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Free Reiki Course - Take Your Reiki Course Online


Joining this free Reiki course will teach you how to help yourself and others at each of the three Reiki levels. The governing principles of the discipline, the seven basic chakras, and traditional and non-traditional sacred symbols will all be covered. The rebirth of Reiki and the lives of some of its most influential practitioners will be examined. You can acquire access to Reiki's benefits and possibilities.

A licensed Reiki master can only learn Reiki. One way to find a Reiki master is to ask Reiki practitioners where they learned. You can also contact local practitioners of alternative therapies such as massage or shiatsu, as these practitioners often have connections to other alternative therapy providers. Alternatively, you can inquire about the availability of alternative or integrative medicine services by checking bulletin boards at yoga studios and health food stores or by contacting your local hospital. Because Reiki is widely used to help people cope with chronic illness, any local group that helps people with cancer, HIV, fibromyalgia, or diabetes may have a resource list.

Because Reiki is not a standardized practice, there is no guarantee that someone claiming to be a "Reiki master" has the training and skill you seek in a teacher/mentor. As a result, it's critical to learn about a Reiki teacher's background, and a respected Reiki master will encourage you to do so.

Many Reiki masters have websites or brochures outlining their education, expertise, and classes. If you are unable to locate such material, a basic chat in which you can ask some questions is okay. As stated in the section How Can I Find a Qualified Practitioner, many of these questions are similar to those you may ask a Reiki practitioner.

Inquire about the Reiki master's teaching ability and offered classes as well (scheduling, fee, etc.). Finally, inquire about the Reiki master's availability for ongoing coaching and group practice. Choose your Reiki master with caution, looking for someone who possesses not only the traits you desire but also a sense of connection.

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Reiki is an excellent practice for cleansing your body and deepening your spiritual understanding of yourself and your surroundings:

  • It has the capacity to push away the misery, anxiety, and negative emotions that cling to you like parting clouds on a stormy day.
  • It may allow you to experience the joy of healing others, as well as watching their surprise and astonishment at the healing power of Reiki treatments for the first time.
  • It has the potential to balance your life, restore your Chakras, and offer you with contentment and great understanding.
  • I know this since it happened to both my students and me.

There are traditionally three levels of course, each of which builds on the preceding one and establishes a distinct, specialized scope of practice. Daily hands-on Reiki self-treatment remains the foundation of all levels of practice.

The Three Reiki Levels

A woman patient receiving Reiki treatment while relaxing
A woman patient receiving Reiki treatment while relaxing
  • The first degree is typically taught over the course of eight to twelve hours. Students use reiki to self-care and to exchange Reiki with one another. This session will educate students on how to give themselves Reiki on a regular basis for the rest of their lives. Students learn proper hand placements for sharing Reiki with family and friends, whether in a full or brief chair session, as well as how to deliver Reiki in emergency situations and through informal "spot therapy." Reiki clinical application issues are regularly covered in Reiki classes for nurses and other healthcare workers. While the majority of the session is experiential, the Reiki master delivers an overview of Reiki's history and principles. Most importantly, the Reiki master initiates students, empowering them to operate as Reiki energy channels. The conventional first-degree training consists of four initiations. First-degree training is sufficient for most people who want to practice for themselves and their families.
  • The second level is distance healing, in which trainees learn to substitute a mental link for hand-to-body contact as needed, allowing healing to be administered even when touch is impossible or inappropriate. (For example, psychotherapists may decide to pursue a second degree in order to bring a deeper level of healing into their sessions.) Second-degree treatments can also be used to supplement hands-on treatment.
  • The third level is Reiki master. Historically, only by invitation was the Reiki master level of training available. This opportunity was only extended to experienced students who were willing to devote their lives to teaching others how to practice Reiki. Rather than course study, master training has traditionally been performed by an extended apprenticeship with a Reiki master. Only Reiki Masters are authorized to teach others how to use Reiki.

Feel the confidence and peace of mind you want, knowing that your life is balancing, harmonizing, and eventually blossoming magnificently and smoothly as the universe has always meant.

Realize the dream you've always had in your heart: one of happiness, confidence, and love. Everything is possible in your life!

Follow a training course built directly from Mikao Usui's original translation and "old Japanese" text to learn Reiki in its purest form. These master teachings may equip you with the ability to help others with their most troubling physical, emotional, or psychological problems, regardless of the severity or duration of the condition.

A new reality will permeate every fiber of your being. This new reality's renewed power and vitality resonates through your physical body. Your passion and optimism for your daily activities enable and build the creativity and delight required to face the world gladly and intentionally.

With the aid of Mikao Usui, the Original Reiki Master, discover the genuine image of the life you were meant to live! Your energy may flow freely as you integrate your new healing capacity, and your consciousness may transform. Believe me when I say that this experience will help you uncover an exceptional part of the glorious concept of "you" that you were previously unaware existed!

Finally, Reiki does not have to be costly or require in-person instruction.

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