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Frozen 2: Anna’s Journey Echoes Frodo’s from Lord of the Rings


Disney’s Frozen 2attracts many parallels to the journey’s of a number of main characters featured in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of The Ringsfranchise — together with Anna’s story. Whereas Elsa (Idina Menzel), the Queen of Arendelle and the fifth spirit, undertakes a voyage of self-discovery in Frozen 2,which is paying homage to Gandalf the Gray’s journey in The Lord of The Ringstrilogy, her sister Anna (Kristen Bell) juxtaposes the comparability properly by bearing some similarities to the hobbit Frodo Baggins.

Frozen 2,Disney’s sequel to Frozenthat received an early release on Disney+, follows Elsa three years after her coronation because the Queen of Arendelle. Feeling misplaced inside her kingdom, Elsa begins to listen to a voice on the wind calling to her and units off with Anna, Olaf (Josh Gad), Kristoff (Jonathan Groff), and Sven to find the supply of the mysterious voice. Discovering a map to the legendary river of Ahtohallan, Elsa goes off on her personal journey to find the secrets and techniques of her previous, leaving Anna behind within the Enchanted Forest. Whereas at first look the connection between the 2 franchises seems to be a little bit of a stretch, a more in-depth inspection reveals that Anna’s story arc inside the Frozenfranchise intently matches Frodo Baggin’s narrative all through The Lord of the Ringstrilogy in additional methods than one.

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When evaluating Frodo Baggins to Anna, the similarities go way back to their origins. Since Anna was remoted at a younger age inside the citadel of Arendelle, each she and Frodo grew up in a sheltered surroundings away from the hazards of the actual world. In The Lord of The Rings, Frodo was raised in The Shire, the carefree hobbit countryside the place hobbits stay peacefully far faraway from Sauron’s area in Mordor and blissfully unaware of the evils of their world. In each franchises, Frodo and Anna misplaced their dad and mom at a younger age and finally went off on a quest with a talented group of protectors, exchanging their secure environments for perilous unknown lands. Whereas Frodo left The Shire on a mission to destroy the One Ring alongside the Fellowship in The Fellowship of The Ring, Anna enters the Enchanted Forest alongside Elsa, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven in Frozen 2.

Not solely is there a resemblance between Anna and Frodo’s backgrounds, however the two characters have many similarities in relation to their particular person traits. Whereas each Anna and Frodo exist inside a fantasy collection the place magic is embedded into the material of their world, they haven’t any magical talents themselves. They’re odd folks with no fight abilities who get pulled right into a harmful quest that was meant for one more. Frodo solely inherits the One Ring and the accountability that comes with it after Bilbo, a singular hobbit who went on adventures past The Shire, retired, and Anna solely accompanies her sister Elsa into the Enchanted Forest for help and to assist Elsa uncover the origins of her elemental magic.

By the top of Frozen 2, the previous couple of trials that Anna faces are paying homage to Frodo’s journey into Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring in Lord of the Rings:The Return of The King. Much like Frodo, Anna is separated from her occasion and travels by way of a mountain with the assistance of a single buddy, Olaf. Throughout the mountain, each Frodo and Anna are pressured to let go of their dependence on magical entities, Frodo the One Ring and Anna her sister Elsa. When Anna learns that Elsa is more than likely lifeless as soon as Olaf’s snow begins to flake away, she should push previous her grief and be taught to face alone with a purpose to destroy the dam and proper the wrongs dedicated by her grandfather King Runeard in opposition to the Northuldra folks. Whereas Frodo’s attachment to the One Ring is extra visceral and darkish compared to Anna’s love for her sister in Frozen 2, it’s an attachment he should be taught to let go of all the identical; thus power of character is essentially the most heroic trait, one which they each share.

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