obvious good of all routes.

On the battlefield, Golden Deer has a high number of indirect units, such as archers and magicians, which give players who want to set up ambushes an advantage. You won't always be able to land large critical hits or wipe out entire battalions. Instead, early game play will consist of poking at enemy units and then determining which member of your squad will deliver the killing blow for bonus experience.

This is a safe and approachable option, but it may not allow certain players to take as aggressive an approach to fight as they would want. The good thing is that you have a few students who can rapidly become mounted chevaliers, such as Lorenz and Leonie, so the tempo ramps up quickly.

Golden Deer's experience is a little lighter in tone owing to a cast of animated students, but it's also a fantastic opportunity to learn more about Fódlan's history and politics. It's not as dramatic as some of the other routes, but it hits most of the same notes and ends with a bang. A good house for players that want to keep things relaxed while still having a good time on the battlefield.

Blue Lion

All of the knights, stalwarts, and martial badasses are housed at Blue Lion House. The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, an old-school nation of knights and sorcerers, is home to the majority of the pupils. It's the "lawful" house, full of stuffy aristocrats and adjutants who warm up once you get to know them.

Blue Lion's narrative is the most conventional Fire Emblem story in many aspects. A family of valiant fighters and knights band together to reject devious groups and would-be allies in favor of defending the status quo valiantly. Justice is served via acts rather than reform, and those looking for a more traditional plot will find it here, albeit a midgame shock will throw things off.

On the battlefield: Blue Lion’s a well-balanced house that beginners will enjoy. While they focus on lances and swords, you’ll have a little bit of everything and should be able to handle whatever comes your way. There’s a bit less personality here, but who needs personality when you are really, really good at stabbing things?

Blue Lion's gameplay begins slowly due to the house's finely cut characters. Allow them time and conditions to produce a small amount of tragedy, and they become much more dynamic. The plot is simple, but there's something appealing about playing as the (mainly) nice guys. Blue Lion is a good pick for tale and starting units if you're new to Fire Emblem—even though there are a lot of other options.

Tips While Playing The Game

  • Keep an eye out for luminous areas. With high-level opponents, varied terrain types (some of which deal damage), and weird small nuances, the battlefield is frequently congested and daunting. During most conflicts, the map will be littered with small blue and green light patches. The blue dots are weapons that have been dropped from past conflicts, while the green spots provide free experience to whoever steps on them.

  • Enemy movement ranges can be made visible on the battlefield. 

  • Don't forget to resupply your battalion.

 4. Always refresh your loadouts after each combat.

  • Earn skill points from the gods by using your renown.

 6. In the convoy, keep a number of chest and door keys.

 7. Purchase gifts from merchants to offer to your favorite characters.

If you still haven’t figure out what house to teach, you can just choose any. The game is easy to understand so you can be versatile. Hope this article gave you an insight on what to expect in Fire Emblem: Three houses. Enjoy the game! 

Is Fire Emblem: Three Houses good for beginners?

If you're not used to strategy/tactics-based games, the fighting mechanics may appear intimidating, but Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a great place to start. The battle concept is swiftly taught and walked through, with new mechanics being introduced as you continue.

Is Fire Emblem: Three Houses worth getting?

The game Fire Emblem: Three Houses costs $60. It is well worth the money because of its addicting gameplay, compelling story, and endless replay potential.

Can you marry in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?

Unlike prior Fire Emblem games, marriage in Three Houses occurs after the main story has concluded and the war has ended. Before the time leap, Jeralt, the player character's father, will gift you a ring. After you've finished the story, you'll be able to choose who you want to send it to.

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