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Best Free Movie Apps for Android to Download Latest Movies in 2020


The best part about having an Android smart device over an iOS is that Android is a flexible platform. You can download tons of games, apps, and files regardless of it being from Platstore or an independent website. It’s like a mini-computer and you must utilize it to its full potential.

And the best part about it is movies. Downloading movies or streaming it on a free and best movie apps for android can be a cost-efficient way of keeping up with the cinematic trends without shelling out too much cash on Netflix and Prime subscriptions. And we’re here to help!

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Top 7 Apps To Watch Free Movies And TV Shows

We’ve brought you a list of 8 best free movie apps to download films in Android devices in 2020. Dive right in!

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1. Mobdro

Mobdro app
Mobdro app
  • Download it here: https://mobdro.how/download-mobdro

App Overview: This is a fantastic and one of the few best movie apps for android that allows you to both streamings and downloads your favourite movies. Plus, almost more than half the content available on this app is in high definition quality, thus enhancing your experience.

The download and stream speed is sufficiently fast, thus catering to your needs in no time. Its database encompasses a wide range of content, so finding your favourite ones won’t be a hassle at all.

They are sectionalized in an organized manner, and they have filters such as language and genre which makes hunting the movies you’re looking for all the easier.

Plus, installing the Modboro APK entails a process similar to installing any other app so there’s nothing new for you to figure out. If you are on the hunt for an app that allows you to download movies on your android device in a jiffy for free, Modboro is it.

It also has a simple user interface, so navigating your way around the app or exploring it won’t be an issue at all. The only drawback of this application is it randomly starts playing back sometimes which can be a bit annoying, but tolerable.

2. Crackle

  • Download it here: https://www.crackle.com

App Overview: Now, Crackle is one such application that isn’t just restricted to Android users, but iOS users as well. Yes, you heard it right both Android and iOS devices can avail of this app and enjoy its benefits.

And to be accessible by iOS is a big thing because we all know the download and sharing struggles and Apple user goes through. Crackle has a large collection of TV series and exclusive movies, with a clean UI that facilitates smooth and easy browsing.

this best android free movies app offers great download and streaming speeds, taking the user experience up a notch. However, this application does have adware which can be a bit annoying for a few users. Random ads may pop up now and then, and clicking on them (even if it’s accidentally) can direct you to weird websites.

However, it has a prim and proper way of filtering out the content. It offers filters such as genre, alphabetical order, full episodes, recently added, trailers, clips, and so forth. Just click on the aspects you’d want your movies and series filtered by, and that’s it!

Finding your favs has never been easier. You have to create an account to register yourself as a user, and once you do that, Cracke will suggest you a list of personalized content. Also, it doesn’t have any watch limit either so you’re good to go! The only downside of this app is that it has limited user interface customization features.

3. Popcornflix™: Movies.TV.Free

  • Download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.curiousbrain.popcornflix

App Overview: Harbouring a huge collection of over 700 movies and flaunting a great user interface design, Popcornflix is the next Netflix for Android users. And the best part? All of them are in high definition quality.

Hi, premium movie experience! Popcornflix makes sure that you just don’t watch a movie, you live it. Plus, it’s catalogue is sufficient enough even if you binge-watch movies in a day without a gap, and will last you pretty well for a year.

Not just this, it also keeps updating its database and adding new movies on the daily so there’s nothing to worry about regarding running out of content. You can keep your binge mode on forever, and you’ll still not stumble across a reason to turn it off with Popcornflix!

The site sectionalizes its content following genres, such as Romance, Comedy, Thriller, Action, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Bollywood, urban, documentaries, and so forth.

This one too, like Crackle, does not have any limitations regarding watch time. You can watch as much as you want, whenever, wherever. It is available on the Playstore and is free from advertisements, so that’s a cherry on top!

The only downside of this app for free movies is that it has slow streaming and downloading speed which can be a turn off for people looking to download things in a jiffy. Plus, it doesn’t have that a huge database or collection of tv series. But if you’re here for the movies, you’re at the right place.

4. Tubi TV App

Tubi tv
Tubi tv
  • Download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tubitv&hl=en

App Overview: With tubi free movies app, you can download free movies in android without any issues. If you’re suffering from a real FOMO and want to watch all the trending movies and tv series to feel as if you fit in, this application is it.

Tubi has a vast collection of hotshot movies and tv series which are the highlights of Reddit discussion forums and on the tip of everyone’s tongues. It’s an extremely well-developed application that you can download on your android device free of cost!

Tubi offers you a personal queue to which you can add your favourite ones, just like we do for music on Youtube and Spotify. Also, you can bookmark the favourite ones so that they don’t get lost in its huge database and you can retrieve them easily, whenever you want.

This application too constantly adds new shows and movies every week so you’ll never run out of content to binge on! Just like Popcornflix, Tubi has almost all of its content available in high definition quality.

And here comes the catch it has a special “Not on Netflix” category. Now isn’t that cool? How many times have you found yourself trying to use VPN or cribbing about all the great shows that just aren’t available on Netflix in your region? Well, Tubi is here to your rescue!

Not only does Tubi allow you to download content for free, but also streams it. You can stream it on popular displays like Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku devices, Amazon Fire TV, and such other streaming devices. Tubi is 100% legal and has no limitations on watch time just like the other apps.

Unlimited access to unending content for free, thanks to Tubi! Plus, the user interface design is aesthetically pleasing, as it has a dark theme. The app is available on Playstore, and once you start using it, it will start suggesting you movies and shows based on your preferences.

The only downside to using this app is that it has limited user interface customization features.

5. Megabox HD

Megabox hd
Megabox hd
  • Download it here: https://megabox-hd.en.uptodown.com/android

App Overview: Megabox HD is one of the top movie apps in 2020 which justifies its name that too both parts. It indeed has a mega-collection of movies, from classics and golden oldies to the trending and hotshot ones and has all of them available in high definition quality.

You can stream movies in real-time and watch them on this app, or even download it and save it for later. However, this application is not available on Playstore, so you’ll have to manually download it and install it in your device.

But the best part about this app is that its reach isn’t just limited to mobile phones, but PC as well. Watching movies on laptops and PCs is any day better than trying to squint your eyes into the tiny stature of your smart device.

Megabox HD is available for both Windows and Mac OS. It has an amazing collection for not only movies but also the exclusive, trending tv shows and top web series. You can also create a free account and get yourself registered.

Doing so will allow you to add movies to your watchlist so you don’t have to go back and forth to your notepad to create a movie wishlist! However, the only two downsides of this application are that it doesn’t have personalized content, and it has an outdated UI. So if these aren’t much of your concerns, this application is perfect for your device.

6. Popcorn Time

Popcorn time
Popcorn time
  • Download it here: https://popcorntime.app

App Overview: Even though this one appears in the sixth position of our list, there’s no denying that it is one of the best applications for free movie downloads for android devices.

And here’s the catch, it’s not only just compatible with your android smart device, but also other various platforms such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and iOS. So be it your PC, laptop, or mobile phone Popcorn Time can be downloaded anywhere.

Its flexibility concerning various platforms is one of its strongest suits. And this isn’t it has a huge database with a massive collection of movies as well. The best part about this latest free movies app is that all of its content can be directly streamed from Torrent.

Name any movie or tv show that you might want to watch, and you are sure to find it on this application. Plus, most of them are available in high definition quality, and almost all have supporting subtitles making it indeed, one of the best!

It has a great UI customization tools that facilitate a lot of actions such as changing the language of the app and so forth.

However, what makes this app stand out from the lot is its seamless cross-platform integration ability and the fact that all of its content is available in HD and FHD quality. The only downside of using this app is that sometimes, streaming torrent links can take too long which might come off as a major turn off who like to watch movies on the go.

If you’re the kind of person who watches movies during office breaks, on the subway, or on your way to work or home its occasional time consumption can be a bit of a hassle.


Views app
Views app
  • Download it here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.viewster.androidapp

App Overview: Ranging from age-old scientific fiction movies to geeky documentaries, Viewster is a free application for android that has a huge collection of ad-supported content. Movies and TV shows are Viewster’s strongest suits.

The best part about Viewster is that it has a homepage that works on a timeline, and displays content chronologically based on the time it was uploaded. Similar to Instagram or Facebook, it has a newsfeed type of homepage that displays all the recently added content, sorted by newest first.

Viewster is greatly popular among otakus. So if you are one and are searching to watch anime movies, this free movie app online is your one-stop solution. However, as this app is equipped with, or rather loaded with advertisements, it’s prone to crashes.

And of course, this goes without saying that you will find random pop-ups and annoying click ads from time to time. This can be a bit cumbersome, given that users seek rich, glitch-free cinematic experience and the app might hamper that a bit.

However, Viewster’s algorithm is similar to Netflix. It allows you to create a watchlist and also provides suggestions based on your preferences. It’s more popularly known for anime, gaming, and its fandom.

Even though it lacks a good collection of movies and tv shows, it does have the classic ones. So if you are a fan of legendary classics, this is it! this is our latest pick when it comes to best movies downloader applications in 2020.


So that’s it. that’s the end of our list about free movies streaming apps to watch new movies on android phones. Hop on to these websites, download them and start watching them already! All of them are free and have a great variety of content so rest assured that you won’t be bored. Make good use of the flexible Android platform on your phone, and turn your binge mode on!

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Disclaimer (Important)

The information provided here is only meant for educational purposes. We do not intend to promote online websites that are using pirated content to stream. Our objective is to inform and bestow people with basic knowledge. we have only provided links of the apps to download or watch movies online.

Accessing the pirated content in any form is against the law, and this article is not meant to advocate or encourage it. Piracy is an online offence and can steep fines or imprisonment. We don’t claim any content that is shared on this page as ours. we are just providing the information that you need.

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